V/A Natrual Selection (Nano records) Out soon!:)


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hey guys,

here is a new compilation by the south african label nano records...stay tuned and watch out for this !!!

Style: Psytrance/ Full on
Label: Nano records
Art: Compilation

1. Allbaby - Uninformality
2. Overlap - Time express
3. Tristan vs. Protoculutre - Pusher
4. Silver surfer - Chemical Structures
5. AMD - All we have
6. Triptych - Celtych
7. Protoculutre - Magnetic (Glastonbury 2004 mix)
8. Silicon sound - Nexus 6 (Protoculutre rmx.)
9. Silver Surfer - Xen la

For more Informations:
Good to see Allaby pulling his finger out and getting more of his tunes out there.


Looking forward to this lots! :cool:
Its safe to say this will be in the CD collection as soon as possible!
Looks like another great release from Nano. Consider it bought :speaker:
Oooh yes please!
I heard a fantastic unreleased track by Triptych at Psy Dream Temple last night.... I am so proud I've remembered that against all the odds :trippn:
This has gone straight to the top of my "must buy" list...

You know the score.

Nate's our Boy. Your gonna love it. He's a hero in a half shell.


It's finally available TODAY!!!!

Should be falling gently (?) through my letterbox tomorrow!!!!

Yeah... good album, playin' lots round here atm.....

Cheers Paul :Wink3:

Yep. I'm likin' it too. Second that on the Allaby track. Is it just me or is the Glastonbury Magnetik edit actually track 7, as opposed to track 8 as it says on the CD?
Yep, 7 and 8 are back-to-front. Like them both, especially the Nexus 6 remix. Wish I could play them louder!!! My housemates frown upon anything louder than pht-pht when they're at home. :speaker: