v/a "DOUBLE D" dance n dust records


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dance n dust records out naw:

Va "double d" compilation
tracking list:

1)shaman- bomullstuss(sweden)
2)decoy- fatty finn(australia)
3)pythagoraz- constrainment(denmark)
4)dj asherun vs.darwish-we are stoned(israel)
5)remote access- doors to dream(poland)
6)el zisco- littleway(germany)
7)decoy- suparoo(australia)
8)itaitaiko- in the groove(israel)
9)threshold productions- sound system(sweden)

compiled by dj asherun
p+c dance n dust records 2005

this product by asherun compiled from the artist pool of dance n dust records/israel.coming from all over the world. all the tracks are high production,funky,hot and massive,very groove and made for the dance floor.
that cd is promoting our artists that some of them like decoy from australia and threshold productions from sweden will have full album on dance n dust records in some time from naw. we hop u will like our test of sound and music..(:
enjoy it

check out sampels on that link:





still fresh:

:"Threshold Productions" ep01

tracking list:

logo side

1): "sound system"-125bpm

other side:

1)"high way 420" -132bpm

2)"red square" -127bpm

world wide disterbution by: www.cosmophilia.com

listen to sampels at:



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Fookin wikid cd Ash! Favs are track 4,5,6 and 8. Top stuff!