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As it has been previously announced, the first compilation of the brand new french label Hadra Productions, "Hadracadabra", is now on sale ! (Since the 22nd November 2004 !)
This CD gathers not only some of the best actual PsyTrance artists, but also some new projects made by promising artists. Most of them, who have performed on Hadra parties these past 3 years, have composed a track each, especially for the compilation. Here is a review of these tracks :

1. Rinkadink - You are not who you are (8'18)
A weird track in the pure Rinkadink style.
Great and calm intro, which activates after 50 seconds. Then an excellent break, bringing us to the real identity of the track, with an apogee near -7’ (in remaining time) : a very clean kick, an amazing dynamic, a bass line that rocks.
First big break at -6’09, then a cool one-minute take-off, with a big ascension. At this moment, you think it gonna explode right now, but it’s too early yet… Wonderful moment of pure bass line, with the "You are not who you are" progressively coming ; another break, then restart on a clean and very lively bass line, in complete variation.
Rinkadink-owned samples are back, with a break at about -3’55, during 30 seconds, then groovy restart like the beginning of the track. It’s lunacy, a powered kick, then a break to slightly go down, with the fatal crescendos and amazing breaks of the artists. The last crescendo (-0’26) tells that’s the end, yet and still with this very dynamic bass line, this big kick and all the best samples of “master Rinkadink†!
Very dancefloor-based, quite difficult to mix, despite of the long go down at the end. Assuredly the best track of the compilation for many people. How good it starts !
Mark : 9.5 / 10 :wub:

2. Triskell - Hyperflux (8'19)
Pure Triskell sound ; darker than the previous track. It starts after a quite-short intro (30’’).
Very interesting bass line, not many samples at the beginning, but present anyway.
-6’57 : first significant break, indicating the end of the beginning and the real enter into the track, with wonderful sounds which reply themselves during nearly 2’.
-5’11 : break, and a slow-gliding crescendo during 20’’, an enchanting feminine voice inviting us to escape, until the -4-minute cut. Restart about -3’45, with a transitional phase, very rhythmical.
-2’53 : Excellent sonority, the female voice goes background, to remain on trip.
-2’26 : a break on 32 kicks, calm and preparing the restart for the last part of the track. The bass line is very changing, and the samples are quite dark at the end. Real slow down about –0’53 (for the DJs :Wink3: ).
In brief, a darker but quite gliding track, which offers a mental trip, while remaining very rhythmical.
Mark : 8.5 / 10 :wub:

3. Hyper Frequencies - LSI (8'17)

Very original track from Gill, with an intro with French lyrics ! Quite weird samples, and a very groovy start. It seems to have some live samples, but is it real…who knows.
Break with the “LSIâ€, then the “official†rolling bass line of the track appears. Even if it is darker than the two previous ones, the track takes back its jerky rhythm about -5’40. Then, a transitional phase leads to a cut of the bass line near -4’35. Cut, and restart like the intro near -4’20. “LSI†slowly appears, with a crescendo until -3’29 (kicks back), and real ascension with jerky lows about -3’. Break, and restart with a rolling bass line. This track is a perpetual alternation between rolling and groovy and jerky bass lines. Now it’s the festival of all aliens and plastic samples, with regular breaks. Following its well-leaded breaks, we’re slowly approaching the end of the track, which take back again its non-quiet look (-0’50), to progressively end on “LSI†in echo, which keep all its promises.
Mark : 7 / 10 :jump:

4. Jahbo vs Shotu Feat. Suddha - Blabla (8'07)
Dark track above all else, which doesn’t make details and launching directly in the battle (-8’01) !
“Oh, come on !†Real incitement to dance, this sample works with the huge very rhythmical bass line ! Metallic and plastic samples here, this track breaks everything on its way, until leaving a breathing space (-5’42)…with a nearly immediate restart with very distorted and aggressive sounds.
The hearing space is full (-4’), where vocal samples are numerous, lovely alternating with the piercing sounds of the track. Then, the bass line changes (-3’), but the track follows its frenzied rhythm, until a significant break at -2’13. The atmosphere is full but gliding, and restarts at -1’50. The end of the track arrives, last great appear of the powered samples and the pulsating bass line. Designed for the purists, but the others would appreciate anyway.
Mark : 6 / 10 :badger:

5. Digital Talk vs Triskell - Dream Scratcher (7'19)
After the #2, Triskell is back with Digital Talk.
Real start after 20 seconds of intro, the powered kick and the marvellous bass line of Triskell arrives. The two mates treat us with their various breaks and their well-designed samples. The track works definitely good, until -4’46, a slightly gliding and frightening break, with a non-reassuring scream of a girl. The restart is immediate (-4’20) with a bass line which changes but rolls good and makes us escape. Various samples are here, the hearing space is filling itself pleasantly, but gives us the sensation of an oppression. It seems to slightly go down at -3’, but it’s only an “illusionâ€, as the sample seems to tell us. So, it restarts the same, with not so numerous but very pleasant and dynamic breaks. Dancing hard until the end, like a challenge, as the music seems eternal. Nevertheless, the end seems to come at -1’. The track gives us its last assets before vanishing…
Mark : 8 / 10 :wub:

