V/A - Suspended Reality


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Suspended Reality


Artist: Various
Title: Suspended Reality
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Ketuh Records (Portugal)
Cat. #: KTH004
Distribution: Wirikuta
Date: February 2004

Track listing:

01. 07’34†Phyx – Psycho Grooves
02. 08’04†Shrink – Planet-X
03. 07’22†Azax Syndrom – Circles of Hipocrasy
04. 07’15†Audialize - Neurologic
05. 08’16†N3XU5 – Ghost in the Shell
06. 06’38†Killer Buds – Another World
07. 06’16†Transdriver - Denge
08. 07’16†The Zealator vs. Texas Faggot – Toilet Trees
09. 08’16†Kluster – CPU 500% Rmx


“Mortality as home entertainment? This can not be the future – can it!?â€

I know my review is extremely late on this compilation – it was released back in February 2004, and prior to that it had been announced for at least 6 months… But after a couple of changes to the track list, it was finally released… This compilation was the 4th from Ketuh Records in Portugul… Right now, they are prolly rigging up their shit for the upcoming Boom Festival which starts in only a couple of days… Oh how I wish I could be there… Anyway, this compilation has some sweet tracks on it, and I think it deserves a full review while we wait for upcoming comps from Ketuh… Let’s see what DJ P_Mac has compiled for us…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: First up is Phyx from South Africa – Mr. Ian Summs have had tracks on pretty much all of Timecode’s compilations, but this was his first on Ketuh… This track pretty much sets the mood for the rest of the compilation… Thick, dark, distorted, acid-driven night-trance… Harsh, gloomy and with hints of gritty, industrial sounds – definitely not for the faint-hearted… And you’ll need a proper stereo to enjoy this to the fullest – damn, this is some hardcore shit… I could’ve wished for a more melodic approach, but I’m sure this track appeals to the dunkel-trance army… Decent track!

#02: “If you do not know the present, how can you claim to know the future?†Next up is Shrink from Portugal… An artist I’ve never heard about before, but this continues in the same vein, only slightly lighter, with more emphasis on synths… I dig the percussion here, the stiff kicks, the acid-riffs and the cool voice-samples… I think there is a guitar lurking around somewhere in the background too… This is definitely not bad for a debut release – OK track!

#03: Azax Syndrom from Israel shouldn’t need any further introduction… After a creepy voice-sample spoken by a child, the usual madness brakes loose – a phat wall of sound: Haunting, horror atmosphere, driving acid-lines and a dark, repetitive bassline… I’m impressed how massive this track sounds – I mean no mp3 will ever do this justice; I’ll bet the frequency band is packed… Massive track, so to speak…

#04: Next up is Portuguese Audialize, known for his “Wanted†album released on Ketuh last year… And DAMN, I need to get my hands on that album, ‘cause this is an absolute fucking corker of a track! Slick, chilled intro… Groovy compositions, Posford-like voice samples, trippy synth leads, haunting melodies and background pads and a subtle kick… A perfect combination! That climax part @ 4,19 sends chills down my spine… Awesome track!

#05: N3ux5 is another Portuguese dude… I was particularly impressed with Mr. Lopez’ track on the Parvati compilation “Psychedelically Yours Vol. 2†– and though this technically was released first, it continues in the same vein as XXX… Extremely fast-paced, hard-hitting bassline and raging acid-fest… Clever use of stereo-FX here and some heavily modified tribal drums… Perfect for those dark nights on the trance-floor Sweet, sweet track!

#06: “Sometimes the mind behaves as if it were a dream...â€. Killer Buds is another unknown project to me – all I know is that they are from Brazil. They launch straight into a fast-paced, acid-ridden, stomping track… Despite some short monotonous moments, this track has a very phat groove to it… It has the very funny sample: “Mortality as home entertainment? This can not be the future – can it!?†*sS* Squealch-o-rama Brazilian style… I dig!

#07: Next up is Transdriver from Russia … with love! This is lighter than the majority here, though not light as in ‘fluffy’ – oh no, this is still very much night trance… I like the variation here – always evolving and constant building and generally more psychedelic that the rest… Beware; it can mess with your head… Sweet! Very cool break-down @ 1’30… And check out the downright bizarre children’s choir… Funny track!

#08: Never heard of The Zealator before, but they are Australian – and I’m guessing they have something to do with The Faggot’s refuge down under… Texas Faggot should need no introduction – those insane, sauna-trance Finns now residing in Australia… This is typical Thixx Thick/Penti Slayer style with random noises, irregular beats and all kinds of fucked up ingredients… Not bad at all, I just don’t understand what the hell this track is doing on this compilation!?… It sticks out – for the wrong reason – it seems strangely out of place… What gives?

#09: Last up is Kluster from Sweden, who normally releases their stuff on Digital Psionics and Stoneage Records… But this is their second release on Ketuh… A nice, organic floating intro with lighter, fluffier elements… And wasps! Auch, they freak me out! This track has the unique Kluster-trademark sound: The synthetic melody… Nice! Though this track is lighter and more stripped down than some of the other tracks, I find it kinda boring at places… But I guess it’s cool for chilling out after those massive-wall-of-sound tracks to come before it… Decent track!

For some reason, this compilation didn’t really get much attention when it was released back in February – but I guess this year have had so many great releases that it kinda drowned in the masses… But let me just stress that there are at least 4 really, really good tracks here… Tracks that deserves attention, and would justify anyone giving this some extra attention… Especially fans of darker, Pavarti/Ørebro-style-night-trance should not miss this one…

I for one will not hesitate to recommend this compilation while we wait for upcoming Ketuh compilations: ‘Sonic Pantomime’ out in the end of August and the ‘Peacemaker’ compilation coming in October… Both of which will share many of the artists found on this compilation. Chekkit!

Favourites: 4 (!!), 5 (!), 6, 7


External links:
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Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detail.jsp?showDetail=38092
Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/kth/kth1cd004.html (Audio samples available!)
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Chaos Unlimited: http://www.chaosunlimited.co.uk/cgi-bin/product.asp?LR=KTHCD04

[NB: Sold out @ Saiko Sounds & Psyshop… But Chaos & Wirikuta has it!]