V/A - Nowhereland (Vertigo Records)


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Compilation: Nowhereland

Label: Vertigo Records

Year: 2005

Format: CD



1. Xenomorph - Incongruent Anatomy (145 BPM's)
2. Dejan - Ctrl Alt Supp (151 BPM's)
3. Freaking - Nochnoy Dozor (149 BPM's)
4. Kindzadza - Fight Or Die (148 BPM's)
5. The Nommos - Insomnia (149 BPM's)
6. Jellyheadz - Dolce Agonia (148 BPM's)
7. Abnormal Project - Alien (146 BPM's)
8. Encaphalopaticys - Salton Sea (147 BPM's)
9. Furious - Green Piece (146 BPM's)

Now, before we even begin, go up and read the artist list one more time. Go head now... if it is not explicitly clear you need at least spliff to digest this one through, you might just want to skip it all along. That's right, if you are entertaining your girlfriends parent's and you need to break the ice, keep looking until you find J.Viewz. If you are looking for something to shake a leg while you ‘kiss the sky' Jimmy Hendricks-style, stop your engines and focus here for a minute:

1. Xenomorph - Incongruent Anatomy

I don't think I have ever seen Xenomorph open a compilation. Since my last encounter in Qlippoth (2003), Mark Petrick has been busy with a number of collaborations on Manic Dragon records and now Vertigo. He has also been mastering the debut album for Ghreg on Earth, not counting his upcoming fourth release. I personally had high expectations with "Incongruent Anatomy" and I'm not too sure what think about this one. Some of the old Xeno is present in the song, but there is none of that really creepy multilayered atmosphere in the air anymore. A good hint on the general sound of this one would be imaging Xenomorph himself having for lunch a human with the screams, the blood splashing constantly, while a psycore underbelly keeps things fast and relentless. A couple of breaks & screams in between, are combined with liquid treatment of synthesizer and sampler work; fused together throughout the song with varying degrees of intensity. The voice sampling (not only screams) is well knobbed and it flows well, but I just don't feel like the song progresses anywhere.

2. Dejan - Ctrl Alt Supp

From France with love, Dejan follows charged with infamous squeaks and screeches reigning supreme. In between the bi-tonal bass line and a healthy kick, a number of extra floors are added to the interaction of sounds in perfect cacophony… entrenched in a curios harmony. It personally does the trick quite nicely for me, thanks to that demented edge on the production, allowing you to easily stray in the nothingness of existence without much care for time. Your legs might want “Ctrl Alt Supp†but, that is a different story.

3. Freaking - Nochnoy Dozor

After his appearance on V/A - Hammering the Gates of Soul (Inpsyde), ‘Nochnoy Dozor' was a personal must-check. Freaking comes loaded with heavy drum work on the near 150's as usual with samples circling the hearing range in between trains zooming through, bees buzzing on delays, voices and a good portion of rhythmic disarray. There are still traces of melodic insinuations & an extra pump of energy for the dance floor, but it's no “Depravation Chambersâ€

4. Kindzadza - Fight Or Die

Leo, the Russian heavy-weight is back and he is not giving anybody many options. "Fight or Die" (talk about PLUR) representing once again that hard-edged Russian trance. I like Kindzadza, I think he is a decent sound engineer, but the musical aspects are not all they could be… yet. Major highlights besides the usual stuff, never-ending riffs and synths creaking. This one brings nothing special to the table, but in comparison to the stuff following it actually sounds a little sane for a change.

5. The Nommos - Insomnia

Gil himself and Ariane are not necessarily musicians in my opinion, more like story tellers. As such, their narration occurs in an audiovisual mode with the aid of orchestrated synesthesia. The man himself has been on the scene longer than his beard extends and he sure knows how to get those wild teens shaking their hips, but it wouldn't hurt if he played a melody would it? As usual though, there is one hell rhythm to shake your bones to. Overall this is acid territory, no question about it… everything from the effects to the voice samples (Spanish voices with short messages in the likes of “This Friday†and “aggressiveâ€) leave me a little perplexed on how to think or even what to think. And closing the song with “This world must be destroyed†sample does not help the situation.

6. Jellyheadz - Dolce Agonia

By this point we have entered bizarre-o-land. I am also running out of positive remarks and this “Dolce Agonia†(sweet agony) is not helping very much. It took me a few days to get into it, and to be honest I don't know if my ear just grew used to it, either way it helps if you have some liquid to pass this one through. The bleep effects and synth work seem taken out from another planet as the song turns eerie by the end.

7. Abnormal Project - Alien

“You two geeks cloned a freaking alien, and the government thought that was ok?†There is nothing normal about this song … the effects drench the entire production in some strange territories. By this point it is clear how much crap you can put into one song without having to sound musical. I like my trance a little more earth-bound and I don't think I could take enough psychedelics to make this one sound alright.

8. Encaphalopaticys - Salton Sea

And the award for the most unpronounceable name in psy trance today goes to... you guessed it. It's a mouthful just like “ Salton Sea †which keeps exploring weird-o territories backed up by powerful kicks and distant voice samples, bees buzzing and delays in stereophonic mode. This one actually moves a bit more than the last but is no less weird. Headphones or a good system are recommended to get the full experience.

9. Furious - Green Piece

The beginning reminds of the water samples in the classic “Water Drums†by Union Jack. With Furious in charge it is clear is not going to be the same thing though. There is this really strange sample of a boy humming as the effects form a harmonic web around it running along the frequencies like electricity itself. Despite the name this is actually redeeming material to close this compilation, as I find it a bit more accessible, but that's not really saying much. On the other hand it is always nice to come back to some sort of melody.

Overall: Strange territories for travelers of the highest order, a few disappointments, a few surprises and a whole lot of noise. On the lower ranges I did not hear enough diversity throughout the songs, which worries me a bit for this kind of production that strays to be the most technically accomplished. Saiko Samples are recommended before you make that purchase if you are not convinced.


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