V/A - Project Sun Dew (Beyond Logic Recs)

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track list :

1. Our Temple

2. Ultragothic

3. Atom in Molecules Shadow

4. Abhilasha

5. Checkpoint

6. Nothing can stop me

7. Dancelution

8. The F Track

9. Beyond Logic

ive had this cd for a couple of weeks now .. and i thought i'd post a review ...

Beyond Logic is a new record lable based in India, and though this is their first compilation, they are by no means new comers to this scene.
They've been throwing some kick ass parties for a while now, and this cd seems to capture the spirit and energy of BL parties perfectly.

Anyway ....
the 1st track, our temple by twisted system is a great opener. it kicks of with a nice punchy kick and bass, with whizzy noises flying all over the place. the track progresses nicely, adding layer after layer of mayhem, before erupting into a twilightish melody that is sure to destroy dancefloors. one of the highlights of the cd.

then comes ultragothic ed by by phyx. the track strats off with some dark atmospheres and a similarly dark bassline. the track builds until the breakdown, where an earie melody is introduced, finishing the track of with some fairly scary sounds. nothing specially here in my opinion.

next - atom in molecules shadow by stomp. Stomp is one of the 2 projects of Indian DJ Brian26, the other being Kerosene Club, featured on the paradiso recs cd. anyway this is another great track with a deep bassline and lots of trippy sounds buzzing all around. lots of atmosphers used in the track, finally building up into a frezied stomping session, just as the name promises.

abhilasha by memog is a welcome change from the previous 3 tracks. this track clocks in at 143 bpm, and has a nice morning feel to it. it breaks into melody fairly early, and keeps progressing, finally breaking into another moire complex melodyd towards the end. another great effort by menog.

next, is south african artist shift with Checkpoint. keeping to tradition, this is a dancefloor bomb. starts off agrressive and just keeps hitting harder and harder. and just when u think u cant possibly be whipped into any more of a frenzy, guess what .... thats just what this tune does ! smahing ..

next is another highligh for me ... anax with nothing can stop me. starts off with a hard kick and infectious bass line, and the message is clear - this guy isnt kidding - this track is a bomb. after building to a break down, a big melody is introduced .... which just gets bigger and bigger. nothing ground breaking here but it does wonder on the floor .. watch out for this guy ...

next is a combination that just spells dance floor power - toxic vs winter demon with dancelution. this track clocks in at 147 bpm, fastes of the compilation, and is pure energy from the word go ... not for faint at heart.

next comes neuromotor with the f track. the tempos back to a steady 145 bpm with this track, and overall its a well produced dance floor freindy trakc... good work from neuromotor as per his usual standards...

to end the copilation off is ground zero with beyond logic. at 143 bpm, it brings the listener back to planet earth, and ends this journey with controlled power ... morning feel to this track, with a subtle groove ery going throughout the track .... great track to great compilation ...

all in all this is a very well thought out compilation with a capacity to destro dancefloors gloablly ..
a job well done from the guys at Beyonf Logic...


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IT IS!! v.tasty!

dance floor monsters!!!!!



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