V/A - EVENT HORIZON - Compiled by Dj Horizon (24/7 Records) - Release in June/06


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V/A - EVENT HORIZON compiled by Dj Horizon

Label: 24/7 Records - http://www.twenty4seven.cc
Format: CD wave audio
Release: expected for release in June/06
Catalog: 247CD002

Track List:

01. BROKEN TOY - Bites & Bruise

02. MATERIA - Help Me

03. BIOGENESIS - Computer Voice

04. KHOPAT - Simplicity

05. MEKKANIKKA - Psycho Bullshit

06. PAINKILLER - Far Away

07. HYDRAGLYPH - Cigarettes & Silver Bullets

08. V-STORM - Imitation of Life

09. TUBE - Scar Face

10. PITCH HIKERS - Play This


Greg aka Dj Horizon has traveled, preformed and lived all around Europe and is now living & working in Montreal, Canada. Event Horizon is based on the concept of featuring the freshest talent in the trance scene just like his events that have taken place in London, UK and Montreal. Now musically, he brings you 10 so far unreleased dance floor orientated psychedelic tracks on one of the hottest new labels 24/7 records (www.twenty4seven.cc). V/A - Event Horizon takes you through a journey of full-power driving psytrance featuring well established and upcoming artists from Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Israel. The compilation has a distinct & selective taste and is suitable for night-time or morning.

BROKEN TOY - Bites & Bruise

No need for introductions, James Copeland aka Broken Toy starts the compilation with killer introduction and positive vibe. The track is very funky and groovy and flows into a more driving and full on atmosphere with distinct sounds that proves James's amazing musical background & talent.


Andi aka Materia one of Austria's biggest upcoming talents and label artist for 24/7 brings you more of a night time track then the first compilation release. The trak is driving with a deep base line and atmospheric mechanic sounds.

BIOGENESIS - Computer Voice

The new blasting Mexican duo Mikeldi & Carlos aka Biogenesis creates an electronic journey of emotion and bliss. This track is completely original with amazing bass line transitions, uplifting leads & breaks that will tickle your brain. Watch out these guys are going be rocking 2006 without a doubt.

KHOPAT – Simplicity

Vasco aka Khopat one of the leading upcoming talents from Portugal delivers with no mercy. Simplicity will keep you on your feet until you drop waiting for an explosive ending. The bass line is crystal clear and groovy, definitely showing a strong presence when played.

MEKKANIKKA - Psycho Bullshit

One month after his Album launch in April Nikka aka Mekkanikka delivers another monster for us on this compilation. Best way to describe this track is Full Power. It never loses drive from start till end and has massive leads and killer hats & snares that will definitely be making the crowd dance all night.


Roy Engel aka Painkiller and also one half of Inner Action deliver’s a groovy/driving and also rather experimental track. It starts off very bouncy and deep with distinct patterns and groove, then a crazy buildup leading to a driving pace and ripping synths. Most definitely a booty shaker.

HYDRAGLYPH - Cigarettes & Silver Bullets

Andrew and Mark aka Hydraglyph present an incredible release for 24/7. The theme of the track is from War of the Worlds, starting off with an eerie sample of the film fallowed by a swinging/groovy vibe, clean synth leads and then a break with experimental twisting sounds. The tune comes to a halt with a killer sample of the aliens from the film and the track takes off on a darker atmosphere to finish. Total twilight twister.

V-STORM - Imitation of Life

Victor aka V storm and one half of 220v from Brazil brings us a pulsating full power tune with a beautiful story within. The track has Driving bass, euphoric pads and dirty powerful synths. The composition is varied and has incredible melodic patterns.

TUBE - Scar Face

Pini aka Tube presents Scar Face, with a theme from the renowned gangster film. I starts with a clear melodic riff from the movie, turning into Tubes notorious psychedelic style with deep revolving bass and intensity.


To piece together and finalize the compilation, Chris aka Shift and Liam aka Slug together forming the amazing twilight act Pitch Hikers present the first new release since the album and trust me I’m sure all the admirers have been waiting for new material from the duo. The track starts off thumping and groovy, leading to a killer break and mystic synth lead eventually building up to an orchestra of psychedelia. The sounds scream and harmonically sync together.

More info to fallow.

24/7 crew

For any information or bookings please contact:

Horizon aka Greg @ 24/7 Records

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
Best of luck with this one Greg :Smile3:

Will Dogon

oooh blimey, missed this one - Good luck with this Greg and 24/7 crew....looks like there could be a few storming tracks on there.....look forward to hearing it very much indeed :Grin:


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Killer comp mate!!

Good luck to you and 24/7 crew :Wink3:


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Hi all,

Some new promo and an update on 24/7's upcoming projects.

We have a new VA after Event Horizon which will be released that will be compilled by Riff RuFF and Materia called "Darklines."

Official release date for EVENT HORIZON 24th of Jully 2006!

All the best,
Horizon and 24/7 crew