V/A - Invisible Incursion [ Insomnia Records ]


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Compilation: Invisible Incursion

Label: Insomnia Records

Year: 2005

Format: CD


01. Alrune - Magic Fungi (Terminator RMX) [150 BPM]
02. Jellyheadz - Insomnia [150]
03. Derango - Clairvoyage [147]
04. Mussy Moody - Wires of Fire (RMX) [144]
05. Furious - Lost Psy Way [147]
06. Cosmo - Wizards [152]
07. Kindzadza - Next Sequence [150]
08. Ocelot - Damn [146]
09. Zik + Ocelot + Para Halu - Baszdmeg [150]
10. Mubali - Skilled Awakenings [146]

Just before the poor fellow got tangled up in indecision, of what exactly or whom he could not make himself remember. He was just lost, 10-20 feet away from the main speakers shaking on their sturdy frames, lifting dust with motion. It was then he pondered about unbearable lightness of being. Smack in the centre of the action surrounded by dozens of souls sorting out their own issues. Mostly by stomping merrily at the sound of a steep drum… That the journey man realized the incursion had started its inevitable course.

01. Alrune - Magic Fungi (Terminator RMX) *
Rune Ranthe gets his "Magic Fungi" remixed by the Russian compadre, who obviously spent sometime in the studio this year. The incursion gets underway by a threshold of swampy forests spinning uncontrollably. Strange bird-hums smear through time amongst the mossy trees, tangled up in confusion by myriad effects. My guess is they actually sunk the synth in some liquid and that is why it sounds like that. Being this a workaround by Viktor, you know the pounding is steady. Smack in the middle a sample from "Rats in the walls" by H.P Lovecraft adding his bit: "I saw again the twilit grotto and the swineherd with his unmentionable fungous beasts wallowing in filth, and as I looked at these things they seemed nearer and more distinct -- so distinct that I could almost observe their features. Then I did observe the flabby features of one of them ..."

02. Jellyheadz - Insomnia *
This might just be Jellyheadz most tweaked musical piece yet. Finally there is a line in there by the end, shrilling and bubbling with a malevolodic intent. The 16th note bass is not all it could be variety wise…it sounds great. The laughs and small voice samples add the lime bit in the Pepsi-twist, if that's your thing. Heads up on the “Swing back and forth†samples for the second time this year, as we heard earlier on ‘Robosize ' by Entropy (Mind Games).

03. Derango - Clairvoyage *
Crispy syncopated kick stepped in between a clad bass, while they Swedish take us for a ride. You really have to start conjuring whatever your imagination brings here... describing their work graphically is as difficult as explaining the ocean to a blind person. It sounds a bit more together than their offerings in Tumult and with 9 minutes on the timer, it's a full chapter in itself.

04. Mussy Moody - Wires of Fire (RMX)
“Seeking avengance on any who lay their eyes upon their face, fulfilling her curse… what I took before in kindness, I will take forever in revenge.†Says he, who dares disturb the break… Mrs. Moody actually works in a company that makes synthesizers. So, I don't know if this makes sense when I say she likes to takes her work home. Her musical intuition on this one sounds a little limited to my ears though. Perhaps I haven't gotten used to her style yet… It's alright.

05. Furious - Lost Psy Way *
The ‘ Lost Psy Way ' is what I have come to expect from hearing Mister-Moody in nearly every compilation throughout the last months. The highway guides you through uncertain roads of effects grinding and scurrying, traveling down a pathway of changing cadence, progressively speeding with classy little breaks and a careful attention to detail… without a care for the break pedal.

06. Cosmo - Wizards *
This is probably the fastest one in here, or at least it feels like it. That and the fact I'm definitely getting old. Thank god for the pitch-shift… besides that it's pretty funky groove, exuding energy from every pore. The interaction of chained samples works well, but I don't feel any soul behind all that output. I'm sure that for dance-floor situations it works well enough to get a crowd moving.

07. Kindzadza - Next Sequence
The next sequence arrives with fast changing lines and the usual bang-or-die philosophy this man loves to live by. Maybe I have gotten too demanding when I say I expect a different arrangement on the lower ranges after seven minutes. The voice sample gives me the cringes, in a bad way… but besides that it's pretty decent tune. I would dare say it's a lot more tweaked than what Leo has been throwing out in compilations lately, since the debut album.

08. Ocelot - Damn *
I can make almost every sound with my mouth. Sometimes I wonder if I could actually transcribe some notes and add them to sequencer, just to see how it works. Well ‘Damn', Aaron did it first. Except he was not using saliva but it sounds just as juicy. I got no complains with this one (gasp), it's is a great tune with everything tweaked in the right notes, dance-floor friendly, approved!

09. Zik + Ocelot + Para Halu - Baszdmeg *
To me this is the dark-psy equivalent of having the three tenors stuck in a studio. How well does it come together though it's another matter. I would like to think I can identify how the tune goes from Zik to Ocelot finishing on Para Halu. No sure about Zik but I can hear the U.S-Hungarian coalition by the end, taking off slowly from where the previous artist left. Bar by bar progressing into their own personal version of ‘Baszdmeg'. Overall it's as tasty as you could imagine it would sound.

10. Mubali - Skilled Awakenings *
We finish the invasion with the reverend himself throwing brimstone in the form a relentless bass. He obviously has the zing to bring a powerful beat to fruition. The fractured noise-effects raining down like foggy pellets squeak a faint harmony, carrying enlightenment through. Check out the voice samples, probably a first for Mr. Farley. If the level of intensity is anything to guide us by, this a great way to close the compilation.

* Favourites

All and all :

These days it seems labels have a couple options: if they have been working hard enough, a number of releases surface hoping some of those will stick. Alternatively they can focus all their resources making one compilation a must-buy. Insomnia went with later option. If you have been following twisted trance lately this is a treat. There isn't a bad track in here and the ones that aren't favorites, still tower over usual stuff we have grown accostumed to. The rest gets an Ebert and Roeper styled 'two thumbs-up'. If the music wasn't enough to convince you, the art work is probably the most original, cartoonish, humorous one to pass my eyes. Everything from the digipack to the actual CD is very tasteful. Easily one of my favorite compilations of the year… 'nuff said.

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Read it with samples: http://www.sonic-energy.net/2005/12/compilation-invisible-incursion.html


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