V/A - Peaking In Tongues


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Peaking In Tongues


Artist: Various
Title: Peaking In Tongues
Format: CD
Label: Peak Records (Switzerland)
Cat. #: PEAKCD004
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 6 December 2004

Track listing:

01. 02’18†The Peaking Goddess Collective - Alliteration (intro)
02. 08’06†Yab-Yum - Biochemical Possibilities (145bpm)
03. 08’32†Digital Talk + Seb - Re-Union (145bpm)
04. 07’46†N3xu5 - Ladykiller (148bpm)
05. 06’26†Drumatik - Show Time (146bpm)
06. 07’57†Phyx - Black Magic (145bpm)
07. 08’25†Electrypnose - Rip (147bpm)
08. 06’55†Mechanix - Interesant (146bpm)
09. 08’09†N3xu5 - Master Of Disguise (rmx) (147bpm)
10. 03’57†Master Margherita & Pearce feat. Dymons - Flowmotion (outro)


Neo psybersonic tonics dug fresh from the tryptamines of the sublime!

Third release from Swiss label Peak Records – a collective of mad hatters from Lusanne lead by DJ Gaspard… He also compiled and mixed this… With some very interesting names on the tracklist and mastering by Chromatone from San Fransisco, the basis for some dark, twisted psytrance should be laid down…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: The Peaking Goddess Collective - Alliteration (Intro)
As custom on all Peak compilations, the collective of artists do the intro and outro… This is a very nice idea – to get you in the mood for a pleasant listening experience… This little ambient piece bear very little resemblance to what’s about to come, but that’s besides the point…This reminds me of old TIP ambient with Current93-like vocals… Very cool retro-spiritual intro indeed!

#02: Yab-Yum - Biochemical Possibilities
“Do you know what scares me the most? It’s when it happens. When it comes over me. When I totally loose control. I like it!†Yab-Yum is Gaspard & Ajja S.F.Leu = Peaking Goddess co-managers… And they sure know how to manage the art of composing a nice track… This is fast-paced deeply twisted night-time trance… Ajja used to play rock guitar, and he sure haven’t forgotten about his old skills… We get some of his guitar-action here alongside little twirling acid lines and twisted, yet harmonic psy-trance madness… Cool voice samples and cleverly used stereo-FX… Overall a kick-ass track!

#03: Digital Talk + Seb - Re-Union
Julien from DT (of former Droidsect fame) re-unites with Seb on this track that starts out with some tribal drums… Soon however, sharp metallic sounds are introduced… Digital farts and electronic hiccups… As on the Digital Talk album New Age Surf released earlier this year on Acidance, this is Halloween trance… I like the way a dark murky and quite spooky atmosphere is created… Reminds me of older Xenomorph – and that stuff have always scared the living shit out of me… Nice!

#04: N3xu5 – Ladykiller
Ahh – another N3xu5 track… Mr. Lopez from Portugal has yet to let me down… Everything I’ve heard from him was excellent… This track starts out with the initial parts of the famous O-Ren Ishii speak from Kill Bill vol. 1: “As your leader, I encourage you from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you're unconvinced that a particular plan of action I've decided is the wisest, tell me so, but allow me to convince you and I promise you right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo. Except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion.†And then a rapid bassline in unleashed… Followed by digital drops and sweet, sweet acid-lines that will severely damage your ear-drums if you’re not careful… And then more O-Ren: “The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is - I collect your fucking head. Just like this fucker here. Now, if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now's the fucking time!!†And then all hell brakes loose and goose bumps will appear. ’Nuff said – N3xu5 have done it again! Brilliant!

#05: Drumatik - Show Time
“You’re listening to Radio Cosmos!†Drumatik is a young guy from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, and he had two tracks on the Peak-A-Boo compilation also released on Peak Records. I’ve never heard any of his stuff though… The intro to this track is super-nice… Very organic and moody… Then a few R2D2 samples and a pretty standard bassline… And all of a sudden Radio Cosmos take over the airwaves – and Boney M’s Brown Girl In The Ring is playing surrounded by horror-samples and Tiesto-like soundscapes… And after that more movie-quotes and acid-lines… Oh my – I’m totally blown away by this bombardment on my senses…Beware – do not listen to this while on shrooms… It’ll mess with you and it might get ugly! Very, very impressive track by Drumatik here – the only flaw I can find is the bassline that’s just too standard at times – but that doesn’t ruin this track… Far from it! An artist to look out for!

#06: Phyx - Black Magic
South African Phyx (Ian Summs) has been very productive on various compilations this year with his trademark ripping acid sounds, and basically I’ve been impressed by his work so far. Phyx has a weakness for incorporating annoying, high-pitched sounds into his tracks – and as usual you’ll either love it or hate it… This one is pretty cool and not as bizarre as some of his previous work… As legend has it, this track builds and builds, has a fast-paced hard-core bassline and is riddled with ripping acid-lines… It sure gets my ass wiggling…

#07: Electrypnose – Rip
Electrypnose is Swiss artist-slash-mountain man Vin’s Le Barde and he’s been with the collective for some time and had a track on the first compilation Peaking Goddess… It’s my first encounter with his work though… This is aptly named track is indeed ripping… If this is made to tell a story about the Swiss Alps, I now see them as icy, bitterly cold, eerie and dark… Just like this track! Nice, atmospheric, dark track… The competition is fierce on this compilation – and this track is “just†good! ;o)

#08: Mechanix – Interesant
Mechanix is Eldad Ben-Ezry from Israel and he released an album on Doof Records in 2003. The only track I’ve heard by him though was the collaboration he had with Time Lock on ZMA’s Monarchie IV… That was dark night trance, and sure enough – this is dark night trance! A pounding rubber bass, distorted industrial sounds and some wicked synth action… Combine that with twisted saiko-FX, a pinch of acid, some tribal percussion, scatter some undecipherable voice samples and some reverb action and you’ve got yourself a dance floor bombshell! Funky as hell!

#09: N3xu5 - Master of Disguise (Rmx)
“Did you just tell me to shut up?†Second track by N3xu5 and he doesn’t waste any time on a boring intro – we launch straight into his acid-ridden world… Again we’re introduced to some mind-altering sounds here… Balancing on the edge of being annoying, but luckily it doesn’t cross the border… This is dark, twisted night trance with ultra-gritty ingredients and funny cartoon voice samples… That climax @ 4’00 – yummy! Thank you Mr. Lopez – it’s like you can read my mind creating tracks like this… Splendid track!

#10: Master Margherita & Pearce feat. Dymons - Flowmotion (Outro)
Master Margherita (bass) & Pearce (flute) are both members of the Peaking Goddess collective and here they are joined by some dude or dudette called Dymons… After those full-on dance floor napalm tracks it’s time for some chilling – and time to check out how many brain cells you lost playing those tracks at full volume… And what wonderful chilling… Focus is on bass & flute – beautifully executed by MM and P… This is just lovely… Floating, dreamlike, soothing ambient… Nicey nice!

I might as well brake down in tears and admit that before listening to this compilation, my knowledge of Swiss based label Peak Records was extremely limited… But that’s about to change, ‘cause this is one hell of a compilation… Seriously there’s not a single bad track here… All tracks are above average and that’s rare with compilations nowadays… Damn, I’m impressed!

If you like the latest releases by Parvati Records, Ketuh Records and Digital Psionics you’ll most definitely like this… Luckily we’ve been treated to many great releases featuring this style this year – and this is another very good one… Hell, it’s been a while since I’ve been so impressed by a compilation in this genre – recommended to all fans of the above mentioned styles: Hard-core, deeply twisted, darkish, vicious, mind altering night trance… Start saving up – this will be released December 6th 2004 - Attaboy!

Favourites: 2(!!), 3, 4(!!), 5(!), 6, 8, 9(!!)


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