V/A - Wireless (Plusquam 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A - Wireless


Artist: Various
Title: Wireless
Format: CD (digipack)
Label: Plusquam Records (Germany)
Cat. #: PQR 108 CD
Distribution: Cosmophilia/Wakyo
Date: March 2005

Track listing:

01. 08’24†V-Tunes – G-Con
02. 08’47†Buzzmonx – All You Can Eat
03. 08’20†Fusi & Johnson – Trouble Galaxy
04. 07’47†Liquid Soul – Open Mind
05. 07’10†Paste – Down On The Street
06. 06’12†Nyquist - Flatline
07. 09’27†Ryan Halifax – The Beauty And The Beat
08. 08’36†Varoman – Kickin’ & Drummin’



Plusquam Records from Germany have released loads and loads of progressive gems and especially since DJ Laureth took control they’ve spit out high-quality progressive releases in a steady stream… I like their narrow spectre – focussing at what they do best. I still enjoy the Buzzmonx album Toms'n Jerry released last summer – and I’m hoping Laureth have compiled some groovy stuff here… Let’s find out…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: V-Tunes – G-Con
V-Tunes are Sandro Kulka & Hans Muster from Switzerland and so far everything I’ve heard from these guys was above average standard… I particularly enjoyed their track on the Inspirazzia compilation released by VP Records earlier this year… That track was on the trancier side of progressive trance… So it this, though to a lesser extent… This is über-cool, smooth progressive summer-trance – with big phat FREqqy reverbs… Works great both at home and on the dancefloor… Would blend in perfectly with most FREq or Kooler… Sweet track!

#02: Buzzmonx – All You Can Eat
As mentioned above, I thoroughly enjoyed the debut album Toms’n Jerry released by Buzzmonx last summer… Sascha Haske & Sebastian Plehn from Germany hasn’t lost their touch and still creates magic once they combine forces… I mean – just check the fucking intro… Not since Krüger & Coyle’s 'Love Juice' have I heard such a horny chick in a tune… Musically this track is also drenched in massive reverb-bass mayhem… I’m a reverb-sucker, so this is sweet nectar to my ears… Very housey – very smooth – very progressive – and deeply infectious! The explosion @ 5’44 sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it… A perfect track!

#03: Fusi & Johnson – Trouble Galaxy
Fusi & Johnson are Thomas Johanshon and Fabio Fusco from Hamburg – also know as Mapusa Mapusa and the track ‘Beachball’ on Irresistible Meltdown Vol. 3 … Anyway, this is much deeper progressive trance now – we’re diving deeper into the darker realms of progressive night-trance now… The bassline is blunt and repetitive – and again soaked in reverb… The entire rhythm section with tribal percussion is also very nice… This track will work wonders on the trancefloor… Very nice!

#04: Liquid Soul – Open Mind
Liquid Soul is the creative outlet of one Nicola Capoblanco – and I have absolutely no idea whatsoever who he/she is… But I’m gonna keep and eye out as this is really nice… We stay in the deeper realms of progressive trance here and there is a distinct metallic quality to this track… The tribal percussion goes hand in hand with the pounding, hard-hitting bassline creating a very danceable track… Sprinkled around are a handful of psychedelic twists and voice samples, but they seem oddly out of place… They do not ruin an otherwise great, driving track though… Trancefloor fodder!

#05: Paste – Down On The Street
Patrick Sonderegger & Stefan Keller have been progressive players for years and their experience really shines through on this jewel… Super-cool surprise intro - reminiscent of some of their older, more minimal stuff… The bassline is ultra-deep, monotonous and downright mean – crude Boshke fodder! The pads are huuuge – orchestral – majestic even… Impressive! Great if you’re dancing on chemicals, but for home listening this is a little too rough for my tastes… However – this is pure napalm for any dancefloor!

#06: Nyquist – Flatline
Nyquist is an Aran “FREq†Gallagher moniker…It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the FREq-sound – but I’m glad he didn’t release this a FREq-track as it is notably different… This is a much darker, more introvert track… It’s still progressive trance, but we’re still rummaging around in the darker realms of prog… Gone are the most obvious house-elements, and we’re left with a stripped-down, subtle night-track… It’s kinda minimal, though there are uplifting elements such as melodic background pads to balance things out a little… But – in all honesty I like Aran as FREq much better than this track…

#07: Ryan Halifax – The Beauty And The Beat
Ryan Halifax should need no further introduction… I was really impressed with the track he did with Marc Vision on the Back To The Future compilation released on Groove Zone earlier this year… This is less funky though – in fact its one tribal, bass-blasting motherfucker! Very driving and at the same time very monotonous... It’s very hard to describe – but there is something hypnotizing about this… Thick housey elements and a bassline from the planet Bounce… I can’t decide whether I like this track or not… Weird!

#08: Varoman – Kickin’ & Drummin’
This track by Björn Mandry & Frank Savaro was released on a 2004 Plusquam 12â€â€¦ As the title suggests this is a very percussion-driven track – with emphasis on kicks and drum-programming… It starts out kinda weak – but as soon as the bassline is introduced things starts to shape up… But it’s still a pretty simple, light track – would work best in the beginning of a proggy set… Not bad, but not great either… But the competition is fierce on this compilation! ;o)

As you can tell I really, really, REALLY like the first five tracks on this compilation… And especially the first three are among the best progressive stuff I’ve heard this year – if not the best… They are hands down awesome! The last three tracks are not bad at all – they score high on the experimental scale - they just pale in comparison with the first five… But generally speaking this compilation is phat! The quality level is very high and most of these tracks deserve to be blockbusting summer-anthems… Very well done Laureth – you rock!

Nuff said! Fans of rich, funky progressive trance needs this compilation! Go get it! Enjoy!

Favourites: 1(!), 2(!!!), 3(!), 4, 5,


External links:
Plusquam Records: http://www.plusquam-records.net
Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/7fynz
Saiko Sounds: http://tinyurl.com/awp7m
Wakyo: http://tinyurl.com/cp3wo
Chaos: http://tinyurl.com/bsv3n
Musicdock: http://tinyurl.com/8pry3
RecRec: http://tinyurl.com/e2ta9


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.bristol ...
ooo thats good to hear, i just ordered it yesterday, so allowing for weekend laziness + a day or two to sort things out should be on my doorstep midweek :Smile3:


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Sounds SUPERB. Cant wait to hear it. Really like your reviews,and trust your ears!!!
Shame we don't have a strong progressive scene in London. Keep on guiding me!!! :Smile3:


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Track 7 is wicked. Probably my favorite one - great for mixing and goes down a treat on the dancefloor ........ Dirty progressive ........ oooh !