v/a - Light From the Depths of Chaos


Compilation: Light From the Depths of Chaos
Label: Manic Dragon Records
Year: 2006
Web: www.sonic-dragon.com
Sonic-Energy: http://www.sonic-energy.net/core/content/view/182/2/

01. Kulu - Twilight of Fear [150 BPM]
02. Baphomet Engine - System Failed [147]
03. Kemic-al - Illuminatus [150]
04. The Replicants - The Self Revealing Boris [150]
05. Kalilaskov A.S. vs Natinel - Beethoven's Dragon [147]
06. Alien Mental - Take a Break [149]
07. Blisargon Demogorgon - Leaving the Real World [148]
08. Kerosene Club - Baba Cannibal [148]
09. N3XU5 - Mass Meltdown [146]
10. Talk Sick - The Title [144]

The Baba's return after the versus-only Multiple Personalities, with a fresh batch of tracks from the international circle. The concept behind the compilation is a transient journey from the dark corners of the psyche to a skewed version of lighter tunes, promising a number of highlights along the way.

1- Kulu – Twilight Fear *

Kulu is back after the beating last year in ‘Unbelievable’. Dimitry spend some time with Metallaxis in his studio again, so it has that minimal touch to the madness. Unbelievable, was a monster though, setting a high precedent for me and this one is not half bad, but is not all the way there, Strangers is missed. Twilight Fear sets the mood with a pitch black groove exposing ‘no light, only sound'…. It’s dark out here folks, bring a flashlight.

2- Baphomet Engine – System Failed

The Brazilian freaks explore a darker and moodier atmosphere, delivering one of their heavier pieces so far. System Failed feels claustrophobic, heavily delayed, strangled by its own juice, as it melts with heavy riffs amidst the surrounding voices.

3- Kemic-Al – Illuminatus *

As usual Aldo works a beat that turns the word syncopated into a misnomer. As infectious and delicate as T-Rex eating a cow. If your idea of Psychedelia means entertainment to the point of relentless kaleidoscopic abstraction, the man delivers. Fluttering those metallic wings against the wind as the ship takes flight, while crowd roars below… get on it, quick!

4- The Replicants – The Self- Revealing Boris *

Imagine this for a second, if you hadn’t already heard: Quasar, Dylalien, Alien Mental AND Dejan all lost in some parallel universe full of dissonance and echoes, as the Self reveling Boris tries to materialize... In no other than the infamous Blue House in San Francisco, where the MoE crew unwinds sonic distortion, including the job Ghreg on Earty, did down there with his shindig. While it does feel hella cluttered, it works with eight hands on the sequences soemhow…

5- Kailaskov Vs. Nataniel – Beethoven’s Dragon

A bit of classical music a-la dark psy, with bits here and there squinting in some unholy liquid. Nati Reboh and Cherkashin Trencev have interesting ideas, but I’m looking forward to hearing something without Beethoven in it for a break. As a general note the classical touches are minimal and they have adapted the notes well so, it might hit a sweet spot for other people.

6- Alien Mental – Take a Break *

Take a break is rough. I had run into La earlier last year with "Nukem" and my opinion was a bit dangly, not great but good. This one comes with the description included and will work great to wear the edge off menacing beats, as it turns absolutely liquid. Spaced out wouldn’t quite cover it, so we can just refer to it as deep trance state. It looses all cohesion by the mid break as things go to a weird, weird place… very psychedelic.

7- Blisargon Demogron – Leaving the Real World *

Turn the engines back on with a peaker for the first two minutes before take off. The rest is a wavy, whimpering of lines and plenty of sauce on discordia. Especially pitchy, rumbling with deconstructed chaos and harsh synth’s. It’s a step in the right direction as Valentino’s work can turn into to something of filler on occasions. Well not this time around.

8- Kerosene Club – Baba Cannibal *

Dj Brian that has been profiling strongly since last year, with standout tracks on all the ones I have heard, leaves you wondering when is Temple Twister’s releasing his album? The Baba Cannibal has scratchy melodies like Kemic-al does beats: one broken mumbo jumble of goodness, which despite all the incoherence is jolly good fun to dance. A versus of these two could potentially induce dementia, and would personally bring a huge smile to my face. What you waitin’ for Baba? Star chewing that arm before the poor bastard wakes up and tries to hide again.

9- N3xu5 – Mass Meltdown

By this point the general pace of the album is looking a little less cluttered. Miguel Lopes does manage to bring energy in the interim of complete darkness and the lighter trance. The pads by the second part make the track for me, and the little riff isn’t bad; but it’s the first half that brings hard house images to mind, I can’t reconcile with.

10 – Talk Sick – The Title

Avi Boresi & Alon Atias AKA Toxic close the book with the most full-on-ish track in the compilation. In theory this supposed to be the furthest from the depths of chaos, so with that in mind I guess you could fit ‘The Title’ in there. Truth be told, Talk Sick has never really been kind of trance. Not because it’s poorly produced, because it isn’t… but because I feel like have heard this stuff before and it doesn’t really move me. On their favor this the most melodically coherent track.

All and all

It’s hard to pin this one in a general basis. Most of the tracks will kick butt for any self-respecting fan of the darker realms, and of course few names stand out that deem the plastic as listenable material. Others seem a bit of place. Personally, it will not be gathering dust too soon, i think there's several pieces you can work with, but like you can see I’m not raving about the overall thing. Check what interests you here, might be worth a listen -happy fishing.

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