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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – ServeEm2wice


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Artist: Various
Title: ServeEm2wice
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: PsyBooty (USA)
Cat. #: PBCD002CD
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 27 March 2006

Track listing:

01. 08’45†Equisol - Mokoko
02. 09’01†M-Field - Grokwave
03. 09’11†Behind Blue Eyes – Rumble In The Jungle (Vacuum Stalkers Remix)
04. 06’42†Etienne – This Moment In Time
05. 06’55†prophei – sickly fantastic
06. 08’05†ProSect – In Styled
07. 06’31†Duca - Pozitiva
08. 09’12†M-Field - Focus
09. 08’54†Sound Field – Passion Session

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/pboow (all tracks!)


Twice the edge, balls and mojo…

The PsyBooty label, based in San Francisco, is out with their second crossover compilation. The first one, Get The Lead Out, was released in the summer of 2005 and despite the very enthusiastic reviews it got, I’ve not yet had the pleasure of shaking my psybooty to it… From what I’ve understood though, PsyBooty gave birth to a whole new sound that fused progressive trance with a wide array of electronic genres… Cool! I can’t wait to dig deeper into this… Let’s!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Equisol - Mokoko
First up is Equisol (US-based producer Steven Fava) who was also on the first PsyBooty compilation… He kicks things in gear with a subtle-yet-playful Aussie-sounding progressive groover… Kinda lo-fi at times, but immensely melodic at others – like a slightly techier version of Antix… Sexy, sizzling-hot beach house progressive trance with a pinch of electro-lime… Not bad at all, but I could have wished for some peaks or climaxes for further enjoyment… But I guess this is meant as a groovy, afternoon DJ tool and it’s a damn nice one too…

#02: M-Field – Grokwave
M-Field is a collaboration between Jay Indigom and label DJ Rob-ot (Rob Watson) and this track is a taster from their upcoming debut album… This track is deep, funky, electrified progressive trance – with a whole lot of edge, balls and mojo! So yeah, kinda like Phony Orphants and Beat Bizzarre, this is rich progressive trance with deep roots in tech-trance… I can’t pinpoint it any closer, but this is a really sweet and hypnotizing track…

#03: Behind Blue Eyes – Rumble In The Jungle (Vacuum Stalkers Remix)
BBE is the newly established project from Danish producers Michael Abel-Larsen (aka. Iboga Records label boss Banel) & Rene Nielsen (one half of Beat Bizarre). Rumble was one of the most maximal and majestic tracks off their debut album Behind Blue Eyes released last year – and here’s the Vacuum Stalkers remix… I haven’t heard much from these Russian producers (Daniel Roeth & Vladimir Sedov) except from their tasty downtempo alias Koan. Anyway, unlike the original this remix is pretty much in full effect right from the get-go – and we’re really digging deep into funky Russian progressive tech-trance… The epic, uplifting elements from the original are somewhat intact and they help balance the track out nicely – and I’d say that this track easily compasses the PsyBooty signature sound… Delicious!

#04: Etienne – This Moment In Time
American act Etienne has a vast musical background in metal, punk and industrial and has recently crossed over into psy-territory… It’s easy to hear that this track draws musical inspiration from the genres mentioned earlier, as this is a melting pot of styles kept within a framework of progressive psychedelia… An electro-ridden tour de force into driving, banging psytrance with a major splash of minimal, teKkno and progressive trance… It’s maybe not as easily accessible as the previous track, but given some time this is a very rewarding, razor-sharp track… Nice!

#05: prophei – sickly fantastic
This is the infamous guy who made the single dAATh remixed by Hallucinogen! Yikes! Anyway, this American producer of industrial, pop and psytrance has cooked up and full-power crossover tune… The old weird-as-fuck meter has been cranked up and this is easily the most bizarre track here… IDM’esque passages are accompanied by bouncy basslines, twirling melodies and freaky synth-lines… The sexy voice samples were supposedly recorded live and ‘in the flesh’ and I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of fetish-event that took place at… But yeah, this is maximal, eclectic dance music… It’s definitely very unique, but parts of it are simply too hectic for my taste… But an interesting track nevertheless and I’m sure it’ll grow on me…

#06: ProSect – In Styled
“Got to know my style!†ProSect is Ukrainian-born, Israeli-based producer Andy Yakovlev (Sonify) who has yet to let me down with his VERY diverse production talent… The crossover maestro! And sure enough, this track is another excursion into multi flavoured, eclectic electronica… This is as much sweaty house as it is uplifting, epic club-trance – and everything in between! The sound-spectre is full and if it wasn’t for the somewhat silly voice-sample, this would have been one of the best track here… But hey, it’s still a frekkin excellent choon! So yeah, another fav’e from ProSect… Brilliant!

#07: Duca – Pozitiva
Duca is Dusan Sekic from Serbia who has released a full album + a bunch of compilation tracks under his Anax alias… I liked his hard-hitting, yet totally funky and tribal track on the 2005 Organic Records compilation Invasion From Hyperspace. This track is not as hard as his Anax tracks, but it’s even funkier! This track is like a fusion between Balaeric club-trance and rich, sweaty progressive house not unlike Insane Creation… Nice and glowing, but somehow also a little too well-polished compared to some of the previous tracks… It lacks a little ‘bite’ somehow! Another DJ transition tool I guess…

#08: M-Field – Focus
M-Field is back with another hypnotizing, though a little less teKky tune… But besides from that, this tune is very similar to their previous track… Fast-paced, electro/tech-house rolled up in a mouth-watering progressive trance spliff… And nice and enjoyable tune, though there’s nothing overly groundbreaking going on here…

#09: Sound Field – Passion Session
Andy Yakovlev (ProSect) is joined by fellow Israli producer Liron Atia (one half of The Poofs) on another hybrid track. I really liked their joyous track off the 2005 Oxygen Records compilation Parsec… And yes, this is another uplifting, sunrise track… Complete with acoustic and electric guitars + floating melodies + a VERY impressive rhythm section… Normally I’m not the biggest fan of epic, cheesy stuff, but when it’s cooked up by these guys I have to surrender… This is AWESOME! Beautiful music that crosses well into club land, but never gets cheesy! Now that’s an accomplishment! Stellar track!

Once, twice, three times a compilation! Yeah, this surely is one of the most versatile compilations I’ve heard in a while… With only nine tracks this compilation spans from epic/uplifting house and trance over technoid, pounding industrial psytrance to gritty, electro-ridden progressive trance… An wide array of musical styles and sub-genres. And that’s all done without throwing the flow or clashing styles! Hell, I’m impressed by that accomplishment alone, and that’s without mentioning the sheer magnitude of some of these tracks!

Musically we’re really being spoilt here. There are no bad tracks here, and with only a couple of less-great tracks, this is easily worth a purchase. The cover art is stylish and everything reeks quality on this excellent release! Fans of diverse hybrid-trance need to check this out – pronto! Now go shake your PsyBooty…Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3(!), 4, 5, 6, 9(!)


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In my hand, for a listen tonight... groovy baby!! messed up Industrial Psychedelic House best not dissapoint :Wink3: