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Hadra Production is happy and proud to present his 2nd compilation, Rabbani !

The title of this compilation evokes the exact moment of the inducted transe : the attraction during the religious observances of the Aiassaouas (a tribe from Morocco, country of origin of DJ Driss) which allows to access to the state of Transe.

Compiled by DJ Driss, founder of the Hadra Association and on the Trance scene since more than ten years, this compilation is more Full-On than the previous one, Hadracadabra.

Rabbani is a clever bending of known and worldwide renowned artists, like Sesto Sento, Cycle Sphere, Inner Action, Suria, Spectra or Jaia, and new promising talents from Hadra like Barak from Mexico, and Sine Die, Hergma, Shilum Bamba from Grenoble (France).

Let you carry along by the wave composed by the nine explosive tracks of this compilation, tested and approved by many Dance Floors !

1- SHILUM BAMBA : The Door is Open... 144 BPM

2- SINE DIE : Synthetic Life 145 BPM

3- BARAK : Savage Driver 147 BPM

4- INNER ACTION : Signs From The Sky 145 BPM

5- CYCLE SPHERE : Driving under the influence 146 BPM

6- SURIA VS SPECTRA : Neuractive sound 148 BPM

7- HERGMA VS SINE DIE : The Teleporter 143 BPM

8- SESTO SENTO : Magic Ball 145 BPM

9- JAIA : Epsilon 140 BPM

Release : June 2005

Boom shankar !

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
Looks interesting David :Smile3: I'll keep my eye out in June


not a bum!
although it is very fast you dont really feel it through the track.
the whole atmosphre is very gentle.
very melodic, old school full on!

then, hergma and sine die are out of the whole lot for me!!!!! impressive!


Retired user

Lookin pretty good..sure it's gonna be on heavy rotation as well..

Good luck with this one David and Nico..



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