V/A - Inspirazzia


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A - Inspirazzia


Artist: Various
Title: Inspirazzia
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: VP Records (Domo Label Group)
Cat. #: VIPICD001
Distribution: Sigomus Distribution
Date: 21 Jan 2005

Track listing:

01. 08’37†Igal M. – Fall In Green
02. 09’13†D-Sens – What You Want
03. 09’24†André Absolut – Elevent 1
04. 07’12†Qualia - Feedback
05. 09’06†Vision & Canedy - Insane
06. 08’25†V-Tunes - Girl
07. 07’48†Sweat Attack vs. Klangstrahler – What Can I Say
08. 06’23†Feuerhake & Okay – Move The Signal
09. 09’36†Homer & Lazon – To The Unknown


A funky, groove-ridden cross-over bonanza… Can you dig it?

VP Records is a new label on the scene – adopted by the Domo label group… VP is short for Very Progressive and that is an aptly named label if I ever saw one… I mean, just take a look at the tracklist! And as the cover clearly states, this debut release is compiled by none other than DJ Zombi – the progressive top dog of Israel… Yeah, this should be interesting – let’s find out!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Igal M. – Fall In Green
Mr. Igal Magitman is from Israel and this is his first ever released track… But don’t let that throw you off – this is high quality progressive trance… Semi-fast, pumping, driving and knee-deep! I dig the mixture of edgy progressive trance, house and the more melodic and electronic influences… There are distinct Balearic-epic qualities here… Nice track!

#02: D-Sens – What You Want
D-Sens is Matthieu Delepau from the French Sub Machine crew… He’s a member of Luna Spice and Cosmosquad - and D-Sens is his solo project… The intro is very cool here… Some Asian chick is repeating an undecipherable word – bouncing back and forth between the left and right channel of your speakers… Ah, I love trickery like that… The percussion is in focus here, but we’re also treated to some synth action… Somehow this is just a little too anonymous and housey I think… I could’ve wished for more edge here… It’s nice, but nothing more…

#03: André Absolut – Elevent 1
André Absolut from Switzerland is well-known and respected progressive/tech house producer and DJ… He’s released two 12â€s and several remixes within the last few years… This is my first encounter with his music, so I can’t tell whether this is his usual style… Anyway, this here is a pretty gloomy/dark tune… Sharp, metallic beats and stiff kicks – with plenty of aggressive hisses thrown in just to freak you out… My kind of music! Deep, dark, monotonous tech house… Brilliant!

#04: Qualia – Feedback
Qualia are Alan Rapoza & Maja Gabar from Slovenia. This duo has had a few tracks and a 12†released already – and you might already know the track ‘Plasma’ or the ‘Freshwater Rmx’ of the same tune… This is new however – a fast, uplifting, extremely danceable tune… Again the epic-like qualities are obvious and I’m certain this will be popular on the progressive dance floors… I have to restrain myself from bopping my head and wiggling my ass when listening to the best pads in this track… And that’s about the best damn recommendation I can give a track! Nicey nice!

#05: Vision & Canedy – Insane
Marc Wollenschein & Marco Mellmann aka. Vision & Canedy should be a familiar duo to most fans of progressive trance… They released their excellent debut album Another Life on Hadshot Haheizar in 2004 as well as two 12â€s on Avalanche Records and Plusquam Records + several tracks on compilations… Anyway, this strays a little from the usual V&C path… Just a little though… Though still tribal, this also has melodies and subtle female voice samples… All creating another track of epic, Balearic decent… Nice track, but I have to admit I expected more from these guys…

#06: V-Tunes – Girl
V-Tunes are Sandro Kulka & Hans Muster from Switzerland… They had a track on the successful compilation The Swiss Connection put out by Domo Records in 2004 and a track on the Groove Zone Records compilation Back To The Future released in 2005… As on BTTF this track is on the trancier side of progressive house and has more edge than some of the previous tracks… I like edge – especially a subtle psy-trance edge as here… It’s just small hints, but it works… I dig this girl!

#07: Sweat Attack vs. Klangstrahler – What Can I Say
This track was already released as a Domo Records 12†last year – and gained support from big shot DJs as James Monro, etc… This is the first time on CD though – and this is a slightly different version… Sweat Attack is Gero Bode from Germany – and he also compiled this CD… Klangstrahler is Okay Candan also from Germany, and it’s been a long time since the last time I heard new stuff from him… But it was definitely worth the wait! I’m very, very impressed by this track… After the initial build-up it soon develops into a phat, phunky and sexylicious guitar-choon… From 4’20 and onwards it’s pure groove-a-delic overdrive… Sweet!

#08: Feuerhake & Okay – Move The Signal
Stefan Feuerhake has been in the game for years, releasing stuff primarily on Free Form… But this is his first release in 2½ years! Welcome back Stefan! Okay is Mr. Candan again… I think he’s a guitar-buff ‘cause we get more guitars here – mixed into a fair dose of progressive morning trance with housey elements… Nice drive in this track… Scores high on the funky groove-meter… Steamy hot!

#09: Homer & Lazon – To The Unknown
Omar Chelly & Jason Orfanidis from Sweden are better known under their psytrance moniker Tegma… They released their debut album Encoded / Decoded on Digital Structures in 2002… And when they produce music under the Homer & Lazon alias they cannot hide their trancy heritage… This is the hardest track here without any doubt – and also the one with the most psytrance elements… Floating rich melodic pads mated with complex percussion-driven progressive soundscapes… A massive track – indeed a worthy ending to this compilation…

This is one solid collection of tunes – will work wonders both at home, on the beach and on the dancefloor… Hats off to Zombi! I like it – I like it a lot… And I’m looking forward to future releases bearing your stamp of quality music… I’m not too impressed with the cover though – it’s a bit… I dunno… Tacky perhaps!? Nice girl and all, but the cover takes some getting used too… But hey, the cover is not what’s important…

An important aspect of VP Record’s philosophy is trying not to label the music they release… It’s all just good music breaking boundaries… As such the cross-over potential is huge and this omnium gatherum will appeal to a large crowd I’m sure… This is already the second great progressive trance compilation of 2005 – and hopefully we’ll see loads more… I’ve got high hopes for the future of this kind of music… Recommended for any fan of groovy, funky electronic music! Enjoy!