6. Absolum - Hadracadabra (7'35)
The track which obviously gave its name to the compilation.
A pretty short intro, on a crescendo, an explosion and it starts (-7’08). The bass line works good, the kick is hard, but the sound is vanishing…As if it wasn’t enough, Christof put it back again, with an explosive break which restarts immediately (-6’41) ! The sound goes on, but the regular breaks of master Christof, which don’t disturb at any moment the pace of the track, are so varied and powerful that they definitely make us being in top form for this really dark full-on track.
Big break at -4’30, during 30’’. The bass line comes back, the kick is progressively back again, and restart ! Real first apogee following a well-placed break (-3’09), we’re on the road again with the head full of various sonorities, really dark and aggressive, but very clean at the same time.
New “stereo†break at -2’15… but we know now the talent of Absolum to get us progressively back into the saddle, in order to slowly lead us to the beginning of the end (-1’22). Last bass line at 0’55, the end is so powerful that we wonder whether it can stop like that… We regret it at -0’30…
In brief, a good track from Absolum which will delight his fans, and will assuredly cover any dance floor !
Mark : 7.5 / 10 :badger:

7. Hergma - Mali (7'04)
Third apparition for Triskell, who moves aside with pleasure to leave Mr. Driss and Gaelan a clear field.
A thirty-second intro, then start on a real Triskell bass line with mysterious and very original sonorities. First significant break (-4’33) subsiding, clearing the whole previous construction, but quickly reconstructing on something very efficient and lively (-4’16 to -3’49) !
Original and well-located break at -2’52 with an excellent vocal intervention (a kind of E.T., which personally reminds me a Star Wars movie), announcing a very dynamic restart (-2’42) with a great apogee (-2’15 to -1’08). The track calmly ends on the outstanding samples of the track.
A very full-on track that gives all it can with gallantry ; we didn’t expect anything else from its genitors !
Mark : 7.5 / 10 :jump:

8. Rastaliens - Metamorphosis (7'48)
A quite short intro (27’’) which directly moves on “fire†a bass line, going very fast ! The technical mastering (made on the whole compilation by Johannes aka Silicon Sound), not as excellent as on the other tracks, has a tendency to hide a few sonorities sometimes. A little uncomfortable, but not too much when you see the quality of the track, with enormous samples (-5’48) and very hard kick.
We’re changing course at -4’42 with an excellent pad, that tunes very well with the present bass line. The pitch seems to raise, at least it becomes more serious… Jerky breaks are linking together, all the marvellous pads are succeeding and superposing one another in a real natural way.
At this moment, we believe we’ve heard, understood the whole track and Rastaliens music. But, after a not-too-long and not-too-short break (-2’30) comes THE pad which reconciles dark and full-on fans ! Alone first, this pads is then accompanies with all the best breaks, crescendos and eye-catching samples from the duo. The apogee ends at -0’57 and the track progressively finish delighting us…
In brief, an excellent track, very well-built, which gives us the desire and the need for hearing fresh sound, especially from this group in constant progress, who performs very well.
Mark : 9 / 10 :wub:

9. Tiya - Relax (8'38)
To end this compilation, Tiya and Christof have especially concocted this ambient track…
The intro leave the place to a little dialog, very soothing. Then, it moves on a sweet warm atmosphere, leading us to a pleasant trip. -5’26, the rhythm, calm but beating regularly, sets up little by little, as to keep us a little attentive and awake… At -3’18, an excellent pad come on the foreground, with soothing voices and a discrete but efficient lead, which achieve to bring us in transport of delight. The track let us see its last facet at -1’10, to make us arrive safe and sound.
Indeed, Tiya achieve his (the project) aim of relaxing the listeners in only a few minutes, but did we really have a doubt about it ?
Mark : 7.5 / 10 :rolleyes:

(Average mark : 7.83)
An excellent compilation with some top artists and other emerging ones. One of the best releases of this end of the year !
I really hope that you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as me ! :Wink3:

Thank you for paying attention to my review, which is my first in English (not my native language). I hope it will satisfy you and I am waiting for your constructive remarks, on the CD and maybe on my review too. :Wink3:
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nice reviews guys!
now thats a fat release!
big up to the hadra crew for pulling this one out!
for sure some arse-shaking frequencies in this compilation!

special mention to Shotu, Suddha and Hergma who released their first productions with talent! watch out for these guys, its only the beggining!

my favourites:

Rinkadink - you are not who you are, like ANY rinkadink tune, I dig!

Triskel vs Digital talk - Dream scratcher, not usually a fan of digital talk but after listening to it a couple of times, this one is really coming out of the selection! wao! what an amazing mixture, not too hard but well enough to set up the atmosphere, very groovy puntuated with some powerfull acid waves! propr brain bubbles! when these two meet, the cocktail is explosive!

Absolum - Hadracadabra, no comment on this!!!!!!!! where are my stomping shoes! bloody hell thats P.H.A.T!!!!!

cant wait for the follow up!
can recommend this, exactly what ive been looking for in psy at the moment!
high quality throughout, rolling and interesting, big bass and nice melodies

highlight: (but there are no duff tracks!)
Triskel vs Digital talk - good stuff! am a fan of digital talk so this is right up my street!

thanku hadra :Smile3:

*runs off with nick to find a big rig*