V/A - Floating Point 3 (Sofa Beats 2006) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Floating Point 3


Hi-res cover: front + back

Artist: Various
Title: Floating Point 3 – Compiled by Michael Banel
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Sofa Beats (Denmark)
Cat. #: SOFA BEATS CD 03
Distribution: twohandsdistribution.com
Date: February 2006

Track listing:

01. 07’13†Bluetech - Wilderness
02. 05’43†Koan - Sirens
03. 07’10†Crowd Control – Little Haiti
04. 05’57†Aural Planet – Sunfruits Avenue (Sundial Remix)
05. 07’35†Alex Scheffer – Under Your Mind
06. 07’41†Shen – Cloud Theory
07. 09’36†Seahorse Transform – Paradime Warp
08. 06’50†Sundial – Azure Aquarings
09. 06’50†Alex Scheffer – Sparkley Area
10. 08’21†True To Nature – Ghetto
11. 05’19†True To Nature feat. Tusnelda - Subside

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/qoaqe (all tracks!)


Chilled Iboga with a twist…

Danish power label Iboga Records is the leading exponent for progressive trance, and in the past they’ve also brushed on subtle chill-out with their two Floating Point compilations released in 2003 and 2004… With the establishment of the sub-label Sofa Beats, Iboga Records has a new platform for chilled releases, and Sofa Beats is also the label releasing this third opus in the Floating Point series… As the first two, these tracks are compiled by label boss Michael Banel – let’s see what he dug up for us…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Bluetech – Wilderness
First up is a track my American chill-wizard Evan Bluetech… Aleph Zero released his third album Sines And Singularities in late 2005, and this track is very much like the style on that album (and the two previous albums)… Harmonic, atmospheric, melancholy downbeat – and as always Evan’s music is as inimitable as it is unparalleled… A very nice starter!

#02: Koan – Sirens
This is my first encounter with Koan’s music… This Russian duo (Daniel Roeth & Vladimir Sedov) is also know as Vacuum Stalkers and has released a couple of tracks on Horns And Hoofs + a bunch of mp3 releases that I haven’t heard… This track is lush downtempo with a strong emphasis on melodic pads and naturally there is singing sirens – which is a very nice touch… All in all, this is a very harmonic, peaceful piece of music… If only it was longer and the watery outro was a bit more refined…

#03: Crowd Control – Little Haiti
â€I wanna be where you are…†CC is a Danish trio consisting of Jesper Banner, Thomas Banner & Jan Stewart Sørensen… They also had tracks on the first two Floating Point compilations – and with this track they take chances… This is pretty edgy downbeat – a mix of epic, clubby elements with sharp IDM + dub elements... Like a big melting put of different styles… A big hectic maybe, but generally I like it…

#04: Aural Planet – Sunfruits Avenue (Sundial Remix)
Sunfruits Avenue was originally released on Ultimae’s Fahrenheit Project Part Five, and despite its head-bop friendly chill qualities, it wasn’t a stand-out track… Now it’s being remixed by the Polish act Sundial (Radosław Kochman & Daniel Lulkowski) whom possibly also helped making it in the first place… Anyway, this is indeed a very Ultimae sounding track with a rich array of both percussion and trance-synths… Up-tempo without crossing completely over into chill – kinda like Aes Dana, Cell or Solar Fields… Nicey nice!

#05: Alex Scheffer – Under Your Mind
Talking about Cell, here’s a track by the productive Frenchman… The last output I heard from him was his brilliant tune on the Chill Tribe compilation Quality Relaxation… This track is indisputable Cell-like with its rich, floating melodies and heavily well-refined percussion… Extremely well-produced ear-candy as always with Cell… Sweet!

#06: Shen – Cloud Theory
Noah Pred from Canada also produces music under the F.S.P. and Primordial Nature monikers and has an impressive roster of releases. This is my first encounter with his music though… This aptly named track has a sharp digital-sounding ambience to it and it kinda reminds me of a pitched-up version of Bluetech… A hifi space-ambient version of a lofi techno tune… Argh, that doesn’t make any sense! A nice track, but somehow I can’t really connect to it… It’s a little too introvert…

#07: Seahorse Transform – Paradime Warp
Behind this project is a Danish producer called Simon Jagd – and AFAIK this is his debut release. After a high-pitched, noisy intro the track eventually settles on lush, ethno-inspired world music not unlike Kaya Project… Very nice and atmospheric… I’m looking forward to the debut album coming soon on Sofa Beats…

#08: Sundial – Azure Aquarings
Kochman from Poland is back with another track… And just like the previous one, this is up-tempo chilled stuff… Huge, floating melodic pads of epic proportions are mixed with a well-defined, though kinda commercial rhythm section… Would mix well with an Antix or Gaudium track… It’s nice and well-produced, but there’s nothing here I haven’t heard a billion times before…

#09: Alex Scheffer – Sparkley Area
Another Cell-track following a Sundial track… I see a pattern forming! This track is similar to the first one – though with a slightly more murky appearance… But it’s still smile-inducing, Cell-like, lush downbeat… Lovely!

#10: True To Nature – Ghetto
Tom Von Rosen & Jokke Ilsøe from Copenhagen, Denmark have released a number of progressive/house tracks + three 12†singles – and sure enough, this is progressive house disguised as downbeat… Rich, tribal, groovy and totally danceable is not something you’d expect to find on a chill-out compilation, but it works really here… Would work very well as a transition track in a set going from downtempo to upbeat… Yummy!

#11: True To Nature feat. Tusnelda – Subside
On the final track the guys are joined by Tusnelda on vocals… We stay in housy, progressive territory here and this is also a dancefloor-slash-upbeat tune… The bass is downright evil here and the groovy is unparalleled… Totally banging and totally lush! Awesome way to finish the compilation!

Well, the two final upbeat tracks were definitely the biggest surprise here – usually it’s chilled stuff from start to finish on these kinds of compilations… But with a surprise this pleasant, I’m not complaining at all… In fact, I think mixing styles like this is a brave move and once again it shows Iboga/Sofa Beats as one of the leading labels within our scene… Hats off… Again!

So yeah, this is a brilliant compilation with on a couple of minor glitches… The artwork rules and everything reeks quality! Recommended to fans of eclectic, diverse, cross-over downbeat… You’ll not be disappointed! … Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 3, 4(!), 5, 7, 9, 10(!), 11(!!)


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really good album and an absolute grower as well

koan got a new album out & clips do sounds very interesting :Smile3: