V/A - Multiple Personalities (Manic Dragon Records 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Multiple Personalities


Hi-res cover: front + back

Artist: Various
Title: Multiple Personalities
Format: CD (digipack)
Label: Manic Dragon Records (Hong Kong)
Cat. #: MDREC-03
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: July 2005

Track listing:

01. 08’33†Terminator vs. CPC – Mosgortrans
02. 07’29†ParaNoize vs. Claw - Vampire Legend
03. 07’32†Xenomorph vs. Xenomorph - Schzoid Transpersonal.Progressions
04. 08’26†Procs vs. Captain Ifan (aka Duck Off) - We Are Closed
05. 08’00†Dejan vs. Jelly Headz (aka Many Faces) - Freakin' Six-Pack!
06. 07’13†Mubali vs. Ocelot - Mood Swinger
07. 06’44†Sequipa vs. Baphomet Engine - Multiple Personalities
08. 06’44†Quasar vs. Dylalien (aka Fractal Cowboys) - Alien Together Now (Baba mix)
09. 07’16†Kulu vs. Strangers - Unbelievable

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/aqua2 (all tracks!)


Nocturnal Chainsaw Kerfuffle!

This is the third CD from the Hong Kong based Manic Dragon Records (the evil offspring of the parent label Sonic Dragon Records!)… Looking at the track list here reveals quite a lot of famous names within the horror-trance segment… Xenomorph has a track on here and he also mastered the whole shebang… That reads quality in my book and something tells me we’re in for a scary ride… Let’s find out!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Terminator vs. CPC – Mosgortrans [148 BPM]
We kick off with a Russian collaboration between Zolotarenko Viktor and Radostavin Vlad… The latter is also known from his Osom alter ego… Anyway, this is some severely hard-core banging shit… I’m sure the Russian voice-samples in the intro talks about something trippy, as this is definitely mushroom-music… Technoid to the bone, dark as a chimney sweeper’s ass and scary as hell… Beep beep beeeeeeeeeeep! Groovy psytrans nite-stuff! Nice!

#02: ParaNoize vs. Claw - Vampire Legend [148 BPM]
“I… am… Dracula!†ParaNoize is Alex Ladyzanskyi from Israel and he has really impressed me with his tracks on Ketuh Records… Claw is Charalambos Pieris from Cyprus and he has also impressed me with his stuff… So, it’s a couple of cool guys collaborating on this vampire-track… This is less groovy than the previous track – the bassline is bleaker somehow, and the first part is way too repetitive for my taste! But – it gets better as the track progresses, though I find that parts of this track are simply too damn unstructured… I do however like the ghostly voice samples and other scary stuff in this track… Benchmark Halloween trance!

#03: Xenomorph vs. Xenomorph - Schzoid Transpersonal.Progressions [145 BPM]
German producer Mark Petrick is the Godfather of dark trance! His debut album Cassandra's Nightmare (Koyote Records/1998) is a masterpiece within the genre and Qlippoth is pretty damn good too… This guy seldom lets me down, and this is no exception… We start with a trademark Xenomorph atmospheric intro – before we launch into a hard-hitting, gut-kicking, acid-ridden night-time track… Hypnotic, atmospheric and scary with all its eerie, outer worldly sounds & tweaks… I mean, just check the haunting breakdown @ 5’12 and the explosion that follows! Fuck yes; this is just the way I like my darkish psy to sound… Brilliant track!

#04: Procs vs. Captain Ifan (aka Duck Off) - We Are Closed [148 BPM]
“Sorry we’re closed!... The front door is open – again!†Duck Off is Mikael Stegman (Procs) and Captain Ifan from Sweden… The recent Schlabbaduerst 007 compilation featured the absolutely AMAZING track Mozart Firefox made by these Swedish nutters… A monstrous track that will be hard to surpass – ever! But this track makes a fair attempt for sure… Oh yes, this is true psychedelic trance in its most underground form… Incredibly introvert, but oh so trippy at the same time… The constant changes in pace, the haunting atmosphere, the raw industrial edge – it all helps in creating a truly immense track! Deep, eerie, underground forest trance – washed down with mushroom tea! Insanely amazing!

#05: Dejan vs. Jelly Headz (aka Many Faces) - Freakin' Six-Pack! [150 BPM]
“Damn right you will – and bring that six-pack, this could take a while!†Dejan Mihailovic and Karim Gressier from France have both released stuff that I really liked – especially on Trishula Records and Dropout Productions! This track is no exception – this is more fast-paced, multi-layered, dark-as-fuck night-time trance… Banging basslines and enough acid to freak out the girls… The break-downs are particularly well executed and *will* freak you out! Beware! Nice track!

#06: Mubali vs. Ocelot - Mood Swinger [144 BPM]
Here’s Greg Farley (Mumbali) in cahoots with Aaron Peacock who released his kick-ass second album vectorSelector on Dropout Productions earlier this year… Another match made in hell! And just like on the oCeLot album there is some serious tweaking going on here – holy shit! An acid-ridden glam-fest taking place well out in space… Tweak-o-rama! A very liquid, yet industrial sound is present throughout the track – kick-ass! Sadly, the emphasis on acid seems to be the only thing going on here – I could have wished for some more driving elements and more flow… A decent track!

#07: Sequipa vs. Baphomet Engine - Multiple Personalities [148 BPM]
Sequipa is Stefano Braggio and Baphomet Engine consists of Fabio & Louis – all from the motherland: Brazil! I haven’t heard much from these guys, but I do know that Brazil churns out some seriously wikkid choons… The track is by far the most melodic one on this compilation – though it still has a very distinct, underground flavour… Driving at an incredible pace and building tension all the way though… These guys manage to create a sort of schizophrenic feeling – complete with spooky, undecipherable voice-samples and an overall haunting atmosphere… All very nicely done! A fine title track!

#08: Quasar vs. Dylalien (aka Fractal Cowboys) - Alien Together Now (Baba mix) [153 BPM]
“Ready to try acid? Yes – I’m ready to try acid!†Fractal Cowboys are Quasar + Dylalien (Dylan Klarfield) from the US… Especially Quasar has impressed me with his distinct, wicked style… Check out the groovy, oddball intro that samples the psyched up theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… The mood is set instantly! A heavily syncopated tune, going in a million directions – but still keeping its overall focus for the most part… This is the fastest track here, galloping away at an incredible 153 beats per minute – and for the most part it works wonders, though some parts are too damn hectic for my taste! It’s kinda like Finnish vodka-trance, though with a distinct San Francisco flavour… Good, but not really good…

#09: Kulu vs. Strangers – Unbelievable [150 BPM]
“There is no such thing as a hole or a portal into someone’s brain!†We head for Greece for the last track… Dimitris Kulukouriotis (Kulu) and Stefanos Gkogkakos (Strangers) are completely new artists to me – I’ve never heard anything from these guys before... But these guys are indeed skilled in the arts of dark, relentless psytrance! The intro is right back to spooky, eerie Halloween-trance and the track itself is dark, haunting, fast-paced Moscow-trance… The Being John Malkovich samples are funny and this track has enough acid-bits to entertain the night crawlers… Sadly though, this is also a little numb – it’s not overly original and pretty much everything here is something we’ve heard enough times before… But still - an ok track!

This is without a doubt one of the most hard-core compilations out this year – maybe only equalled by Schlabbaduerst 007 and Mushy Mystery… So yeah, this is some seriously hard-hitting, jet-fuelled, ill disposed night-music designed to scare kids, animals and everyone older than 40! We get a bunch of really, really good tracks here – and there are no bad tracks per se… Just a few tracks which are less original than some of the others... Xenomorph mastered this – and he did well! I also really like the simple artwork by Androcell… It fits the music perfectly!

I recommend this compilation to fans of such labels as Trishula, Temple Twisters, Yage, Parvati, Schlabbaduerst, Dropout Productions, etc – you will not be disappointed… It’s pretty damn good! And Halloween is just around the corner – this would make a great soundtrack… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 3(!!), 4(!!), 5, 7


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