V/A - Kwarup (Tupan Records 2006) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A - Kwarup


Hi-res cover: front

Artist: Various
Title: Kwarup (compiled by Lennox & Nadi)
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Tupan Records (Brazil)/Ear Peaks
Cat. #: TUPAN CD001/EPEAKS CD001
Distribution: Psyshop.net
Date: 27 April 2006

Track listing:

01. 09’15†Leo – New York Vibes
02. 07’28†Space Safari – I Should Have Known
03. 08’01†Shuma – Illektro Music (Sonic Lizard Remix)
04. 08’33†Chris Cargo – You R
05. 08’38†Absolut & Blade - Crash
06. 08’16†Mirowsky & Thomas Penton – Deep (Mirowsky Remix)
07. 08’55†Audio Factory – I Am
08. 07’56†Jokke Ilsøe - Static
09. 07’52†Sonic Lizard – Flower Of Pain



From Brazil comes the newest addition to the Ear Peaks music group. Following Domo Records from Israel, Tupan Records will be Ear Peaks’ outlet for tribal progressive trance. The first release is Kwarup which features an interesting blend of well-known artists + rising talents… DJ Nadi from Domo Records compiled it in collaboration with DJ Lennox… Looks interesting indeed…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Leo – New York Vibes
Brazilian-born, New York-based producer Leonardo Leal Leite had a very nice track featured on the 2005 Tribal Vision compilation Lime Light… As the title suggests, we’re getting some deep, pounding inner-city grooves here… But his Brazilian heritage does not go unnoticed as track also has a distinct tribal touch to it… So yeah, this is urban tribal with a big splash of teKkhouse… Pretty good, though it seems maybe a little too long and unfocussed at times… But as a DJ tool, this is ripe… Nice opening!

#02: Space Safari – I Should Have Known
Space Safari is an alias for Frank Beckers who made the smash hit Switch last year. This track was already released on wax by Vertikal Records, but this is my first encounter with it… Style wise this is much more distinct than the previous track – it’s über-sharp, pointy electro-house with razor sharp progression and tight synths… Pretty fucking awesome except for one little thing - - those horrible vocals! I dunno why the hell people with bad voices insist on singing anyway? It’s such a shame, as the music here rocks – but the vocals are downright terrible… Come again Frank!

#03: Shuma – Illektro Music (Sonic Lizard Remix)
Shuma (Emir Cehaic & Davor Tosovic) from Croatia also had their original version of Illektro featured on the above mentioned Lime Light compilation. I really liked the edgy blend of elektro and progressive trance. Here it’s being remixed by Sonic Lizard (Joao Hortale) from Brazil – and I believe this is his debut. Anyway, the distinct electro-drenched synth experimentation from the original is still very much present here, but Joao added some depth + even more groove… And that makes a great track even greater – this is a huuuuuge crossover bomb. Funkier than the front row at a Parliament gig – groovalicious! I totally dig it!

#04: Chris Cargo – You R
Scottish producer Chris Cargo is a household name in progressive house/trance circles with an impressive number of releases under his belt… This is my first encounter with his music though. Already released on wax by Kumquat Tunes in 2005, this track is a hard-hitting, pounding excursion into progressive trance… Minimal at first, but soon it progresses into a funky beast… Linear in structure – but it’s very effective nonetheless… I dig the Tristan-like vox and the huge, reverb-soaked groove… Lovely!

#05: Absolut & Blade – Crash
Andre Abt (from Switzerland) & Erich Blattler (Germany) are both well-know and respected progressive/tech house producers – and especially André Absolut has impressed me with his never-ending quest to bring mysterious, deep tech-house to the masses… This track is also previously released on wax by Kumquat Tunes, but again this is my first encounter with it… In keeping with tradition, this is super-tight, nitty-gritty tech-trance with a distinct progressive edge to it… A fine balance if you ask me… Sure it has commercial elements, but generally this is a deep, pounding belter… Hands-in-the air material for sure… Brilliant!

#06: Mirowsky & Thomas Penton – Deep (Mirowsky Remix)
Mirowsky is Eric Schoen from Switzerland – and on this track he’s in cahoots with the well-known American producer Thomas Penton. I haven’t heard the original – and I have no idea why Mirowsky is remixing himself, but nepotism aside, this is another damn fine tech-trance track… It’s a tad more uplifting and clubby than some of the previous tracks, but luckily it doesn’t cross fully over into club-cheese… The first half of the track is the most interesting, as it seems too loose its punch towards the end…Good, but not amazing…

#07: Audio Factory – I Am
Audio Factory is a Brazilian collective consisting of Marco Crespo, Otavio Crespo, Bruno Pita and Tobias De Mello. And sure enough, it’s time for a tribal samba-tech injection – straight outta Copacabana! This rhythm-based, percussion-heavy piece of tribal trance is as rich as it is groovy… The voice samples are cool and the melodic pads in the background serve as a majestic backdrop… A truly wonderful track!

#08: Jokke Ilsøe – Static
Jokke (Ilsøe) from Denmark has been in the game for a while, mostly featured on Iboga releases. His True To Nature project (with Tom Von Rosen) was responsible for the best two tracks off the recent Sofa Beats compilation Floating Point 3. This track is trademark Jokke: A clash of electro-ridden deep, housy beats mixed with subtle percussion and floating wall-paper melodies… It sounds like a winning combination in writing, but sadly this track doesn’t really do much else than bore me… It’s decent at best… Auch!

#09: Sonic Lizard – Flower Of Pain
I have no idea what a ‘flower of pain’ is, but who cares? Joao Hortale from Brazil returns for the closing statement… And as legend prescribes, it’s time for an oddball track… Well, kind of… This is definitely different from the rest of the stuff here – it’s a weird hybrid of house, electro and horny progressive trance… Flowing, danceable, groovy, sweaty and totally sexy… And a little weird too… But in a good way! Hehe…

With only a couple of minor gripes, this is indeed an impressive debut release from Tupan Records. I like most of the tracks here, and especially the middle part (the licensed tracks) is kicking some serious progressive ass… The stand-out tracks queue up, and with the exception of only the Jokke track, I like everything here… The artwork is pretty damn cool too – and I like the whole Brazilian ‘theme’. The flow could use some work though, but that doesn’t stop me from being impressed by this compilation. It’s the first real summer blaster of the season – and I bet we’ll be hearing a lot of these tracks at this year’s festivals.

Vinyl-purists will probably complain that three of these tracks were already released, but as a CD-only guy, I’m just happy to be able to own them on CD… A recommend purchase to fans of progressive crossover music with a distinct samba-tech flavour… Enjoy!

Favourites: 3(!), 4(!), 5(!), 7(!), 9


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Camden, London and during the summer months to be
:ibiggrin: ...This is a chunky, phat, ripsnorter of a compilation, one of the cleanest mastering, and crystal clear punch.

All good tracks......but Jockes and Cargos stand out in particular, its got groovyness of the highest degree.
I'm surprised no one has posted replies to this.... :iwink: . I for one would be interested to hear your feedback................................:iyes:

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"kicking some serious progressive ass…

The artwork is pretty damn cool too – and I like the whole Brazilian ‘theme’.