V/A - Levitation (Candyflip Records 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A - Levitation

Artist: Various
Title: Levitation
Format: CD (digipack)
Label: Candyflip Records (Greece)
Cat. #: CFCD015
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: June 2005

Track listing:

01. 06’40†Neo Logic – Milky Way
02. 09’06†Parrket – Through The Never
03. 08’47†Motion & Side A - Ascender
04. 08’13†Flame On Fire – Shape Audition
05. 07’59†Ryan Halifax – The Test
06. 08’43†Flame On Fire – The First Ride Of The Dragon
07. 07’49†Wizzy Noise – Time Line (Vibrasphere Rmx)
08. 08’28†12 Moons – The Collective
09. 09’18†Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Wizzy Noise Rmx)


Progressive morning choons – Candyflip style!

Candyflip Records from Greece is out with their 15th release – and the third compilation… This time it’s a ‘morning psy progressive compilation’ featuring a handful of well-known artists + a couple of tracks from a newbie… What strikes me as kinda odd when looking at the tracklist, is the inclusion of three tracks that were already released!? … Ah well, they are all good tracks, so let’s hope the new stuff is just as good…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Neo Logic – Milky Way
Neo Logic is Echotek and Safi Connection in cahoots… This track was already released on the 2004 album Groove Logic. There is a slow, almost dubby intro here… Relaxed female voice telling us about the cosmos… That continues thought-out this groovy and deeply funky number… Much work has gone into the percussion work, creating a very smooth, almost sexy, beach house sound… Great stuff… Nice intro track!

#02: Parrket – Through The Never
Mladen Glavinic from Croatia has already released tracks on Tribal Vision, YSE, Dark Life Records and Pukka Music – but this is my first encounter with his music… This is NOT a tribute to Metallica – this is smooth, suave progressive trance… Laid-back – but deep enough to dance to… I like the tribal percussion here – very intoxicating and head bob-friendly… Nice little track!

#03: Motion & Side A – Ascender
Motion is Vincent Courcot from France – better known as Tetraktys… Side A is Olivier Cambier also from France. They first collaborated on the Tatsu Recordings compilation Ground Grooves released in 2004… And now here! I’ve heard a couple of single Side A tracks on Groove Zone compilations and to be honest those tracks didn’t really do it for me… But hey – once Cambier is joined by Tetraktys things start to shape up… This is a funky little progressive number – with a very distinct, feather-light melody… I dig it! I also like how this track is in constant progression – unlike some of Side A’s solo tracks… Yeah – this is groovy!

#04: Flame On Fire – Shape Audition
F.O.F. is Tasos Dimomeletis from Greece … He’s got an upcoming album on Candyflip Records and this is his debut… We get more smooth, progressive trance here – orchestral at times, and melodic for the most part… Yeah, this is some funky shit – I dig the siren-like sound used thought-out the track – I can’t wait to hear that on the dancefloor… All in all a very impressive debut here! Sweet track!

#05: Ryan Halifax – The Test
Alexander Schaumann from Germany should need no further introduction… I was really impressed with the track he did with Marc Vision on the Back To The Future compilation released on Groove Zone earlier this year. I also enjoyed his track on the Plusquam compilation Wireless released earlier this year – what a mean ass bouncing motherfucker that was… And yeah – this is more bounce… Halifax really has some sleek production skills – and he manages to squeeze everything possible out of this uplifting tune… Deeply progressive, highly danceable… I like how he plays around with electro-bits – oh, and of course I dig the reverb FX… A very nice track!

#06: Flame On Fire – The First Ride Of The Dragon
“We’re riding the dragon!†Here’s the second track from Mr. Dimomeletis – and again the n00b impresses me… The track starts with a lengthy sample in French – about dragons I presume… After a while the track takes on a more danceable appearance – uplifting progressive trance with distinct melodic influences…The melodic lead here is indeed cool! A track with some very interesting ideas – unfortunately it suffers from stand-still syndrome a couple of times especially in the first half… But that does not ruin the impression of an otherwise nice track… Bring on the debut album!

#07: Wizzy Noise – Time Line (Vibrasphere Rmx)
More recycling here – this track was featured on the Wizzy Noise Time Line Remixes CDM released last year – and this remix was definitely the best one. From the first second you just know its Vibrasphere… Their trademark progressive Scandinavian sound is present through-out this track… Rickard & Robert have found their niche, and damn, I hope they never stray from that coz this is so damn good! So clear, so crisp, so delicious! Sounds like a cookie, huh? Well, I’ll have a whole plate! And hey, nothing it wrong with your hearing! Amazing track!

#08: 12 Moons – The Collective
And we continue with more recycling here… This is one of the best tracks of the 12 Moons album Solid State released in 2004. Very simple, but very atmospheric intro… The basis is just two synth cords… The groovy bassline is accompanied by some distant human choir… The Ibiza-touch is very much present, but as long as it’s accompanied by some deep, progressive beats and a touch of psy I’m happy… And that extra touch comes through clever use of hi-hats and nifty little acid-twirls… Sweet track!

#09: Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Wizzy Noise Rmx)
Alidade was first featured on the 1999 B.P.C. album Blue Planet released by legendary Flying Rhino… A true timeless, uplifting classic – so the Wizzy boys have something to live up to when messing with the classics… Well, the boys have given this is facelift – not a complete makeover, as the most recognisable parts of the original are still intact… I’m talking about the melodic lead of course! …It’s still pretty uplifting, melodic trance – with the odd Wizzy twist here and there… To be brutally honest I like the original better than this – but there’s a nice homey feeling to this track that I really like… Not bad!

First and foremost: I’m generally against labels re-issuing tracks… I mean, there is so much good music out there, why release the same stuff twice? That being said, when recycling is done with such good tracks as these, I can’t really complain… Both the recycled tracks + the new tracks are all good… There are no bad tracks here, and that’s pretty rare for a compilation… Obviously this compilation consists mainly of progressive tracks – with a couple of uplifting, melodic pieces thrown in the heighten enjoyment… And enjoyment is exactly what I’m getting from this compilation. It’s pretty damn good!

The liner notes lists 2004 as release year which is obviously wrong… That and the recycling are the only flaws I can find here – everything else is sweet… Fans of smooth, progressive trance with a hint of morning should definitely check this out… It’s well worth it! Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7(!!), 8(!)


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alex candy

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thanx deathposture for the thorough review! :Smile3: Next release is the V.A.- Mountain High 2 comp. that i compiled around the end of september

the next comp. V.A- Joyride will be IMO the best dance comp. Candyflip has released including unreleased tracks from Freq, Antix, Atmos, Flame on Fire, Gio Red (Drone), Motion and more !!


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Sauntering about...
ooh it's such a great cd!!

and Flame on Fire are rocking!

Jon Kenobi

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yep I'm in aggreement that this has got some damn fine proggy gems on it :Smile3: