V/A - G-Spot (Domo Records 2006) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – G-Spot


Hi-res cover: front + back

Artist: Various
Title: G-Spot (compiled by Huda-G)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Domo Records (Israel)
Cat. #: DOMO CD 008
Distribution: Psyshop.net
Date: 6 February 2006

Track listing:

01. 09’53†V-Tunes - Progression
02. 06’32†Yotopia - Zoi
03. 07’49†Natural Flow & Chromosome – Personal Visit
04. 08’28†Side A – Altred Ego
05. 08’06†Liquid Soul - Colours
06. 07’57†Sonnenvakuum - Rejected
07. 09’06†Sun Control Species - Interactive
08. 07’10†BLT & DJ Nadi – Space Boogie (Aerospace Rmx)
09. 08’53†Morax – At First Sight

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/hdx9h (all tracks!)


Urethral sponge trance…

Domo Records from Israel is still on a trance mission to rid the local scene of all the fluffy full-on – and their weapon of dancefloor destruction is lush, plush, progressive trance… Whereas the Sensifeel and the Insane Creation artist albums were good, but not great, I really enjoyed last year’s Posse compilation… So I’m hoping this compilation will be up to par with that one… Let’s find out what DJ Huda-G handpicked for us…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: V-Tunes – Progression [134 BPM]
Swiss producers Sandro Kulka & Hans Muester have impressed me with every single track I’ve heard from them… Very trancy and very upbeat progressive trance – and sure enough, this is another piece of straightforward, lush trance… Maybe not as good as some of their previous compilation tracks – and it feels like it’s a couple of minutes too long. So in that regard, it’s not really a stand-out track. But it’s still a nice, smooth track… Let’s hope the upcoming album is more refined…

#02: Yotopia – Zoi [134 BPM]
Israeli duo Yotopia (Yoni Rimon & Tomer Dayan) really impressed me with their track on the recent Iboga compilation Hibernation which was tight, funky and reverb-soaked progressive trance… So yeah, this is definitely edgier than the previous track – and that’s a good thing! Totally pounding, bubbling with joy and instantly groovy... Nothing too revolutionary, but a solid effort none the less… I dig it!

#03: Natural Flow & Chromosome – Personal Visit [138 BPM]
“MDMA […] it’s like getting a personal visit from god!†Natural Flow is Philip Guillaume & Andreas Marki from Switzerland – they are also known as Rumple Pack and Blue Vortex… Despite their many aliases and impressive release roster, I’ve only heard their track off the Aerocruz compilation – but hey, that was a real head-bob friendly tune… Chromosome is Anders Nilsson from Sweden who also has a long list of aliases and tons of releases under his belt… This track is pretty neat and full of joy… The drug sample seems oddly out of place though, but besides from that, this is basically run-of-the-mill progressive trance… Smooth, crispy and well-polished without going down in history… I kinda like the high-pitched melodies, but it’s not enough to grant this stand-out status…

#04: Side A – Altered Ego [138 BPM]
The tracks I’ve heard with Frenchman Olivier Cambier in cahoots with Vincent Courcot (Tetraktys/Motion) have been sweet, but on his own I’ve been easily bored with Side A stuff… Luckily that’s about to change, coz this is a very interesting tune… The grim, horid intro sets the eerie, nocturnal mood and soon the track is in full FX… Darkish, yet melodic progressive trance with huge pads and frequent little sound explosions… Hell yeah, it was about time Olivier – this is the best track I’ve heard from Side A and easily the best track off this compilation thus far…

#05: Liquid Soul – Colours [135 BPM]
Nicola Capobianco a.k.a. DJ Loudness (member of Earsugar) has made some real sweet compilation tracks in recent years, and this hard-hitting dancefloor stomper is no exception… This is pounding, playful and well-produced progressive trance… Very dancefloor friendly with its huge, reverb pads and psychedelic tweaks… Now there’s a combo I can embrace – this is s brilliant tune!

#06: Sonnenvakuum – Rejected [140 BPM]
Sonnenvakuum consists of Daniel Mueller and Ueli Schill (aka. Dustbuster, Sonic Cube and Sonic Soul) and these guys also have a ton of releases under their belt… The intro here is definitely the best on this compilation and the track itself, is pretty damn solid too… We’re definitely in a party mood now as this is the fastest track here… It’s melodic, it’s groovy, and it’s fast-paced… And if it wasn’t for the slightly cheesy tendencies and lame voice samples I would have loved this… What a shame! It still has some really nice passages though…

#07: Sun Control Species – Interactive [138 BPM]
I’ve never been a big fan of Aussie producer Andrew Davidson’s work, but that’s about to change after this track… This is huuuuuuge! Oh yes, this is very Australian-sounding progressive trance with long, floating pads soaked in reverb and seasoned with tasty, tight percussion… The drum programming is absolutely wonderful here and this track is destined to tear up the summer festival dancefloors… I even like the children’s choir samples – it adds to the euphoric-yet-not-cheesy atmosphere… Awesome! Bring on the album Iboga!

#08: BLT & DJ Nadi – Space Boogie (Aerospace Rmx) [136 BPM]
Space Boogie by BLT & DJ Nadi has been released a number of times since its initial release in 2000 – and here’s the remix by Aerospace (Guy Youngman who used to be in Evil Drug Lords). I do prefer the original, but this is not a bad remix… As the original it’s somewhere in between progressive trance and melodic morning trance – a hybrid… It’s cute, cuddly and very well-produced, but still it’s nothing to get overly excited about… But I’m sure it will come in very handy as a DJ tool for those crossover moments…

#09: Morax – At First Sight [136 BPM]
Michael Reznik from Israel has proved to be able to produce both hard-hitting as well as fluffy progressive trance… And I’m happy to say that this is more hard-hitting than fluffy… The beats are deep and pounding and they are a nice contrast to the fluffy, feather-light floating melodic pads… There’s also a couple of cool off-key percussion tricks + some electro action going on which makes this track very likeable, without being fantastic… But definitely a nice track to end the compilation!

Just as Posse, this is a pretty nice compilation… There are a couple of tracks that doesn’t really do much for me, but at the same time there’s a lot of really nice tracks – especially the middle part of the compilation has some real gems… Not as good as Plusquam’s Kodama or Iboga’s Hibernation, but we’re damn close… It works great for home-listening and I’m sure DJs will have a field day with it too!

There’s a really hot chick in the cover!! And that’s not the only cool thing about the booklet – it has extensive info + photos of all artists and it really feels like you get your money’s worth with a phat booklet like that… Sweet!

All in all, this is pretty sweet compilation and DJ Huda-G has a fine ear for dancefloor stompers… Domo fans will definitely take well to this and fans of plush progressive trance with a pinch of edge will most likely dig it too… Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 4(!), 5(!), 6, 7(!), 9


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