V.A.- Levitation compilation # Candyflip Records CFCD015

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V.A. - Levitation comp # Candyflip Records # CFCD015

Release date : June 2005
Format: CD only, digipack
Duration: 9 tracks, 75min 07sec
Cat No: CFCD015
Mastering : Wizzy Noise, wizzy-sonic studio
Artwork : Micky Noise

Tracklisting :

1. Neo Logic – Milky Way (6:40)
2. Parrket – Through the Never (9:07)
3. Motion & Side A – Ascender (8:47)
4. Flame on Fire – Shape Audition (8:14)
5. Ryan Halifax – The Test (7:59)
6. Flame on Fire – The First Ride of the Dragon (8:44)
7. Wizzy Noise – Timeline (Vibrasphere Remix) (7:50)
8. 12Moons- The Collective (8:00)
9. Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Wizzy Noise Remix) (9:18)

You can hear long samples :


The compilation can be found at :


Candyflip Records presents its third V.A. dance compilation “Levitation†featuring well-known artists such as Wizzy Noise (GR), Ryan Halifax (DE), Neo Logic (IL), Vibrashpere (SW), 12Moons (SW) and talented new names such as Flame on Fire (GR), Parrket (CO), Motion (FR). Levitation is a morning psy progressive compilation “grooving†the listener into smooth trance soundscapes with a great selection of tracks. A great compilation for the summer grooves! :Smile3:

Artist info

Neo Logic is the project of Micha Yossef (Echotek/Reflex) and Mishel Bitton (Safi Connection) from Israel. The Milky Way track is one of the best tracks from their debut album “Groove Logicâ€.

Parrket is the project of Mladen Glavinic frm Zagreb, Croatia. A new interesting project with track releases also on compilations by Pukka and Tribal Vision records.

Ryan Halifax is the project of Alexander Schaumann from Germany. A project with several releases over past few years on records labels such as Spiral Trax, Plusquam, Earregular, Tatsu, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Groove Zone records.

Vibrashpere is the solo project of Rickard Berglof since Robert Elster withdrew from the project. Vibrashpere have made a great number of releases over the past few year gaining friends and fans all over the world.

Flame on Fire is the project of Tasos Dimomeletis from Greece featuring two tracks in this compilation. This is a new and very promising project signed to Candyflip with a full length debut album on the way.

Wizzy Noise is the project of Uriel and Micky Noise from Greece. Wizzy Noise are one of the top psy dance acts in the world and the leading Greek project for the past few years.

Blue Planet Corporation is the project of Gabriel Masurel from France. The debut album, which was released by Flying Rhino Records in 1999, he paved a new way in the trance scene when launching the “morning†sound, an airy and pure goa variation A very unique and classic track from this album is the Alidade track which is finely remixed by Wizzy Noise

Motion is the project of Vincent Courcot from France. The “Ascender†track featured in this compilation is a collaboration between Vincent and Olivier Cambier (Side A). Motion represents the more progressive side of Vincent, who is also known from his other ps techno-trance project Tetraktys.

12Moons is the project of Michael Anderson from Sweden. The “Collective†track is one of the best tracks featured on the debut 12Moons album “Solid State†released by Candyflip Records. Michael Anderson is also known for his chill-out project, Healer.



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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?

ryan halifax on form at the moment - look forward to it :Smile3:


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I have just heard this. I like the style very much.

Triskele recommended !!!!!