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a up one and all just found youir site through my wonderings around the web and thought i'd say hello and give some contacts for all people who might be interseted in visuals within the club sceen, pluss a bit of blatent self promotion but hay i can allwasy be edited, lol,

anyway a little bit about me, resident v.j. at Cabbage, leeds http://www.purusha.demon.co.uk/index.htm
been doing visuals in one form or outher for the last 10-15 years check out http://www.vjcentral.com/member/show/51

but enough about my self have some links to vj forums and vj central for all your live visual mixing info, by the way its not my site i just help edit it


just thought some of you guys might be interested in some of the discusions on the go espescialy if you are interested in the whole visual club experiance
yo yo yo..... i live in pontefract near leeds and it's took me this long to hear about you guy's' big up for the northern party scene...... few friends come but still aint managed to get through;' but 31stjan04 sounds good to me!!
Keep up the good work.... john xx :peace: