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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Schlabb 006


Format: CDr
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Schlabbaduerst 006
Label: Schlabbaduerst ReKkords, Sweden
Cat. #: Schlabb 006
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 04’55†Zooboreal – Intodub
02. 09’22†Battle of the Future Buddhas – Leprechaun War Dub
03. 07’09†Dropout – Mushroom Groovers Easter Dub
04. 06’36†Death By Water – Those Are Pearls That Were In His Eyes
05. 07’37†Zooboreal – Taunt Your Life into the Universe
06. 04’59†Zooboreal – Moon Kitten String
07. 09’31†Skomm – The Adventures of Metatubbs
08. 06’44†Nocturnal - Sjögräs
09. 02’42†Zooboreal - Voxtri
10. 09’00†Gone Fishing – Dweamer
11. 08’43†Silent Mind – The Art of Science


Ambient Uppsala…

Schlabbaduerst – the collective of freaks hailing from the deepest recesses of Sweden’s Uppsala forests… They are nihilist - They answer to no-one – and they release great, great music… The previous releases have all been packed with dance-floor friendly music – but this one is for chilling out afterwards… As the promotional text states: “[…] for your convenience we have made an ambient compilation for the lazy end of the party when no one can stand on his/her feet anymore...†Schlabb 6 was announced ages ago, but D-Dave had problems finding just the right tracks – so fans like me have been waiting impatiently… But now it’s finally here – the sixth Schlabb instalment: Ambient Schlabb!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: The first of 4 Zooboreal tracks kick off the ambient journey in a smooth way… Dubby, lazy percussion and floating, organic melodies… “Meditation, spiritualism and loveâ€â€¦ Remember the classic sample from the Wax Trax track? Ahh, pure nostalgia… “There are many things that even the wisest of us don’t knowâ€â€¦ Very true – but I know that this is a great track…

#02: And now for the Buddha’s sweet downbeat tune… This is the original version to the (-1% Edit) version that appeared on the Demonoizer album (BooM! 2002)… As the name implies, this is dub – just about as dubby as it can get… Slowly, repetitive, lazy beats accompanied by simple melodies played on piano, synth and sitar… Well, that’s what it sounds like at least… This is exceptionally simple, yet highly effective – this is the stuff I want to listen to when lying on my back in the woods watching the leaves fall of the trees… The track gains a little more tempo in the second half and overall it’s a great piece of ambient work!

#03: The plot thickens, and the bass deepens… More dub by the usual suspects… This time it’s more psychedelic – even weirder! The guys are messing around with synths, filters, tribal percussion and random FX – and one of the deepest basses I’ve heard in a dub-track… But the combo works out well – this is a track that has grown on me – first it bugged me, but I’m starting to like it more after repeated listens… The only gripe is that I think it’s a little too fast for an ambient compilation…

#04: Death by Water is D-Dave on his own… The track starts out with some kind of echo-filter-pitched-down-Hoover-resonance-sound which in parts sounds like a weird version of The Horrorist/Front Line Assembly… This has dub-elements, but not enough to qualify as dub… This is more like experimental down-tempo – with psychedelic elements…There is an Angelo Badalamenti feel towards the end and into the next track… Nice!

#05: This track has a more tribal approach… It’s more universal than “just†Swedish – hence the title… Very floating, organic down-beat track… Beautiful soothing melodies… Percussion, synths and samples in the same vein as in the previous Zooboreal track…

#06: We float almost unnoticeable into the next Zooboreal track which starts out as another silky-smooth ambient piece…. Lovely acoustic guitars on top of a slow, drifting ambient soundscapes… Later on subtle some subtle percussion and mind-relaxing FX are added… Gorgeous track – but too short!

#07: Again, Skomm appears on a Schlabb release – just to piss everyone off! *sS* But again, Skomm works wonders – this track is sweet… Tribal at first, but changes direction into a more spacey chill-out track… Only to shift back to tribal/world beats… Loads of keyboard/organ experimentation going on here… I like the organic/electro clash feel of this track!

#08: And now: The sound of seaweed… Again, the bassline is pretty brutal for an ambient tune, and there is an overall kinda monotonous feel – but somehow it works out ok… I have a problem with some of the bizarre annoying high-pitched sounds though… Decent track!

#09: Last Zooboreal track is the way too short Voxtri – I really dig the mood in this – the singing of birds, female singing and acoustic strings makes a great combo… Why, oh why is this track so short?

#10: Dweam on dweamer… Now we’re really chilling out… Gone fishing is Lulle from Ka-Sol – and this is some REALLY minimal ambient… Loads of impressive effects are used to create this piece of stripped down electronica… Dubby, mega-slow bassline and modest synth-melodies… This is stuff I want to listen to before I venture into dreamland… Simple, yet beautiful!

#11: Silent Mind (Henrik Skott) is a new rising Uppsala star… He continues in the same style as Dweam with virtually beat-less ambient… Just mellow, relaxing, floating ambient… The soundtrack of dreams… Outstanding – ‘nuff said!

The tracks are mixed into each other, to ensure one continuous voyage… The CD starts off slow – gets kinda upbeat and then fades into two almost beat-less tracks… A truly wonderful journey… Schlabbaduerst RekKords have once again proven that they call pull off releasing stuff, which does not compromise their anarchistic vision… This was made by a bunch of guys who doesn’t really care about image – they just love electronic music… Hats off!

I’d recommend this both to hardened Schlabb fans, but also to open-minded people looking for a different approach to chill-out music… You get all sorts on this compilation… In my opinion a few of the tracks miss a certain something to be perfect (and some of the best are just too short) – but in contrast, the rest of the tracks are just wonderful… I encourage you to visit Schlabb OfFline and order this … Don’t download it – it’s really cheap! Support a small independent label, so that we can get more fresh releases like this in the future! Enjoy!


Favourites: 2, 4, 6(!), 7, 9(!), 10, 11


External links:
Schlabbaduerst OfFline: http://listen.to/Schlab

[Note: This is not the actual cover – just something I made in Windows Paint to give an indication of what it looks like…In the true Schlabb spirit!]