V/A "Trancelvania" - Pukka Music - out 5th of September 2005


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Cat No: PMCD002
Format: jewel case
Release Date: 5th of September 2005

Track listing:

1. Z Machine : No Complication
2. Bliss : Out of the Chaos
3. Parrket : Harlequin’s Guard
4. Unnatural : New Mecca
5. Alternative Control feat. DjAquapipe : The other Side of the Scale
6. 220V Vs Interactive : Alcohol
7. Inner Action : Restricted Files
8. Elec3 : Ambush
9. Eskimo: After Hours

Label Profile:

Pukka Music is a new record label based in London, UK.
The first compilation “Listen to me loudâ€, which was released at the end of 2004, generated some amazing feedback and proved a huge success. Following this, Pukka Music is planning four new releases for this year.
Managed by Vlado Andonovic with the assistance of Lim-Lim, the label will endeavour to release only the best of fresh up and coming artists from around the world. Their strict, careful choice of sound and variety of styles make this label’s releases very unique.

The production and the ideas in the music are the main criteria that account for the label’s choice whether for release or for Vlado’s Dj sets. So far he’s played in countries such as Germany, France, Croatia, Russia, Holland, Morocco, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, etc… as well as many parties around the UK. His style varies and is dependant on the crowd, it ranges from deep, groovy and atmospheric through to more twisted and crunchy night time madness and of course through to full on morning, melodic, uplifting melodies, yet all this is experienced within the defined parameters of the psychedelic realm.

Artist Profile:

Since the first Pukka Music release, Vlado has played on more then 50 parties around the world and slowly but surely his interest into music production have deepened. He’s just produced another track in collaboration with Eskimo which will be coming out towards the New Year 2006 on the next Pukka Music compilation. After long hours of listening, careful choice and lots of tweaking Vlado manages to compile one more psychedelic journey full of surprises and twists. “Trancelvania†includes 9 previously unreleased track by new up and coming artists from countries such as Israel, UK, Brazil, Croatia, Serbia and Spain.
The whole CD varies in its style and presents the current direction of trance music.

1. The compilation starts with the amazing track “No Complication†by Z MACHINE from Israel.Paul Marks is already known for his full on psychedelic sets around the world and over the past year he has been busy creating his first debut album which will be released in October 2005 on Pukka Music. Here we find a great mix between the old and the new, where sounds of the late 90’s are blended with his latest ideas and up to date production technologies. A fitting start to remind us of where we have come from and where we are going to. The track’s fat and clean production with its really deep bass line gives a fine impression of what is to come and shows how serious this journey will be.

2. The second track is “Out of the Chaos†by the new Israeli talent BLISS who’s album is coming out soon on Phantasm Rec. Yonatan has spent a lot of time in his studio upgrading his knowledge in music production and is now ready to unleash his talents upon the world. The production of this track is again top notch. The low and fat bass line will be sure to surprise you on several occasions, as well as the intelligent twists and development of the percussion, where the listener has no choice but to give his full attention to the music. A new style of arrangement full with well-defined fresh sounds to stir your interest even more in what is to follow…

3. After the huge positive feedback from the first release on Pukka Music, the young Croatian artist PARRKET is back with the same style. “Harlequin’s Guard†takes the journey down a darker, heavier path with a twisted, mean and yearning groove. An aggressive takeover with scratchy leads and some really nice uplifting eastern European melody to spice up the already boiling kettle.

4. Next in line is the new Brazilian act called UNNATURAL. As we all know, the scene in Brazil has exploded and these days trance is considered as main stream over there. So it is rare that one can find an artist like Carlos, who brings soul directly to his writing. His track, “New Mecca†reminds and takes us back to the old Goa trance days. Definitely some flash back sounds and melodies with really nice clean and driving production. A guaranteed dance feeler.

5. As the title says: “The Other Side of the Scale†by ALTERNATIVE CONTROL is really the other side of what you would usually hear from Rastko and Toca, two young and enthusiastic artists from Serbia. The contrast to their usual sound is most likely a result of their collaboration with DJ AQUAPIPE and to be honest, it sounds amazing. A subtle uplifting journey into melodic madness.

6. In the second half of the compilation, which began with quite a moody and serious tone, is the track called “Alcoholâ€. This is another collaboration between handful of Brazilians who’s artist names are 220V & INTERACTIVE. This young group of artists have already released tracks on many well-known labels such as Mind Control, Spun, Phantasm, Proton .etc. Located on the sandy beaches in South America, their inspiration is drawn from everywhere. Influenced by the new age sound, here they present their latest uplifting full on psychedelia with crystal clear production, a fat unusual bass line and melodic psychedelic riffs, as well as the weirdest reverbed cosmic sounds.

7. Roy and Nico a.k.a. INNER ACTION are the new storming duo located in Barcelona, Spain. Their first debut album is coming out soon on Procyon Rec. and they have already played at many parties around the world. With big support from CPU and Sirius Isness they managed to develop their sound and turn it into a decent Live act. For this compilation, they decided to open their “Restricted Files†and have created the acidic morning blaster which shocks the dance floor every time played. Twisted sounds from the beginning till the end, layered with nice morning atmospheres.

8. ELEC3 is another talented Israeli duo with that magical twinkle necessary for the daylight hours. “Ambush†is a perfect track to move us on into the morning. Big production, gentle melodies and a driving beat. Perfect for all your outdoor adventures and definitely music for the sensitive side of one’s soul. Definitely one that the girls will appreciate.

9. For a brilliant finish to this sound experience, we have the morning master peace “After Hours†by one of the most well-known young artists, ESKIMO. In this track, tribal vibrations rise up through the floor as he sprinkles our senses with colourful acidic leads featuring typical Eskimo melodies and trills, a perfect end to an unforgettable journey.

This compilation is a dream come true for those with high expectations !!!

I hope u enjoy the choise and any coments,feedbacks are more then welcome.

Next UK gigs and promo party for the new release :

19th of August @ Toadstool, Gloucester ;
9th of September @ Kulu, Bradford ;
15th of Octomber @ Acid Monkey, Pukka Music label Party - 3 CD release launch
.... more to be confirmed

Vlado @ Pukka Music


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