V/A - Infinity (Liquid & Solid Records 2005) CD


V/A - Infinity

Artist: Various
Title: Infinity
Format: CD
Label: Liquid & Solid Records (Serbia)
Cat. #: LSD 002
Distribution: Samsara
Date: 12 December 2005

Track listing:

01. 03’48†Magnetik – Overture To Infinity
02. 08’24†Pion - Beta
03. 09’04†Dickster vs. Annarchy – On The Hunt
04. 08’45†Wizzy Noise – Mind Scanner
05. 07’29†Manibus – Liquid Eyes
06. 07’18†Orion – Late Night Exposure
07. 08’43†Altöm vs. Wizzy Noise – Fifty-Fifty
08. 07’48†Polaris – Circles Rmx
09. 08’00†Vector – Daily Flame
10. 08’29†Manifest – A Day After


Liquid and somewhat solid!

Liquid & Solid Records is something as rare, as a psytrance label from Serbia… Managed by DJ Stomas, this label made a surprisingly strong entrance into the scene with the first release – the compilation Alfa released in late 2003… Two years later, the second compilation Infinity is ready – again featuring an impressive range of well-established names + a bunch of new-comers…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Magnetik – Overture To Infinity
Serbian downtempo producer Filip Nikolaevic (aka. Biolab) starts the compilation with nothing less than a gorgeous piece of majestic, classical, tranced-up music… It’s a mix of ancient Elvish choral work with huge melodic pads… A stunning intro!

#02: Pion – Beta
I have no info on Pion – other than it’s a producer from Serbia called Dovla… The track itself is undoubtedly progressive morning trance… Bubbling with joy and constantly building… The groove is evident, and this would work perfectly in a progressive morning set… Nice track!

#03: Dickster vs. Annarchy – On The Hunt
Legendary producer and green nun Richard Trevor is once again in cahoots with Anna Hefetz… I really liked their remix on the UK Trance compilation released by Transient in 2004, so I hope this track will be up to par with that… And yeah, this is definitely up to par with that remix – even better! I really like the smooth, digitally liquefied groove in this spacey tune… Uplifting morning trance – with enough psytrance elements to keep the underground satisfied… Those druggy samples might seem cheesy on paper, but in reality they work nicely… A quite simple track really, but yet so effective… Best tune so far! ;o)

#04: Wizzy Noise – Mind Scanner
Micky & Uriel from Greece shouldn’t need any further introduction… I’ve been a fan since their first album, and I’m happy that they keep up their high quality level in everything they do… After a lengthy, atmospheric intro the track itself starts… Remind me a little of Tegma with its blend of melodic psytrance with a pinch of tech-trance… Add those notorious Wizzy tweaks and turns, and you’ve got a very danceable hybrid track… Pretty nice but nothing groundbreaking here…

#05: Manibus – Liquid Eyes
“I want her under 24 hour observation. I want a complete set of blood work. Chemical and electrolyte analysis by the end of the day! Sir, advanced reflex testing is also a priority. Electrical impulses monitored…Sir! My name is Alice and I remember everything!†Nikola Vujnovic from Serbia released his debut album on AMZ Records in 2003 + released his second album under his Prosper alias on ZMA in 2004… This is a slightly darker track than its predecessors, and I really like it’s bleak, metallic edge… TekKy yes, but still with enough melodic substance to keep me interested… Nice track!

#06: Orion – Late Night Exposure
Jean Borelli is another legendary producer from the goa heydays who’s still active… He’s been in the game longer than anyone cares to remember, and he sure hasn’t lost his touch. This is basically full-on – but not nearly as boring and predictable as you might have feared… But still, we’re nowhere near the complexity of Borelli’s older work… For a full-on tune though, this isn’t half-bad… An ‘ok’ track…

#07: Altöm vs. Wizzy Noise – Fifty-Fifty
Alexis Cornet & Thomas Dubreuil teams up with the Wizzy boys – on this aptly named tune… Much faster than the previous track this starts with a massive full-on Altöm influence, whereas the Wizzy presence is felt mostly towards the second half of the track…A track that perfectly blends two very different styles – in the same track… How cool is that concept? Nice idea and a pretty nice track – especially the Wizzy Noise half!

#08: Polaris – Circles Rmx
Arnauld Stengel gives us a remix to the track which was first released on the Holographic Memory 2 compilation from 2003… I’m not really a Polaris fan, so I haven’t heard the original… Anyway, this is pretty standard full-on trance… Uplifting and fluffy trance best enjoyed in the mornings… I’m afraid this is a little formulated and yeah, boring, for my taste… Nothing new under the sun here…

#09: Vector – Daily Flame
Vector is the solo-project of some Serbian dude called DJ Buca… And he gives us another full-on morning tune, though this one is slightly more ‘banging’ than the Polaris track… Still, there is nothing here we haven’t heard so numerous times before… I do like the liquid bubbling FX here though – and the rhythm sections has it’s moments, but that’s still not enough to lift the track above a mediocre position I’m afraid… Decent track!

#10: Manifest – A Day After
“Something for your mind, body and soul!†Manifest is Dovla (Pion) and Toca (Alternative Control) working together… And finally we get a little edge! Yeah, this must be the oddball track of the compilation, which dares to steer a little off the beaten path, which is always very welcomed with me! The intro is long, murky and experimental… The bassline starts out pretty standard, but is soon tweaked into something more interesting… We’re still within morning trance, but there’s loads of experimentation going on… Nice way to end the compilation – this is the best track here!

Liquid? … Yes! Solid? Well, the first half of this compilation is pretty solid… I’ll give you that much! I’m not a full-on buff… At all! So, I’m not too happy with the fluffy, cheesy tracks here… Luckily there’s not too many of them and I guess they are outweighed by the edgier, more interesting tracks here… That being said, I could still have wished for some more edge here – more tracks like the last experimental one, which is really good!

The bottom line is, that we get a handful of pretty nice tracks here… Nothing too ground-breaking or revolutionary, but still – some pretty decent tunes which I’m sure will gain a large audience within the vast pool or morning trance fans… Purists, night crawlers and space cadets should probably listen before purchase though… Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10(!)


External links:
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