V/A - Mountain High 2 (Candyflip Records 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Mountain High 2


Hi-res cover: front + back

Artist: Various
Title: Mountain High 2
Format: CD (digipack)
Label: Candyflip Records (Greece)
Cat. #: CFR CD16
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: October 2005

Track listing:

01. 06’23†Cell – The Gate
02. 05’24†Max Maxwell & TKY - Twilight
03. 07’27†Kick Bong – Way Of Life
04. 06’23†Lideres Band feat. Bede – Close (Chill Mix)
05. 06’25†Max Maxwell - Isha
06. 05’38†Lideres Band – Secrets Of The Truth
07. 06’16†Kick Bong - Ballad
08. 07’17†I.X.Ω.P. - Forever
09. 04’24†Lideres Band feat. Bede - Duende
10. 08’09†Aes Dana – Bam
11. 07’22†Solar Fields – Good Times

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/9bnu8 (all tracks!)


Misty mountains of Greece re-visited!

Candyflip Records from Greece is back with the long awaited follow-up to the 2003 chill-compilation Mountain High… The first one was an epic journey of high-quality chill-out – and by the looks of the track list, this one is too… Alex Candy has spent more than 18 months hand-picking these tracks and I feel pretty confident he knows what he’s doing… Let’s find out…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Cell – The Gate
As on the first Mountain High compilation, we’re graced with a track by French sound-engineer Alex Scheffer… I find that the quality of his tracks often varies a great deal… Sometimes he creates amazing music, and other times mediocre stuff… But damn – this is good! Very chilled, laid-back tribal downbeat… Yeah, you’ll gather plenty of energy to climb the mountain with this ethno-lush and luxurious track! Very sweet!

#02: Max Maxwell & TKY – Twilight
A shorter version of this track was also released by Com.Pact Records earlier this year on the Unwind - A Journey Into Global Grooves compilation… Max Maxwell from New Zealand collaborates with Yaniv Zaidman on this dusky track… This is downbeat world-music relying heavily on sample-CDs, but with enough originality to keep me interested… Slow and poking – lukewarm and tasty… Reminds me of Asura… Pretty good, but not outstanding and a little too short…

#03: Kick Bong – Way Of Life
French producer Franck Jousselin was also on the first Mountain High with a very nice tribal track… And yeah, this is very tribal too… Complete with native chanting and rainforest showers…Add some dubby, slow-paced space stabs – and you’ve pretty much now what you’re dealing with… All in all a very nice, chilled hybrid track… I dig it! ;o)

#04: Lideres Band feat. Bede – Close (Chill Mix)
The Lideres Band was formed in Barcelona by Brazilian Rafael Mello (a.k.a. DJ Basbu) who was joined by percussionist and producer Jose España and bass player Juan Carlos… This is dubby ethno-electro-chill with emphasis on an enchanting flute line… Also the string-work is impressive here… Kinda reminds me of Gotan Project… A really, really nice tune!

#05: Max Maxwell – Isha
Max from Golden Bay, New Zealand is on his own on this track… Yeah, this is lush, plush world music… Ranging from laid-back dub to crossover downbeat… More flute-action + an impressive array of percussion… I really dig the heavily vocoded ethno-chants… They are probably from some sample CD, but they are very nicely put together here… Sounds like a tune straight out of a Macao Café compilation… Sweet!

#06: Lideres Band – Secrets Of The Truth
The Lideres posse again – with a strange Engrish track title!? This choon relies more on electro bits than the previous ones, and as such it seems less organic and peaceful to me… That being said, this is still a pretty decent track… Journey-wise it also fit in; it’s just not among the best here…

#07: Kick Bong – Ballad
Franck Jousselin makes his last appearance here – with a ballad! Well, it’s not really a ballad – more like intergalactic space chill… We’re approaching the top of the mounting coz this is pretty damn chilled… Icy cold actually… Lazy beats, dubby vibes, static background pads and slow bongos… Pretty nice but not as good as the previous Kick Bong track…

#08: I.X.Ω.P. – Forever
Behind the cryptic name above is Themis Xafis from Thessaloniki, Greece and he also had a track on the 2003 Iboga Records compilation Floating Point 01… This is a very rich, mature track – despite its peaceful appearance it’s packed to the rim with all kinds of advanced chill FX… I’m sure a lot of work went into this… And that paid off – this is a wonderful track!

#09: Lideres Band feat. Bede – Duende
Here’s the third track from the Spanish downbeat collective… Again the electro-influences are evident, and this doesn’t seem as peaceful as I would have liked it to be… Parts of this are actually pretty eerie and grim… I guess we’ve come across a dark cave on the way to the top of the mountain… A decent track…

#10: Aes Dana – Bam
Ahh – Ultimae exec Vincent Villuis… Never fails to impress me with his highly atmospheric chill-out… This is a perfect composition of ambient soundscapes evolving into progressive downbeat… Impressive to say the least! Viva la Bam!

#11: Solar Fields – Good Times
Who better to follow Aes Dana than Solar Fields? Magnus Birgersson is another chill heavy weight, and I really like his artic chill style… This is more pure ambient turning into intelligent downbeat… Floating, drifting, soothing – and eventually head-bopping! Nice track to finish the journey…

So – how does this compare to the first Mountain High? Hard to say, but after some hardcore thinking I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t better – it’s equally good… There are some tracks here that don’t exactly rub me the right way – but then again, there are also a bunch of really awesome downbeat tracks… Also the cover art here is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a while…

This compilation works pretty well both with and without headphones… And journey-wise I find it pretty good and varied… Lots of cross-over material here, which is a good thing! All in all, this is a solid downbeat compilation… Perhaps not essential, but still pretty damn good! A safe buy for hardened chillers though… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1(!), 3, 4(!), 5(!), 8(!), 10(!), 11


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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
totally love the Lideres Band stuff, reckon that's a damn good find.


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I am just listening to this one now and it's bloody amazing!

very well done!

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