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Timeless - Utopia Records
1. Audiotec - Tantra
2. Ultravoice - Psyde
3. Perplex - Cultures
4. Sixsense - Tropical Magic
5. Vibe Tribe - Albert Balbert
6. Silent Scream - Twister
7. Ananda Shake - Dream Drop
8. Elec3 vs Toxic Toy - New Possibilities
9. Chemical Drive - Pause

One of my favourite labels at the mo and they've come up with another corker. Exactly the way I like my Trance. Bouncy, happy, melodic. It's kind of hard to pick a favourite as I like them all. Utopia seem to have a really strong group of artists writing for them at the moment and I hope a few more artist albums are expected soon like Audiotec and Sixsense
Heard the sound clips of this and it sounded grrrreat! Im with you Sanfu, Utopia are realeasing bouncy, happy melodic trance that's hitting the spot!
Pure Imagination was one of my favourite compilations of recent times.
Looking forward to getting this at the weekend :partysmi:

For more bouncy, happy melodicness I would recommend Final Fantasy on Com.Pact :Wink3:
Playing this lots at the moment.
Very melodic and uplifting.

Stand-out tracks for me are Sixsense - Tropical Magic and Vibe Tribe - Albert Balbert. 2 wonderful tunes guaranteed to make you feel happy :sun:

Really looking forward to the forthcoming Audiotec release and hope that Vibe Tribe release an artist album soon as I have yet to hear a bad tune from them. :jump: