V/A - Inner Circle (Tribal Vision 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Inner Circle


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Artist: Various
Title: Inner Circle
Format: CD (jewel case w/ 12 p. colour booklet + DJ case insert)
Label: Tribal Vision Records (Czech Republic)
Cat. #: TVRCD003
Distribution: Psyshop.net
Date: 09 September 2005

Track listing:

01. 02’07†Mladen Glavinic - Intro
02. 08’09†Beat Bizarre – Corrosive Juices (Shaman Remix)
03. 09’23†POTS – Pole Position Club
04. 09’11†Parrket – Science In My Mind
05. 07’38†Kalimax - Demons
06. 09’42†Prosect - Sonified
07. 08’32†NASA – Sloppy Noodle
08. 08’43†Human Blue - Screwdriver
09. 06’39†Etnoscope – Fast Licking
10. 08’04†Tegma – No Time



Tribal Vision Records is out with their third compilation – as always it’s compiled by the label bosses Slater & Schwa, so we’re in good hands here… I was utterly impressed by their last compilation Lime Light which was released in April 2005… That was one funky, proggy cross-over bonanza with a high percentage of great tracks… This one is supposed to be a little darker, and once again I’m impressed just by looking at the track-list here… Let’s find out what the Czechs have cooked up for us this time….

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Mladen Glavinic – Intro [110 BPM]
This compilation is launched into orbit, by an emotional piece by Mladen Glavinic from Zagreb… This is the name of the Croatian producer behind the Parrket act – and he’s got a full track under that alias later on this compilation… This short track is spacey, melodic fusion trance… Interesting, but way to short….

#02: Beat Bizarre – Corrosive Juices (Shaman Remix) [136 BPM]
Here we get a remix of one of the classic tracks from the Beat Bizarre album Pandoras Groove Box released in 2004 on Iboga Records… It’s reworked by the Swedish producer Andreas Henning under his Shaman moniker… The raw, corroded Beat Bizarre edge from the original is very much intact but Shaman adds a smoother, more straight-forward flavour to his remix… Floating, driving and with a very dancefloor friendly rhythm-section… But it seems to me as something is missing here… Some action perhaps? This is not a bad track, but I prefer the original…

#03: POTS – Pole Position Club [136 BPM]
German producers Thomas Wilhelmy & Joachim Luthje have been part of the progressive scene since it took of right around the millennium, but it’s been a while since I’ve heard new stuff from them… But their second album is due for release on Tribal Vision, and this track is a taste of what we can expect… This is comfortable progressive trance – crossing well over into plain psytrance… Yeah, I like hybrid-stuff like this… Gone are the grim, minimal outbursts from 4 years ago, and we’re left with rich, funky, psychedelic proggy trance… With a darkish edge! Brilliant!

#04: Parrket – Science In My Mind [134 BPM]
Mladen Glavinic from Croatia is back with a full track – I kinda liked his track on the Candyflip compilation Levitation released a couple of months back… That was crisp, laid-back, progressive trance… This however, is a little darker – as keeping with the theme of this compilation… But it’s still very much Parrket… After a breezy intro that lasts a little over a minute, we’re treated to a crisp, funky, bouncing progressive number – cruising at a comfortable 134 beats per minute… Very dancefloor and head-bob friendly… I like the little stereo-experiments and the pitched-up voice-samples… Sounds very futuristic! A classy track, with moments that are on the verge of being too clubby though… Borderline stuff, but good borderline stuff!

#05: Kalimax – Demons [140 BPM]
To my knowledge, this is the debut release from these Swedish producers…Magnus Forsberg is one of the leading forces behind the mandarin.nu portal and Thomas Comanti (DJ Faceless) is one half of the Moonflower Productions label… This is very much uplifting, futuristic progressive trance – of epic proportions… The vast, melodic pads are endlessly deep and the overall feeling I get from listening to this is… Fluff! Sorry, this is a bit to joyous for my taste – and the name is misleading to say the least… Don’t get me wrong, this is all very nice and well-polished… But there is nothing demonic about this… More edge please! In all fairness I must say the second half of the track has some pretty neat moments – reminds me of Antix with a pinch of electro… But still – only a decent track IMO…

