V.A. Das Produkt DVD- TranceVisuals

Incase you didn't know already, Das Produkt is now out!
Just over an hour of unique 3D animations mixed and matched to
some rather nice psytrance.

Can you spot the psyforum'ers!

1) OOOD - Smoke-A-Lot (Brutal Das Produkt Mix)
2) Voice of Cod vs Organic Records - Unusual Illusion
3) Distortion Orchestra (Dorje/Bez23 Mix) - Life on Earth
4) Sinewave (Alchemy Records) - Buddha Finger
5) Anomaly (Jamez23+Makdaddy) - Dorkfonk
6) Rastaliens - Run 4 Mary
7) Psyfi - Video Nasty

Clips, previews and stuff can be found at

A special edition is also available (signed and numbered)
with limited free stills for only £10 (+p&p) from the above website.

Should be hitting the usual outlets/vendors/sites in the next month or
so. As well as previews at the Glade, Solfest and other good parties in
your local area.

Go on support your local artists and buy a copy today for yourself, your
loved ones, and your friends.


God mintsmak
You going to be at this weeks Kulu Yodhe?
grokit23 said:
You going to be at this weeks Kulu Yodhe?

I will have a discrete number of copies getting pimp'ed around at Kulu, by
myself and Andie.
Go on, you know you want one :Wink3:

P.s. Artist copies will be posted in the next day or two, once I have redesigned the
cover artwork.


Looks cool.
I can't find where to download the hi-res samples though - just med and low - or are they not available yet?


God mintsmak
Picked mine up at the last Kulu, thanks a lot Yodhe, very good work from you and top tunes all round too. :Grin:


arrived on me doorstep thismorning :Smile3::Smile3:

Awesome stuff! ..its making my eyelids twitch :lol:
No, no, let me thankyou for allowing me to mutilate your tracks with graphics :Smile3:

And for the record, I will be whoring/pushing/selling DVD's at Glade and Solfest,
and probably a few other festivals.

At the moment I haven't put up the hi-res samples as they are a little too large,
and I don't want to overload my friends bandwidth on whose server trancevisuals.com is based.

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
I will be purchasing as soon as I have some cash. Might be a while but I'll defo get there in the end :Smile3:


Pie Fly
Got mine today to. Just finished watching it and I find it hard to fathom just how much work must have gone in to it. Wow . to many good piont in it to pick out what would be my fav. It's just all so good.
Will watch it again tonight with the lights out. But I should get my self some psychedelic pop corn first.


Pie Fly
makdaddy said:
hows a bout track 7 :Wink3:
Oh dear me no that one was awful. hehehe.:irofl: Seriously though the way that everything has been brought together on this DVD is brilliant. greater than the sum of it's parts which to be honest was what I was hopeing to see. Visual and audio mediems complement each other so well and I for one would like to see more things like this out there.


yep - checked it out last night. Nice work Jody.

Any one thinking about buying a copy defintely should. :iyes:

Chris Organic

Mongolian FishSlap dancer
Heyyyyyyyyyy........... lurvely surprise thru the door this morning, all wrapped up in a just-about-reusable jiffy bag. Nice.

I've watched it almost all the way thru and wanted to say congrats on a good piece of work. Nice shroomy landscapes.