Favourites: 3, 4(!), 6, 7(!), 8, 9


External links:
Sigomus: http://www.sigomus.com
Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/vpr/vpr1cd001.html
Saiko Sounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=4588
Chaos Unlimited: http://www.chaosunlimited.co.uk/cgi-bin/product.asp?LR=VIPICD01
Trance Shop: http://www.trance-shop.com/de/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4411


Time to prime..
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I love it! It looks more interesting now it's had the touch of Death!

Allways grateful for your reviews bro...



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Leipzig, Germany
Another review for this one - man, this CD fucking rocks.


Artist: Various
Album: Inspirazzia
Label: VP Records
Genre: Progressive Trance
Year: Jan. 2005

01. Igal M. – Fall in Green
02. D-Sens – What You Want
03. Andre Absolut – Elevent 1
04. Qualia - Feedback
05. Vision & Canedy – Insane
06. V-Tunes – Girl
07. Sweat Attack vs. Klangstrahler – What Can I Say
08. Feuerhake & Okay – Move the Signal
09. Homer & Lazon – To the Unknown

VP Records is the new deep progressive & tribal branch of the German/Israeli Domo Label Group. Headed by Israeli progressive maestro DJ Zombi, VP promises to showcase the grooviest of tribal progressive in Zombi’s unique vision. The first compilation, Inspirazzia, puts together a remarkably impressive lineup of veterans, current hot names and future stars, with a sound crossing over from progressive trance to breakbeat to deep tribal tech-house and beyond. Everything from the cover to the music is a different concept than we usually see for CD compilations – sleek and sexy, with a touch of naughtiness.

The music:
Opening Inspirazzia is an utterly sublime emotional progressive piece from newcomer Igal M. (half of psytrance duo Elec3) titled “Fall in Greenâ€. A more perfect introduction to this fine label couldn’t be imagined – a simple chugging percussion & bassline drive the track as atmospheres and effects are smoothly layered on, gradually giving way to a simple yet highly touching melody. The melody is slowly developed to create an elegant build to a barely-noticeable peak, before you are brought back down equally as softly. This is deep emotional progressive trance as good as it gets – it also happens to be my favorite on the CD, so it gets the most space on paper. :Smile3: 100% musical velvet.

The CD continues with a deep minimal grooving number by French artist D-Sens. Almost reminiscent of the minimal Plusquam style, “What You Want†goes much deeper with a slight housey flavor and the sneaky tease of a melody. It’s brilliantly understated yet it gets the message across. Current Swiss star André Absolut is next with the surprisingly dark “Elevent 1â€. The lowest bassline I’ve heard in years blends with tribal percussion and creepy chords & FX to make one of the most standout pieces I’ve heard from him yet. Slovenian duo Qualia brings the CD back to peak time dancefloor energy with the bleepy and bass-driven “Feedbackâ€. It’s not complex, deep or anything that any of the previous tracks have been – but it’s sure to get the dancers moving. Recent German successes Vision & Canedy follow with the 2nd big surprise of the CD – the melody-driven “Insaneâ€. Taking a step back from the percussion-driven grooves that have made them famous, this duo turns in an astoundingly airy piece with a bit of an old-time German trance feel to it. If you liked “Sonntagmorgenheimfahrt†from their 2004 album on Hadshot, this one is for you. Pure class.

Swiss newcomer V-Tunes turns in another deeply minimalistic track for this compilation in the simply-named “Girlâ€. Nice development, but still not the most exciting track on the compilation. Two veterans from the old Freeform crew are responsible for a pair of funky numbers towards the CD’s close. First is Sweat Attack vs. Klangstrahler giving a bit of guitar-driven funk with “What Can I Sayâ€. Heavy guitar and vocal samples are the defining feature here – if you know earlier Klangstrahler work, you know what to expect. It’s not my thing, but I can see this working the floor. Feuerhake & Okay step up the funk even more with their first (and hopefully not final) foray into the land of breakbeat. Being a breaks fiend, I’m probably a bit biased, but this is the best work to date from Feuerhake. Heavy mental funk with a wicked beat – this is the sort of groove that’s been missing in progressive. More please! :Smile3: Closing the CD is Swedish duo Homer & Lazon, better known for their psy-prog moniker Tegma. Deep tribal percussion and dissonant acid stabs drive the track as vocal samples and simple melodies are slowly added to the mix. As with Tegma material, it’s a mixture of the dark with the redeeming – only with a more house-flavored rhythmical framework. Very cool.

Hot damn, this is good. We get both fantastic debuts from several artists and major surprises from respected veterans. At best (ie, most of the CD), it’s surprising, moving and playful. At its worst...it’s still highly enjoyable. Hats off to Zombi and Domo for a fantastic debut. I’m gonna love to see how you follow this one up. :Smile3:

Rating: 9/10

Favorite tracks: 1-5, 8, 9


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Very tasty indeed ........

Quite like the 'breakbeat' track ( 8 ) ..... interested to hear more stuff taking this direction. Bit more Electro Funk IMO but still tres tasty .... :cool:

recommended for 130 ish proggy grooves .....


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
i did a ickle mashup nonsense fest on that track:


if anyone's interested :P