V/A - Double D (Dance N Dust 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Double D


Hi-res: front + back

Artist: Various
Title: Double D – Compiled by Ashrun
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Dance N Dust (Israel)
Cat. #: DNDCD05
Distribution: Cosmophilia
Date: September 2005

Track listing:

01. 07’56†Shaman - Bomullstuss
02. 07’46†Decoy – Fatty Finn
03. 09’34†Pythagoraz – Constrainment
04. 07’24†DJ Asherun vs. Darwish – We Are Stoned
05. 09’17†Remote Access – Doors To Dream
06. 06’18†El Zisco - Littleway
07. 07’39†Decoy - Suparoo
08. 08’56†Itaitaiko – In The Groove
09. 08’51†Threshold Productions – Sound System

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/dzk3o (all tracks!)


Double groove!

Dance N Records from Israel didn’t really make any notice of themselves until the release of the Dustynation series – two CDs released in 2004 that featured some of the top producers of progressive trance… Now the label is out with its fifth CD release – and once again the focus is on groovy progressive trance… The tracklist reveals a mix of new and established artists… Let’s dig deeper…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Shaman – Bomullstuss
To be honest, I haven’t heard too many of Shaman’s many compilation tracks despite the fact that this Swedish producer (Andreas Henning) has released loads of tracks… Anyway, this is pure, percussion-driven progressive trance with a techy touch… Stiff metallic beats and groovy rhythm pads… Electro-tribal hypnotizing trance… Sounds kinda German in all its cold, stiff harshness – but there’s enough Swedish warmth and a couple of little melodies here to balance things out… I like it, despite the facts that it’s kinda monotonous at times… A nice little track!

#02: Decoy – Fatty Finn
Ian Chaplin & Philip Rex are a couple of hard-core jazz musicians from Australia – and they are now crossing over into progressive trance! Cool! The intro is maybe a little annoying but the rest of the track takes care of that… This is low-key progressive morning trance – soaked in reverb and with a ton of melodic pads flying around in the background… Kinda experimental, oddball and heavily fragmented… I like experimentation like this… Another nice track!

#03: Pythagoraz – Constrainment
Rasmus Tue Jørgensen from Denmark has been a classical pianist for many years – and this is his first release ever! This is more uplifting, progressive morning trance… Melodic at heart and with enough progressive elements to satisfy the purists… Again this track is drenched in reverb and twirling little melodies which helps ensure the deep, phat groove… Also the break is fucking sweet! Nicey nice! All in all this is a very notable debut from Pythagoraz…. I’m impressed!

#04: DJ Asherun vs. Darwish – We Are Stoned
“Now listen to this! I tell you about Texas radio and the Big Beat! … Reach in your heads! … Out here in the perimeter there are no stars …Out here we are stoned!†Asher Ezra from Israel is the man behind the Dance N Dust label – and he also compiled this CD… On this track he collaborates with fellow countryman David Abramov…This is still very much progressive trance, but the pace has quickened now – and this is more dancefloor friendly than some of the previous tracks… I like the classic Doors samples which was also used in X-Dreams remix of the classic E-Rection track Out Here We are Stoned… This one is longer though, but fits the track perfectly… Another fine track!

#05: Remote Access – Doors To Dream
Szymon Kupsik from Poland is another act that I have limited knowledge about… Anyway, it’s definitely approaching night-time now and this track is the tranciest so far… Fused somewhere in between groovy, tribal progressive trance – and melodic psytrance… A radical departure from the previous tracks – and this one kinda throws the flow a little off I think… Not a bad track at all – in fact it’s very nice!

#06: El Zisco - Littleway
Francisco Oyarce from Germany is another newbie… This track is banging from the get-go – oh yes, we’re definitely in pound-mode now… This is an experimental, genre-bender on the loose… Fusing all kinds of styles from progressive trance over house, electro and club trance… To be honest, I don’t really like it… It’s too… Clubby? The bridge part is cool and all, but I still tend to skip this track…

#07: Decoy – Suparoo
Ian Chaplin & Philip Rex are back with another track from down under … We stay in cheesier territory on this tribal-stomping, funky number… A well-polished, uplifting track with an impressive rhythm section… It has an old-school feel to it – along with a touch of Antix… A nice combo for sure! This is however – a little too clubby for my taste… But nice nevertheless!

#08: Itaitaiko – In The Groove
ItaiTaiko is Itay Berger from Israel… Perhaps he’s better known under his Kukan Dub Lagan alias under which he released the brilliant debut album Life Is Nice on Candyflip in 2004… Itay is also a highly skilled progressive producer, and I really liked his track on the compilation Magnetic Storm released by Groove Zone in early 2005… This is raw, gritty, dirty progressive trance – and really, really groovy! Oh yes – this is really cool… Just check out the break-down and the phat groove that follows! Sweet track!

#09: Threshold Productions – Sound System
Threshold Productions is Torsten Edwinson from Sweden and he’s been hyped a lot lately… This track was already released on vinyl by Dance N Dust and now it’s on CD… Dreamy, floating and uplifting progressive trance here – with hints of electro… This is all very fine and dandy, but I’m afraid it’s too commercial for my taste… A decent track!

Right, this is pleasant compilation… There a no bad tracks here, but obviously there are some I like better than others… For me the first part of the CD is the best, whereas I’m not particularly impressed by the more commercial tracks on the second half… Also, I’m not sure how well the flow works here – I would have put the tracks in a different order… Anyway, the mastering by Space Cat sounds great to me – and I really like the cover-art… It holds a few little nice surprises!

All in all, this is a pretty nice compilation… For sure not the best progressive compilation out this year, but definitely not the worst either… You could do a lot worse that this one! I like the fact that we get exposed to a lot of new names here… Nice! Fans of progressive trance with cross-over potential will most likely dig this piece of plastic… Get into the double groove! … Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 2, 3(!), 4, 5, 8(!)


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yep - me likey - only had one listen so far so I'll comment further once I have digested it a bit !


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very good and psygroove stuff, love it
decoy are great ,so el zisco and Threshold Productions are supper..
keep it pumping
looking for more of this please


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
Double D
Dance N Dust (Israel)

The return of Dance n Dust records is one of psyreviews’ greatest excuses to be happy. Along with… erm… shit, there must be something else.

Erm… okay, the music. Nine tracks, eight artists, six countries, low bpms.

Shaman’s Bomullstuss builds up perfectly with exquisite layering before a gorgeous yet understated break: melodies rise but never take control. It’s a perfect gap before a perfect drop, and off into more perfect progressive trance.

Australia’s Decoy pops up twice here, with a couple of utter crackers. Fatty Finn evolves into this incredibly techglitch plateau, with a plethora of clearcut 80s-ish sounds. Meanwhile Suparoo is a gorgeous piece of work, pure production brilliance. The sounds are so alien, so hardly-there-at-all… and when a gentle 303 comes in to give it some elevation, you have no choice but to go along with it. Lovely.

Pythagoraz’s Constrainment is an utter charmer, you can’t help but catch this one. It has that atmosphere of a tune that’ll have you forgetting your pint of organic cider and heading to the dancefloor. DJ Asherun vs Darwish’s We Are Stoned is okay, it’s a nice fat groove that chunks along nicely, until things become dominated by a long Jim Morrison sample that keeps on for the whole tune. Annoyingly, the track itself is one of the cleverer ones on the album, but the sample stupefies it somewhat.

Maybe it’s just me: My opinion of Jim Morrison is that he was a good showman, a mediocre poet, and a legendary drunk.

But anyway: the energy and the intricacy of the backing should keep things focused. Remote Access’ Doors To Dream is nice enough, a more squelchy and psychedelic take on the theme on offer, but in straddling two styles it doesn’t seem to engage on either front. El Zisco’s Littleway is a dream, it’s got bags of fluid housey attitude and just coasts along brilliantly, making you dream back to whitesandy summertime adventures with a ticklish European girl.

Itaitaiko’s In The Groove is a weak one; it seems to rely too much on the bottomend, the result being an unnecessarily clunky tune that seems to have to struggle to move. Finally, we all know Threshold Productions can do no wrong, and Sound System is a wonderful, wonderful piece of music. Chilled, breezy, laidback, engaging, hypnotic, orgasmic, life-affirming, groove-riding, icy, crystalline… the psyreviews thesaurus is exhausted.

All in all this is a solid compilation, Dance n Dust are welcomed back with open arms. Very good shit indeed.



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wicked albumn, good groove and funky as f_ _ k.
could well do with more music this style