V/A - Chillogram (Peak Records 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A - Chillogram


Hi-res cover: front + back

Artist: Various
Title: Chillogram
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Peak Records (Switzerland)
Cat. #: PR006
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: December 2005

Track listing:

01. 03’10†Tripswitch feat. Tanina & The Peaking Goddess Collective - Quanta
02. 07’13†Atriohm - Sevdah
03. 05’13†Kick Bong – Welcome E.T.
04. 05’00†Flooting Grooves feat. Dymons – Desert Fractals
05. 08’02†Palyrria – Nilos Dub (Desert Mix)
06. 08’01†The Peaking Goddess Collective - Purple
07. 06’53†Hol Baumann – Ocean Kingdom
08. 06’10†Kali-Frogz – 8/6 Tumor Park
09. 06’11“ Dymons – The Emerald Tablets
10. 05’32“ Lucid Picnic – Forest Picnic
11. 06’00†Master Margherita – Rainbow Ship
12. 05’05†Sync24 – Hibernation
13. 02’34†Master Margherita - Weightless

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/a6nok (all tracks!)


The chilled Peaks of Switzerland…

The Swiss label Peak Records, which is basically a collective of dedicated, music-loving, spiritual hippies, entered the chill-out market in March 2005 with their Chilling Goddess compilation. The musical diversity was vast on that compilation, and I enjoyed the majority of the tracks… In the mean time, Peak has released a couple more trance compilations – but now it’s time, once again, to lean our attention to chill-boss Master Margherita, and find out what he cooked up for us this time…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Tripswitch feat. Tanina & The Peaking Goddess Collective – Quanta
“Weightless I float into the infinite mystery of life. Beyond the void a universe expands in glorious sparks of awareness. A radiant sphere of forgiveness and love. I bear the lightness of a feather blowing in a star breeze. Gravity is a state of mind.†Englishman Nick Brennan of Liquid Sound Design fame made the arrangements on this opening track – which was spiced up by the voice of Tanina Munchkina – all cooked to perfection by the PGC… Yeah a brilliant, spacy downbeat track to open the journey… Great as always!

#02: Atriohm – Sevdah
L. Golcev & A. Golcev from Macedonia had a track on the party compilation Hocus Peakus… That was an eerie, atmospheric track – and so is this downbeat tune… Sleek, laidback dubby vibes – with a certain mysterious, haunting quality to it… Spooky chill! Halfway thru the track takes on a more standard, ethnic chill-coat – and that’s really the best part… A pretty good track – especially the last part of it…

#03: Kick Bong – Welcome E.T.
Though I wasn’t really impressed with Frenchman Frank Jousselin’s latest track on the Mountain High 2 compilation, I really love some of his older tracks… As the title suggests, this is extraterrestrial stuff… Deep, slow beats spiced with lots of static and seasoned with alien mutterings… Throw in a few synth twirls and the occasional surprising twist and you’ve got the general feel of this track… Very different from what we’re used to hearing from Kick Bong… Not bad, but not overly exciting either – and also a little too short I’m afraid…

#04: Flooting Grooves feat. Dymons – Desert Fractals
Swiss music makers and PGC members Pearce Van Der Merwe & Daniel Symons have teamed up on this tune… Between them they’ve made some excellent downbeat tracks, and this is pretty damn fine too… Old-school ambient sounds – very similar to the early TIP sound – complete with Raja flute, whiskers and windy, floating ambience… Add a subtle, tribal rhythm and you’ve got a winner! A lovely, melancholy track! Brilliant!

#05: Palyrria – Nilos Dub (Desert Mix)
I don’t have much info on Palyrria – besides from the fact that it’s a Greek outfit… And sure enough, as the title hints, this is an Ethno-tribal chill-out track – with a lot of dub in it! The main lead consists of Arabic string arrangements… You can almost feel the dust of the desert in your eyes when listening to this… It feels very ‘real’ and all together the atmosphere in here is overwhelming… Another nice track!

#06: The Peaking Goddess Collective – Purple
Another collective effort – with input by Moreno Antognini, Ajja S.F. Leu, Pearce van der Merwe & Daniel Symons… These guys have never let me down with their genuine, heartfelt chill creations…And I’m happy to say, that this is another sure-fit hit with me! This is what eclectic chill-out is all about – it’s so rich, so diverse, so versatile – so lovely! The ‘silence bit’ is as daring as it is stunning! A collective effort that really pays off – with soft electric guitars, subtle percussion, floating flute, etc… Nothing short of brilliant!

#07: Hol Baumann – Ocean Kingdom
This is the first track from Frenchman Oliver Orand outside the Ultimae label – and what a catch by Peak! I’m a big admirer of his majestic, orchestral downtempo works – and this is just that! It builds from a subtle, tight ambient core into a fully blossoming, mature piece of underwater sound bliss… Pretty simple, but oh so effective… Top drawer material!

#08: Kali-Frogz – 8/6 Tumor Park
I only know French producers Eric Brandy & Christophe Fabulet from their lovely track on the Chilling Goddess compilation… This track is like a hybrid between atmospheric, floating ambient – and more antagonistic, twirling downbeat… Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing aggressive about this, just a few excursions into experimental space chill… I guess it’s pretty good, but somehow I never really connected to it – and the vocals don’t fit in at all!

#09: Dymons – The Emerald Tablets
Daniel Symons makes a solo appearance here with a very organic, rich track… Acoustic guitars, singing birds, morphing sounds, trippy vocals – and lots of dub! It sounds so simple, and in a way it is… But it’s still so very effective… Hot digital grooves mates with the warmth of analogue sounds – which makes for one hell of a cocktail! Sweet!

#10: Lucid Picnic – Forest Picnic
Serhan Berberoglu was also on Goddess – with a distinct and very dark ambient track… And sure enough, this is somewhat dark too… And ambient to the core! Floating, mellow soundscapes – packed with nature samples and held-back percussion… A picnic in the forest for sure! One of the most chilled tracks here – and in that regard it’s great for hardcore chillage and sleeping… Sadly I find it a little too uninteresting…

#11: Master Margherita – Rainbow Ship
Master Margherita aka. Moreno Antognini is the Peak Records top chiller… He’s one of the driving forces in the PGC and also compiled this CD… As on Peaking Goddess, he returns with some eerie, hugely atmospheric and darkish ambient… Reminds me of a warped, undecipherable version of Current 93… Very unique and very good!

#12: Sync24 – Hibernation
Sync24 is Daniel Ringström of Carbon Based Lifeforms fame… And he’s aiming for hibernation on this track – and succeeds! This is virtually beatless ambient – icy cold, sterile and totally dreamy… So, if the previous track sent your closer to dreamland – this one will escort you all the way… Soothing, relaxing, floating – pure ambience! Nicey nice!

#13: Master Margherita – Weightless
Moreno returns for a final message – transmitted straight from the otherworld… The vocals from the intro are cut up and recycled here – creating a similar, yet totally different mood – and completing the infinite loop! Mysterious, but also comforting… A fine way to end the journey for sure!

Another fine, high quality Peak Records instalment comes to an end… The trip started where Chilling Goddess left off – and didn’t stop for a long time… Ever since I got this compilation I’ve been playing it again and again and again and again… It’s an infinite loop, continuously rewarding and ever satisfying… Just like Goddess was… This is not better – or worse! It’s just as good! Of course some tracks are better than others, but that’s really just stating the obvious…

The cover art is brilliant as usual, on this the ‘orange album’. And yeah – the whole quality package once again underlines the fact, that Peak Records is indeed a major player on both the dance and chill markets… A collective force to be reckoned with! Recommended to fans of eclectic chill-out music… Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 4(!), 5, 6(!), 7(!), 9, 11, 12


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a week ago was about to post a review but was thrown out from the system & everything was lost to my dismay & frustration but anyways have to say in short, being in no way able to compete against DeathP thorough review:iwink: that this comp is as brilliant as chilling goddess was

There is a lot of natural/live instrumentation going on not unlike dakini stuff and that goes a long way in my book; both tracks from Dymons plus the Palyrria (nope it ain't arabic it's greek mate!) and the peaking goddess collective's purple tune are personal highlights and they will be so for years to come

highly recommended as well :iyes:


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Sauntering about...
bez23 said:

It's very nice indeed, top to bottom.

Although I'm not convinced that gravity *is* a state of mind.

:lol1: :lol1: :lol1:

but you 've never tried free falling from the top of an eleventh storey parking lot

wise you :green:


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Ozric said:
There is a lot of natural/live instrumentation going on not unlike dakini stuff and that goes a long way in my book; both tracks from Dymons plus the Palyrria (nope it ain't arabic it's greek mate!) and the peaking goddess collective's purple tune are personal highlights and they will be so for years to come

highly recommended as well :iyes:

Many thanks for the sweet words, greetings to your book.

Peace :Smile3: