V/A - Psychedelically Yours vol. 2


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Psychedelically Yours vol. 2


Format: CD
Artist: Various
Title: Psychedelically Yours vol. 2
Label: Parvati Records, Denmark
Cat. #: PRVCD06
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 08’25†Kindzadza – Can U Feel It?
02. 08’31†N3XU5 - XXX
03. 07’22†Grapes of Wrath – The Clit Commander (Insane Behavior Rmx)
04. 07’42†Naked Tourist – One Piece
05. 07’00†Toxic - Violent
06. 09’09†Para Halu – Da Killah
07. 07’37†Jahbo - Morphadelic
08. 07’27†Insane Behavior – Wrong Doze (Syntax Error Rmx)
09. 06’14†Grapes of Wrath – All Your Base R Belong To Us


Corrupters of the trance-youth!

Danish hyper psy-trance label Parvati Records are out with their 6th instalment… This time another compilation – I’ll never quite understand Parvati’s method of counting releases, but supposedly this is the follow-up to Psychedelically Yours released in 2002… I thoroughly enjoyed the last compilation “Third Step†which was packed with crazy full-on night tunes with all kinds of funny samples – I like that kinda stuff! Anyway, Parvati Records pioneered the insane-hyper-ChemicalCrew-full-on-dark-mayhem-trance style long before it became “trendy†on the scene… They’ve been doing that stuff for years… But enough labelling for now, let’s get on with the important stuff -- let’s see what the crazy Malling-crew have to offer this time… ;o)

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: [149 BPM] First up is some dark Russian vodka-trance from Kindzadza… It should come as no surprise that this is an extremely fast-paced, hard-hitting acid stomper… Packed with crazy loops, whistles, bells, pitched-up modem sounds and all kinds of terror-ingredients… This is pedal-to-the-metal full-on night-time trance… A little to hectic for home-listening, but I’m sure it’ll work wonders @ 5 o’clock in the morning when the trance-floor is packed… Oh, and it’s a great help when you’re testing if you’ve rigged your sound-system properly… Nice track!

#02: [146 BPM] Mr. Lopez from Portugal is up next… We launch straight into some porn dialogue from some horny chick “I think I have to be gentle – mmm – we’re gonna hafta go very slowâ€â€¦ Right, so the mood is set – break out the bass drum! Lopez has chosen a slightly more tribal approach – tribal percussion mixed with metallic steel-drums … and the horny girl laughing, muttering and saying ‘ooops’ over and over again… Throughout the track, the thick acid squelches are blasting away in the background… “You’re a kinky one aren’t you?†Twisted track!

#03: [146 BPM] After a brutal acid-intro GOW throws a Jay & Silent Bob quote at us: “Remember this fucking face! Wherever you see clit you'll see this fucking face! I make that shit work! No one rules the clit like me! Not this little fuck, none of you little fucks out there! I am the master of the clit!†Right, now that we have that settled, we can move on… The acid is running even stronger in this track – full power, unmistakeable nite-mayhem… Not for the faint-hearted, but for a good laugh and some serious head-banging it’s perfect!

#04: [146 BPM] I hardly know anything about Naked Tourist – ‘cept they’ve released a few tracks on a couple of German compilations… Nice watery intro – brutally interrupted by a banging bass and some fucked-up twisted noise…This is a bit more minimal than the first 3 tracks, with a more soothing atmosphere… As soothing as twisted full-on night-trance can be!

#05: [144 BPM] Toxic from Israel launches their violent tune… This is more like tech-trance with tiny bits of melody… The first 4 minutes is pretty much only hard-core bassline, but it takes an interesting turn after that… They break out all the effects and they sure know how to twist those knobs… Tweaking extreme! The toxic acid is running strong… Sweet track!

#06: [148 BPM] “Faaaaaaaaaalling down†Let’s turn our focus to Hungary and the sound of Para Halu… Never heard of them before, but this is another very dark, spooky night track… The Gregorian chants add to the atmosphere… As with most tracks on Parvati Recs, this track has a sense of humour, and there are loads of funny movie-samples which lighten things up a bit…Oh, and you might think it’s over and done with @ 6’44 – but you’re in for a surprise… A stomping, fast-paced, rolling Halloween-trance track… Brutal track!

#07: [148 BPM] We’re back in Århus, Denmark now – with a track by Jahbo, known for his tracks on other horror-trance compilations suck as Psychovader (Apoxina) and Night 24 Hours (Inpsyde Media)… Brutal, dark, twisted – acid squelches and sequencer overdrive … I can’t make out all parts of the Danish sample “Når jeg drøner afsted, så ændres….?†…Check out the funny old-school piano bit @ 6,07 … Can’t wait to hear that on the dance floor - Pure fodder for the hardened trance-aholics!

#08: [148 BPM] More Danes – remixing Danes… So, what’s a wrong doze? When you sleep at an inappropriate time of day? It should come as no surprise that this is another extremely dark, demented tune… A dark, yet somewhat groovy bass line sets the pace - Twisted sci-fi samples and FX are sprinkled throughout the track … Truly unruly! Ha!

#09: [150 BPM] Remember the “All Your Base Are Belong To Us†quote from the 1989 Zero Wing video game? Now here is Grapes of Wrath’s tribute to the internet cult phenomenon… This is the fastest track on the compilation – so forget about chilling out with the last track… High-pitched acid-lines, digital burps and electronic farts… And of course the notorious deep, dark beats… Hold on to your hats – this is a mad ride!

As always with Parvati, the artwork is subtle, yet very fitting to the music… It presents a professional, yet underground look - I like it! Let’s talk about the important thing: The Music. Personally I have mixed feelings about this release… Generally I like it, but not unconditionally… I really, really enjoy the energy that these guys put forth – it’s so relentless and packed with humour. I like that the artists doesn’t take themselves too damn serious – and oh, how I love a good acid line, and there are plenty of those here… But as I said, I do not like this unconditionally - It’s the same feeling I get when listening to Finnish trance… Allow me to quote myself from another review: “I can only cope with [it] for a limited time in one listening session – after a while it gets too intense for me… […] So I prefer to take [it] in small doses… Kinda like a bottle of whiskey … 3-4 shots are nice, but drinking the whole bottle will leave you sick…†… And I guess I feel the same way about this… I also prefer to take this in smaller doses… This is even darker than last year’s Parvati compilation “Third Trip†which I really liked… It’s somewhat repetitive at times, and I could have wished for even more variation…

In the promotional material for this release Parvati Records describes the sound as “Crushing strong beats, vicious sequences, clear twisting synth layers and abused sampling manipulationâ€â€¦ Very true! This is pure “noise attack†if I have to put it in Skazi-terms… They continue with “A compilation that will make the believers stronger and will push away the non-believers†… Also very true… I’m positive that this will be an instant favourite among the many fans of dark, twisted, underground horror-trance – but I’m also sure, that fans of melodic, floating trance will be repulsed by the perverse, evil sounds here… But as always, tastes differ and the diversity is the beauty of our scene… Enjoy!


Favourites: 2, 5(!), 7


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Drooling... :partysmi: :runsmile: :smokingr: :shrooms: :peace:
This label, along with StoneAge and DiscoValley, are the boys. Never mind yer melodic floaty cobblers, give me brain-crunching vodka bonkers every time.

Hooray for Scandinavia and the cold bits of Russia!