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"V.A. - Influx Visions" (ODD Records) [ODDCD-01] -

Duniya May 24, 2004

  1. Duniya

    Duniya Junior Members

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    hello my friends.

    This is the first compilation from the new Portuguese label ODD Records.
    the cd introduces 9 exclusive tracks from very good and fresh artists
    bringing the latest and new hits of our market nowadays
    A great production featuring tracks by artists coming
    from some of the biggest scenes in the world like Israel, South Africa and Portugal
    The compilation Influx Visions is a must for all Djs, with power and groovy tracks for the dancefloor
    compiled by the odd records crew with a straight music selection the result is a endless journey between magical synths and wild rythms.

    All trax are new and unreleased and have been tested in diferent dancefloors
    all over the world and specially in Portugal...the effect on the dancefloor??well..
    Prepare yourself to get an ODD Feeling...


    01 . Beat Hackers - 70 s Solo [ 146 ]
    (written and produced by Guy Peled and Miki Bibas)
    02 . Protoculture - Neuro Pop [ 142 ]
    (written and produced by Nate)
    03 . Fatali - More [ 145 ]
    (written and produced by Eitan Carmi)
    04 . Beat hackers - Game Over (Bizzare Contact rmx) [ 144 ]
    (written and produced by Kfir lankry and Didy ezra)
    05 . Electro Sun vs Quantic Fusion - Enigmatic [ 143 ]
    (written and produced by Nadav Elakayam, Duniya and Gunthi)
    06 . Menog - Odd Sensations [ 145 ]
    (written and produced by Dani)
    07 . Bizzare Contact - Frequencies (Vibe Tribe rmx) [ 145 ]
    (written and produced by Elmar and Stas)
    08 . Electro Sun - Move on [ 145 ]
    (written and produced by Nadav Elakayam)
    09 . Quick Sand - Way out [ 100 ]
    (written and produced by Guy Peled)

    If you want to hear the samples of these tracks just click in the followed links:

    01 .
    02 .
    03 .
    04 .
    05 .
    06 .
    07 .
    08 .
    09 .

    Art Work(Cover CD) Link
    Cover Design by "Woutski" aka "Zen Mechanics"

    Short Review

    01 . This track has really good synths that reminds me infected but adapted to beat hackers way with sounds full of effects. clean bassline with good percurssion, works great on the dancefloor.
    02 . If you enjoyed the protoculture album you won't be ready for this because its one of his best, a track with a lot of feeling that makes the sun come out where ever it's played
    03 . Eitan Carmi the rising star of Alchemy and B.N.E. Records colaborates with us and presents here something that makes you wish for More..
    04 . kfir and didy ,two of the artists of the new israeli breed, with their first remix to be released, this one will make you crazy on the dancefloor
    05 . a strong and inteligent colaboration between nadav(Electro Sun) and the new portuguese morning full on project Quantic Fusion (nuno and gonçalo), emotional and powerfull stuff
    06 . wild synths and inteligent production by one of the best portuguese producers
    07 . Stas and Elmar made a rmx for the dancefloor to one of the tracks of the year , a stomper that will rock everywhere
    08 . Again Nadav , the youngest start in Trancelucent Productions, that releases with us a teaser for his upcoming album , the new israeli breed is here to stay
    09 . to finish this trip... you got to relax a bit. Amazing ethnic sounds to get in a higher dimension...

    Release Date : End of May 2004

    Distribution By Psyshop.com and more soon(we update you soon for more companies that will distribute this cd)

    For promotional copies or bookings, please contact us directly.

    Link: http://www.odd-records.com (soon the webpage will be up with everything)
    Email: info@odd-records.com
    bookings: booking@odd-records.com

    Stay tuned for more news!

    ODD Records Crew.


    Coming soon - ODD Records Debut Compilation
    VA-Influx Visions(ODDCD01)
  2. D.vision

    D.vision Junior Members

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    "V.A. - Influx Visions" (ODD Records) [ODDCD-0

    nothing more to be said...
    a beauty
  3. Geoff3

    Geoff3 Direct DJ

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    Like the Samples on Beat Hackers, Protoculture, Fatali, Happy kit!! Good for Sunny Smiley Dayz. :Grin:
  4. mullett

    mullett Junior Members

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    west london
    been look out for this one there are some great acts on there
    is this anew label have not heard of them before :no:
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