#06: Prosect – Sonified [138 BPM]
“It begins very simply, it begins with a house!†Ahh – much better now! Andy Yakovlev is a Ukrainian-born, Israeli-based producer on the rise… And this is one hell of a cracking track – a fusion of all kinds of musical styles, within a progressive framework… I really like how this track fusions progressive trance, psytrance and technoid influences… Very edgy – just the way I like it! That break + climax part @ 5’10 is nothing short of perfection… Holy shit, that one is guaranteed to cause havoc on the dancefloor… I simply adore those tribal steel drums – all in all the rhythm section impress me here… Kick-ass track and one of my fav’es on this compilation!

#07: NASA – Sloppy Noodle [137 BPM]
NASA is Mikkel Rasmussen (one half of Gnome Effect) from Denmark, and he has also been in the game since minimal was tha main thang… And the minimal roots are very much present in this track, though this can’t really be described as minimal trance… It’s more like deep progressive trance with a crisp bassline and trippy little FX… Not as funky as the NASA track on the Posse compilation released on Domo Records earlier this summer… This is very tight and with a digital-slash-tribal feel to it… Hard-hitting and trance-inducing… Something to be played during the darker hours of a tight, progressive set… Tasty!

#08: Human Blue – Screwdriver [140 BPM]
Human Blue is Dag Wallin from Gothenburg, Sweden – a very influential, experienced producer with an impressive roster of releases: 4 albums, 10 x 12†and 60 (sixty!) compilation tracks! This is pretty much the style you’d expect from Human Blue – uplifting, yet edgy progressive trance… The real gem of this track is the drum-programming with is something close to perfection… Reminds me of older Electric Universe – so fucking groovy! I can’t make out the words of the Swedish voice sample here, but apparently it’s from a 1960s instructional video about how to handle colour TVs… Haha! Funny shit! This is a brilliant, epic track – with enough edge to keep me happy! Sweet!

#09: Etnoscope – Fast Licking [142 BPM]
We stay in Sweden with a track by another legendary act – the percussion people from Etnoscope (Martin Colin, Rasmus Alanne & Ludwig Engelbert)…Their debut album Drums From The Dawn Of Time (Digital Structures 2003) is legendary and rumour has it that they are working on a follow-up… Cool! As you might have guessed by now, this is a percussion-driven progressive rhythm-bomb… Drums are everywhere! Mixed with a good portion of nightly, half-melodic trance – a joyous etno-tribal crowd-pleaser! We’ve got a winner! I’ll never get tired of this kind of music… Yummy!

#10: Tegma – No Time [140 BPM]
And blimey, more Swedish progressive royalty here… Omar Chelly & Jason Orfanidis released their second album 002: Avant.Garde on Candyflip earlier this year, and that album still rocks the hell out of my living room in all its funky hybrid-glory… One of the best albums of 2005 for sure! And I’m happy to say, that this track is just as good as what was on the album… Progressive trance mixed with psytrance, electro, acid stabs, teKkno, trance and house - A true hybrid-track if there ever was one! … So fucking energetic, so uplifting, so daring, so evolving… So amazing! The perfect way to end this compilation!

Well, I’ll be damned if the Tribal Vision guys haven’t gone and done it again… Released another benchmark compilation of hi-quality music… There are a couple of tracks that doesn’t really do much for me – and track #5 is a total miss for me… But luckily the less-good tracks are by far outweighed by the large amount of brilliant tracks here… I’m really impressed – especially by the last half of this compilation… It is one kick-ass track after another – made by some of the heavy-weights of the genre… Hats of to Slater & Schwa for keeping such a high quality level!

Again the artwork is simply stunning here… I really like the extensive booklet with info on all artists… The artwork by Quapim is among the best I’ve ever seen… Very classy – somewhere in between H.R. Giger and Terry Gilliam stylewise… Also the easy-rip DJ case insert will come in handy for the DJs out there… All in all a very impressive compilation… Darker than Lime Light, but equally good… Recommended to all fans of progressive trance with diverse cross-over influences! Enjoy!

Favourites: 3, 6(!!), 7, 8, 9(!), 10(!!)


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