V/A - Cryptology (Timecode Records 2006) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A - Cryptology


Hi-res cover: front + back

Artist: Various
Title: Cryptology
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Timecode Records (South Africa)
Cat. #: TCCD016
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: March 2006

Track listing:

01. 07’29†Hydraglyph – Mind Fuck
02. 08’46†Species – Digital Chaos
03. 06’34†Artifakt – The Idiot Song
04. 07’08†Phyx – Seventh Sword
05. 07’48†Multistate - HQ
06. 08’27†Twisted System - Razor
07. 07’47†Seroxat – Twisted Image
08. 07’20†Inner Action feat. Danger - Halloween
09. 06’45†Tickets - Babushka

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/npyyg (all tracks!)


Tales from the crypt…

Timecode Records is the most visionary and quality conscious label on the African continent. Following the incredible and immensely popular albums by Artifakt and Twisted System, it’s time for a compilation… This 16th instalment is a blend of well-established Timecode-artists as well as newcomers… And judging by their previous releases my hopes are already lifted… Let’s dig deeper…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Hydraglyph – Mind Fuck
“If you need to find something out when you're in there, just calm down. The less you freak, the less you'll trip out. Yeah, but all this shit from before just comes tumbling... Yeah, but that shit is in the past. Focus on what you need to get now!†Prior to this track I’ve only heard a couple of tracks from the Nano-heads that are Hydraglyph… I liked their full-on, yet experimental take on psytrance… And hell yeah, this is experimental too – just as the title suggests. The voice samples from The Jacket are trippy indeed and they correspond well with the banging, full-power nature of this track… Chainsaw trance if there ever was chainsaw trance… Relentless, pounding and totally trippy! I dig it!

#02: Species – Digital Chaos
Species (Ahmed Hajdarovic & Eli Nesic) from Belgrade, Serbia are new to Timecode, but have released both an album and numerous compilation tracks on different labels… What we get here may sound like butt rock goa to the untrained ear, but this is easily much more refined than those Chemical Crew disciples… This is much more than the occasional guitar-riff – this is technoid, cream-of-the-crop party-minded psytrance… Banging, blasting and forceful… I like most of it, but I could have wished for some added variation in especially the first part of the track… There are a couple of too-techno’y passages though… Luckily it picks up as the track progresses and the break-down is particularly well executed… It’s destined to cause absolute havoc on the dance floors…

#03: Artifakt – The Idiot Song
“And now an appeal for sanity!†It’s no secret that I’m a BIG fan of Timecode boss Matthew De Nobrega’s output… His 2005 album Artifakts II was nothing short of a conceptual masterpiece – and following such a blast is an arduous task… But if anyone can pull it off, it’s Matt – and of course he doesn’t let me down here. I’m happy to say that this tune lives up to my expectations… As usual, this is multi-diverse, eclectic, genre-bending music – fusing tons of styles, samples and crack-pot ideas… Just like the title would imply! But don’t get me wrong – this is serious stuff too… Seriously trippy, dancefloor friendly, groovy as hell and just plain awesome! Hands down, the best track here…

#04: Phyx – Seventh Sword
Ian ’Phyx’ Summs is another old fav’e of mine… His acid-drenched, party-tool tracks have stood out on many compilations in recent years… His stuff on Ketuh Records has seldom let me down and I’m always excited when I see his name on a compilation… This track is another Phyx excursion into the psy twilight zone of darkish, acid-ridden, multi-layered night trance… Delicious!

#05: Multistate – HQ
“Go check out the trash collector’s homes. Cut the truck off at its next stopping point. It’s possible they’ve come in to contact with someone.†AFAIK Multistate is a debuting project from South Africa… And what we get here is trashy psytrance! That’s right – this is industrial-flavoured, nitty-gritty, raw and relentless psytrance… Oddball at times, but it never looses the general punch, drive or direction… Rich, versatile and extremely powerful… A ripping track!

#06: Twisted System – Razor
Twisted System consists of Ian Summs (Phyx), Chris Hoy (Shift) and Rabdom L – and they really, really impressed me with their second album Core released on Timecode in January… That album was a real intensive, well-produced piece of cluttered energy and Razor was one of the best tracks… I’m gonna copy/paste impressions from when I reviewed the album: Fuck yes; this is exactly what I was hoping for… Fragmented, multilayered, climactic, banging psytrance… Like a big, wide wall of sonic energy drenched in acid and with twirling melodies all over the place… Just like the many impressive Phyx tracks I’ve come to love… A smile-cracking track if there ever was one… Wonderful!

#07: Seroxat – Twisted Image
Seroxat is Offer Maoz from Israel is another producer who has yet to let me down with his trip-friendly, fast-paced, hands-in-the-air, shake-your-ass psytrance – and this is another healthy doze of just that… I mean, just check out the wicked intro here… Acid-ridden, full-power party-crunch right from the get-go… Maybe a little simple, but very effective too… Very, very powerful and twisted too… As the title suggests! Pretty good, but there are a couple of moments I find a little too simple… Generally I like it though…

#08: Inner Action feat. Danger – Halloween
Inner Action is a duo from Israel with one album + a bunch of compilation tracks under their belt… They are joined here by Danger from Procyon Records… This is easily the most high-pitched, most full-on track here… The computerized, robotic voices are pretty cool and this different approach to energetic psytrance is a welcomed change from the previous tracks… It has full-on tendencies, but luckily it manages to stay clear of the most obvious cheese pitfalls… A very nice and deeply energetic track… Great as a party-tool – and less great for home listening I guess… But when it comes to the level of energy put forth, this track is unsurpassed on this compilation… Cool!

#09: Tickets – Babushka
“What’s that smell?†This is actually my first encounter with Tickets (Joseph Summs) whom I’m guessing has some kind of family tie with Phyx!? Anyway, what we get here is a very South African-sounding full-power, full-on track… Not as much acid as in a Phyx-track, but it’s close… I like the many changes in pace and direction + the multi-climactic nature… Also the melodies are interesting here and the sampling is very original… All in all a nice track and a very worthy way to end this kick-ass compilation!

Kick-ass indeed! Timecode Records have fast established themselves as the undisputed heavyweight psy-champion of South Africa… There are no bad tracks here, and the stand-out tracks are many… There are a couple passages in a couple of tracks that doesn’t really rub me the right way – but they are easily outweighed by the landslide of brilliantly trippy moments… It’s been a while since I’ve seen SO many fav’e tracks on a compilation… Well done! …Timecode – psytrance you can trust!

The cover art is sweet and generally this is a pretty damn sweet compilation… A safe purchase for fans of the distinct South African sound – but also to fans of labels such as Ketuh, Digital Psionics, Shiva Space Technology and so on… Go check it out! … Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 3(!!), 4, 5, 6(!), 8, 9


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finally got my mitts on this.... :ibiggrin: what a blinder!!!!! very rarely these days can i listen to a comp or any trance cd for that matter without those 'yyyyyy yyyyy did you have to whip out the chedder' moments (ie twisted system- that first track i mean really!) but i can safely say timecode have done it again! a beautiful arrangement of psychedelic chaos :iyes:
favourites from artifakt (as usual :irolleyes ) hydraglyph and multistate (will defo be checking out lost and found) but i have to say there aint one im not fond of.......
keep em coming boys
go forth and purchase people :iyes: you won't regret it!!!