V/A - Posse (Domo Records 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A - Posse


Artist: Various
Title: Posse
Format: CD (digipack)
Label: Domo Records (Israel)
Cat. #: DOMOCD006
Distribution: Psyshop.com / File Distribution
Date: 26 June 2005

Track listing:

01. 09’33†Insane Creation – Can Feel
02. 07’43†Sonic Soul – Pornodelic (Sonnenvakuum Rmx)
03. 09’32†Ace Ventura & Intelabeam – Nasty Peach
04. 08’09†Sensifeel - Available
05. 08’57†V-Tunes – 3rd Trial
06. 07’58†Liquid Soul – Be Free
07. 07’47†Nasa – Someone To Watch Over Me
08. 08’17†Sub6 feat. Michelle Adamson – 7th Son (Ticon Rmx)
09. 08’14†Tomtron & Liesegang – Song For You


I get by with a little help from my friends…

Domo Records’ label boss DJ Nadi has been in the game longer than anyone care to remember… And now finally he’s compiled his first compilation… The aptly named Posse, showcasing the best from and around the Domo crew… Looking at the tracklist reveals plenty of talented artists, and this compilation has been getting a lot of hype in progressive circles… Let’s find out what’s the appeal of the posse is… (Seinfeld pun intended…)

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Insane Creation – Can Feel
Insane Creation is Dave Walitza and he has previously released tracks on Plusquam, Traktor Schalllabor, Starsound, Interzone and of course Domo Records… To be honest this is my first encounter with his music though – so I have no expectations whatsoever… The intro is long and subtle here… Tension is building slowly by the layers of percussion added – and after a couple of minutes we’ve reached a groovy, funk-a-delic state of wellbeing… Progressive trance when it’s best! Tribal drums, nice little reverbs and a smooth bassline… The breaks are very cool and overall this is a very sexy track with a crisp tenderness too it…

#02: Sonic Soul – Pornodelic (Sonnenvakuum Rmx)
“Please let me die for you! … Hi, how are you doing sweety? Come on in. I already prepared everything for you. Just the way you like it… It’s so hot tonight…Are you ready? Do you want me to play dead? Do you want me to die honey? Please, please let me die for you…†Sonic Soul are Daniel Mueller & Anders Nielsson which are completely unknown to me in this constellation… Sonnenvakuum however (here credited only as Daniel Mueller) shouldn’t need much introduction… One of the leading progressive acts from Switzerland with loads of releases under their belt… I haven’t heard the original track, so I can’t tell you what was changed… Anyway, this remix starts out kinda dreamy and clubby – before a hard-hitting, yet gentle bassline is introduced… At first the bassline seems oddly out of place, but as the track progresses it validates itself… The lyrics here are among the most disturbing I’ve heard in a long time… Forget about all the darkpsy artists’ flirt with the horned God – these are truly shocking lyrics… WTF!?... Anyway, they fit the track nicely and will for sure turn some heads this summer… Brilliant track!

#03: Ace Ventura & Intelabeam – Nasty Peach
Ace Ventura is an alias of Yoni Oshrat from Israel – one half of PsySex… I really liked his track on Set/4 – Essentials released by Iboga earlier this year… I also liked the track on the 2004 Alchemy Records compilation Doppler FX that Intelabeam (Dan Keinan) was involved with… These two guys brings us a hybrid track really – somewhere in between progressive and full-on… The best of both worlds really… The rich percussion and bassline from prog + the floating, melodic leads from full-on… Kinda like Tegma or 12 Moons… It’s a very nice and evolving track, but I could have wished for just a little more bite...

#04: Sensifeel – Available
Philippe Sancier from Paris released his debut album Vision Of Life on Domo Records last year… An album that contained a few good tracks – but unfortunately also some very forgettable tracks… Anyway, this track starts out kinda weird – but very cool… You don’t really know what’s going on here with that undecipherable voice-sample, but your curiosity is definitely awoken… Slowly, but steadily the track then evolves into a bouncy progressive number… It’s both driving and evolving, and eventually very nice… Not an instant smash, but still a nice little, solid tune…

#05: V-Tunes – 3rd Trial
V-Tunes are Sandro Kulka & Hans Muester from Switzerland… I really liked their trancy progressive tracks on VP Records’ Inspirazzia, Groove Zone Records’ Back To The Future and Plusquam Records’ Wireless… Top stuff from V-Tunes on all these compilations… And sure enough – this is top stuff too… A rich, funky-ass rhythm section mixed with a beautifully executed trance-side… Throw in a couple of phat reverbs, and we’ve got a winner in my book! … V-Tunes are really one of my fav’e progressive acts and I hope we get an album sooner or later… Perhaps this track is a little too well-polished at certain times, but generally I really like it… It’s very smooth and very sexy!

#06: Liquid Soul – Be Free
Nicola Capobianco debuted on the Plusquam compilation Wireless with a track from the deeper, darker realms of progressive trance… This track is a slow starter, but once the bassline is introduced it’s evident that we’re in the deep-prog territory again… Sweet! This is pretty hard-hitting and intoxicating - will work wonders on the dancefloor for sure… Check out the dreamy break drenched in reverb and horny samples… Nice one!

#07: Nasa – Someone To Watch Over Me
Mikkel Rasmussen from Denmark has been in the game since the minimal craze a couple of years ago… This track starts out pretty rough and minimal - but soon we’re introduced to some sharp electro-stabs alongside some filtered synth experiments… Add a subtle bassline and we’re getting somewhere… This is a highly experimental track – reminds me of Beat Bizarre actually… We get all kinds of influences here – from tribal to house, over electro and trance… Groovy hybrid trance!

#08: Sub6 feat. Michelle Adamson – 7th Son (Ticon Rmx)
Ticon (Fredrik Gilenholt & Filip Mårdberg) from Sweden are among my fav’e progressive producers… They have yet to let me down, so I’m sure this remix is in good hands… Sub6 are Ohad Aharoni & Golan Aharoni from Israel and they released their critically acclaimed debut album Who Needs Love Songs on HOM-Mega Productions in 2004… On that album was the track 7th Son featuring vocals from Michelle Adamson – and recently VP Records released the 7th Son Remixes album from where this Ticon remix is licensed… The track starts with floaty, beatless pads + the now famous vocals from the original… After about one minute Ticon reveals their presence with their phat, funky groove and trademark kick… This is soaked in Ticon and damn, I love Ticon… And Michelle’s beautiful vocals are the icing on the cake… Amazing track!

#09: Tomtron & Liesegang – Song For You
German producers DJ Tomtron & Timm Liesegang are partners in crime and have worked together on a number of productions, including their album Electric Tandem released by Domo Records in 2004… My knowledge about them limits itself to a couple of tracks though… Anyway, this is a pretty fresh tune – bubbling with joy, but at the same time with a lazy, monotonous feel to it… I dunno how the hell that is even possible!? Anyway, I do like the trancy elements here – and the climaxes are cool, but too short! I don’t really like the weird female samples either… But despite the flaws, this is still a pretty decent track!

DJ Nadi pulled it off… As always when you’re introduced to your friends’ mixed group of friends there are some people you click with immediately, some takes a little getting to know, whilst some you never really hit it off with… And that pretty much describes this compilation – and thankfully most of the tracks are in the first two categories… There are no bad tracks here, but the tracks I’ve indicated below stick out in my cool-book… This compilation doubles as both a great DJ tool and as a valuable living room entertainment… Nice!

To conclude this is a very fine, diverse compilation within progressive trance – compiled by the very competent DJ Nadi. I trust his taste and I’d recommend progressive trancers to do the same and give this a try… Fans of Iboga, Plusquam, Groove Zone and the likes should most definitely check this out… I’m pretty sure you’ll like it! … Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 2(!), 5, 6, 8(!!)


External links:
Domo Records: http://www.domorecords.com
Beatspace: http://tinyurl.com/9pbdq
Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/btzbf
Wakyo: http://tinyurl.com/8qe8s
Saiko: http://tinyurl.com/73qpn

[Note: The cover above differs slightly from the retail version, but I couldn’t find a proper scan…]

Vanilla Penguin

V.P Psy comes to Dorset
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Dorchester (Dorset)
Like Domo stuff...live anywhere near Dorset... night will be mainly full-on..BUT the last set will be Dj Buju of DOMORECORDS playing a phat n funky progressive set to round the night off with.

..incidentally, if people want to see more progressive psy acts, then come &support Buju /Domo...by having a good turn out for his set, it will ensure more prog sets at our nights in the future :Smile3:


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got this couple of days ago. real nice stuff. managed to squeeze in two listens so far, looking forward to the next though. sits nicely in with the Lish and Yotopia vibes :Smile3:



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it is absolute killargghh !!!!

he eh ..... ok then not killarrghhh ...... but very groovy indeed ....... if you likes ya proggy then this is for you !!


Liquid Ross

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ultraviolet22 said:
got this couple of days ago. real nice stuff. managed to squeeze in two listens so far, looking forward to the next though. sits nicely in with the Lish and Yotopia vibes :Smile3:


hmmmmmmmm .. just wot i was gonna say but think u said it first .. hehe !! cracking toooons so far !