V/A - Monarchie IV


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Aalborg, Denmark
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>V/A – Monarchie IV </span>

Format: CD
Artist: Various
Title: Monarchie IV
Label: Zillion Mental Anarchie
Cat. #: ZMA CD 18
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 08’13†Molecular feat. Lyte – Get in There
02. 06’12†Mechanic vs. Time Lock - Neverland
03. 07’25†Prosper - Rooster
04. 06’41†Sesto Sento – Alchemystica (Time Loc Remix)
05. 07’57†Electro Sun vs. Bizarre Contact – Eye Contact
06. 06’34†Time Lock - Overpass
07. 06’29†Exaile – I Want Freedom
08. 07’14†Manibus - Free
09. 07’24†Dooper Doopler - Remember


After six months of silence, proggy label ZMA is back with a pivotal entry into Israeli neo full on!? All artist but one featured here are Israeli - Yeah, who would’ve guessed?! It’s nice however, to see labels embracing more than just one genre... This is pretty much a teaser compilation for artist albums coming up… At least half of the featured acts have upcoming albums, so let’s see what they can do…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: What are you waiting for – get in there!? This first track is something as rare as epic progressive trance… We get the best of both worlds here… Beautiful morning trance with floating acoustic guitar melodies and crisp, smooth, groovy percussion… And that Lyte, sure knows how to pick the strings on his guitar… Super cool track!

#02: Neverland – the dark, eerie hangout of Wacko Jacko – oh, the horror! Definitely night time trance here, with noisy, spooky bits thrown in… This isn’t for the faint hearted, but enjoy it… Nice track!

#03: What a kinky rooster this is… Massive, full on track here – it’s like a big wall of acid coming right at you at an incredible pace… Watch out, it can be a little too hectic at times…The coolest thing about this is definitely the break & build up in the second part of the track… Ok track!

#04: You never leave this place alive! Mmmm… very nice intro on this track… Unfortunately I don’t know the original, but this remix sounds pretty straightforward… It’s Israeli full on psy-trance… Besides the intro, the first half is pretty boring and predictable, but towards the end the pace quickens and it’s becomes more intensive – to my liking… I wish the whole track was like the last 2 minutes… Ok track!

#05: More Israeli full on here… Very classy intro with female vocals, but soon it’s full on time again – pretty standard, Israeli neo full on… It’s goes on like that for 4 minutes… Again, it’s the second part of the track that’s best… The pace quickens and the melodies become much more trance educing… Also we get a super break/build-up part… Cool track (second half any way)!

#06: Time Lock is featured three times on this compilation… And he does his best work on his own… This track rocks all the way through… 145 bpm of highly psychedelic full on trance… And phuck me if that part @ 4:40 won’t blast anyone away… Awesome track!

#07: Peek-a-boo, I see you! If you’ve ever heard Skazi, Chemical Crew or Paranormal Attack play live or DJ, I’m sure you’ve heard Exaile tracks too… This is Skazi-trance for sure… High pitched acid belches and fast, dark bass line… But where the hell are the guitars? He he… Many people appreciate the melody in there – however, it kinda bugs me… This track can also become too intense at times, but generally I like it… Cool track!

#08: My fellow reviewer Detox dubbed this “the track with the run-for-your-life atmosphere†and that’s the best damn description I can think off… ;o) Very intelligent percussion work here; both used as tribal tools, but also as part of the general Hitchcock-feel this track has… This is like the soundtrack to some eerie psychological thriller… And damn, that’s cool!

#09: Many people have praised this Dooper Doopler track, but frankly I don’t understand the hype… It sounds like your usual, well produced, neo full on trance… But perhaps I’m missing something? Decent track!

Nice collection of tracks here… Some of the tracks are a bit anonymous, or has anonymous parts, but overall most of it is nice and fresh… I’m looking forward to hearing more from especially Molecular and Time Lock, and I’m sure we’ll hear their tracks on the upcoming summer festivals… If you like the modern Israeli sound, this is a compilation you do not want to be without!


Favourites: 1 (!), 6 (!!), 7, 8


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Psyshop: www.psyshop.com (soundclips available)
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Chaos Unlimited: www.chaosunlimited.co.uk
Trance Shop: www.trance-shop.com


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west london
nice review mate :o

had this in my cd bag for a few weeks now there some realy nice night time full on tracks :punk:
the two time lock tracks are great would like to hear a lot more from them!!!!