V/A - Kodama (Plusquam Records 2006) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Kodama


Artist: Various
Title: Kodama (Compiled by DJ So)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Plusquam Records (Germany)
Cat. #: PQR 111 CD
Distribution: twohandsdistribution.com
Date: 11 February 2006

Track listing:

01. 07’19†Decoy – Cat Magic
02. 08’50†Sensient - Dissolve
03. 06’32†FREq - Sunglider
04. 07’44†Bitmonx vs. Fabio – Deep Sense
05. 07’59†Earsugar - Foretaste
06. 09’47†Fitalic – My Destiny
07. 08’07†Ryan Halifax - Chocolate
08. 07’45†André Absolut – Lost And Found



In Japanese folklore, the komoda are the nature spirits that live within all aspects of nature, primarily trees and rocks. Subsequently, it’s also the new Plusquam compilation compiled by DJ SO – godfather of the progressive Yakuza in Japan… Plusquam has fast become one of my fav’e labels within rich, danceable progressive trance, and judging by the tracklist here, we’re in for another treat… Will this live up to the expectations? … The answer is blowing in the wind!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Decoy - Cat Magic [136 BPM]
The Australian duo Decoy (Philip Rex & Ian Chaplin) recently released their debut album Not Responding To Light on Dance N Dust… And this opening track is very similar to the sound of the album, with its smooth, silky-soft, progressive trance… ‘Soft’ is both the keyword, and the ultimate drawback, as I’m afraid this is a little too cheesy for my taste… It’s not bad; it’s just a little tame… Your mileage may vary though…

#02: Sensient - Dissolve [138 BPM]
But do not despair – Sensient is here! Aussie producer Tim Larner has an impressive roster of releases, and especially his compilation tracks on Groove Zone Records have impressed me a great deal… And yes, this is another corker! The pace has quickened and gone are the slightly boring, cheesy tendencies from the opening track… This is full-blown party trance to be played during the peak hours of a nocturnal progressive party… Rich, edgy and dirty-as-hell progressive trance… The psychedelic influences are just right and basically I *have* to move to this amazing tune… Brilliant!

#03: FREq - Sunglider [138 BPM]
The third consecutive Aussie act on this compilation is none other than my personal hero FREq… Despite his rather hefty output, Mr. Gallagher always delivers the goods… And this track is no exception – this is trademark FREq = Awesome, rich, deep progressive trance soaked in reverbs! Maybe it’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, but who cares when it’s this good? Pure dancefloor fodder… Another instant FREq classic!

#04: Bitmonx vs. Fabio - Deep Sense [136 BPM]
And now for some hi-quality German progressive trance… Sascha Haske (one half of Buzzmonx) teams up with country man Fabio Fusco (one half of Fusi & Johnson)… These guys rarely let me down, and especially Mr. Haske has produced some of the grooviest progressive trance Germany has to offer… And groovy is just what this track is – it’s unmistakable Plusquam sounding and what it lacks in innovation, it makes up for in sheer groove-magnitude… It’s a phat wall of rolling progressive sounds which is as deep as it is bouncy… Brilliant!

#05: Earsugar - Foretaste [135 BPM]
Earsugar is a new collaboration between Swiss producers Nicola Capobianco (DJ Loudness/Liquid Soul) and Martin Knecht (Mikrokosmos). Especially Liquid Soul has released some real sweet compilation tracks, and I’m happy to report that this is indeed ‘ear sugar’… It’s not as massive as the previous three tracks, but it’s easily as uplifting… The first thing I noticed when sampling this track, was the very impressive vocal work – those distinct voice samples work really great! A solid, laidback progressive cruiser…

#06: Fitalic - My Destiny [130 BPM]
Dutch producer Robin Fitter has an impressed number of releases under his belt, but for some reason I only know his slightly boring, epic remix of Antix’ Little Honey… And yeah, this is indeed one of the most epic, fluffy and melodic tunes here... But at least it’s got *some* edge and for the most part I find myself enjoying this quite a lot… It’s nice to have some uplifting melodies that don’t cross fully over into club-trance… It’s good, but it’s not a stand-out track…

#07: Ryan Halifax - Chocolate [130 BPM]
The few tracks I’ve heard from Alexander Schaumann have been very diverse, but all very, very bouncy… And the bounce is bouncier than ever here… This is bottomless-pit-deep progressive trance with very distinct house- and electro-influences… Very lush and instantly head bob friendly… I’m totally digging it!

#08: André Absolut - Lost And Found [127 BPM]
André Absolut from Switzerland is well-known and respected progressive/tech house producer and DJ with a bunch of releases on various labels… I really like his deep, mysterious tech-house style and though this track isn’t among his darkest, it’s still pretty damn banging… The rhythm section is impressive with all its groove appeal… It may appear simple, but dig a little deeper and this track will keep you entertained for long enough… Nice indeed!

Well I’ll be damned, if Plusquam hasn’t gone and released another essential compilation… With the exception of a couple of pretty-good-but-not-great tracks, this compilation is packed to the rim with stellar choons… DJ So sure knows what he’s doing and I’m really impressed with the track selection here… Well done! Also, this is the perfect tool for both sofa-trancing and for trancefloor dancing… Easily worth the money!

The cover is simple, but has all the relevant information you’d need… All in all, this is a great package and so far it’s the best compilation of 2006! Yeah, that’s right! Plusquam fans needs to get off their asses and buy this – and fans of groovy, dancefloor friendly progressive trance in general should definitely look into it! It’s brilliant! …Enjoy!

Favourites: 2(!!), 3(!!), 4(!), 5, 7(!), 8


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sensient track is wicked !! :iyes:

Oh - and wotcha Biggins !! Hope you are well man !!


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in bed................
yeh am doing well mate.....they are treating me well here on the convict isle and i even get to play choons once in a while. hows you and yours?? well i hope

btw: does the earsugar trackminvolve applaing samples like their track on erm........irresistable meltdoiwn 4??