VA - 24/7 Compiled by Astralex (2006)


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VA - 24/7 Compiled by Astralex (2006)

1. 24/7

2. Ratio dividers

3. Unparameterisized feature

4. Whammy Mammy (Materia rmx)

5. Blend

6. Elastic mood

7. Frenetic
2 HI

8. Level up

9. K and B

This is the first compilation of the Austrian Label 24/7 rec. It has been selected and arranged by DJ Astralex and consists of freshly produced, and so far unpublished, full on and driving psychedelic beats, coming directly from the studios.

The album starts right into full gear with a masterful track by Materia from Austria....rolling basslines, clever voice sampling gets you wanting to hear more from the album instantly.
The next track is by of my favorites on this album, it has such a nice flow to it, progessing at every turn and making you wanna tap that foot. At 2:00 into the track this clever little melody kicks in with faster basslines and by now you are wanting more and more and you are rewarded handsomly! Whats this? Some wicked guitar riffs playing just teasing in the background and some more crunchy sound kicks in! Bang Bang BOOM!!

Bliss and Maxximus produce some squidgy sounds here! Love the quick little buildup to this massive sound that booms right through you. This'll grab anyone in the mood for a hard stomp, it has all those right elements! Dare a say almost eskimo style, but in their own unique formula. Just love the play on bass later on in the track!
Next up we have a wonderful remix of Whammy Mammy kicking it up full time. Spooky and scary it really gets down and dark!
Another one of my favorites by one of my best acts....Perplex.....give us a wonderul production that never ceases to please. With groovy twisted basslines, crunchy sounds and floating bouncing balls this is guaranteed to attract the ppl to your dancefloor. WEEEEHOOOOOOO!!!!
It'll make the ass wiggle and the legs bounce! Gotta love that fastfingered drumming and sound that I can only describe as underwater gibberish babble, hehehehe.
Elastic Mood by Loud sounds exactly as its track name suggests. Stretched sounds, vibrating bass and beautiful samples of more underwater bobbles, all together it makes one awesome tune! I can imagine myself flying through the summer sky with no worries in the world. Just listen to 4min in REALLY LOUD and Close your eyes.....just watch out though

Next track we have 2 Hi from Brazil giving it his all! One superb track! This would sound great on a huge rig....large sounds and solid basslines.
WOOOO!! Vibra!!! Dooom dedede dooom dooom!!! KICK IT!!! This track (my FAV on the album is Amazing, Studendous, massiv!!! Jittering little sounds flowing from side to side, magic drums and more huge sounds thumping! Another brazillian winner!! This far I've yet to find anything wrong with this album.
And last buy not least Project FM gives us a closer track of wonderment. Bopping along in the sunshine would put a smile on anyones face. Trippy little bassjumps, but slow moving jive combine to make this wonderful track hum with goodness.

24/7 are also preparing three new compilations. Each of three party communities will select a compilation, which will go by their respective name (Event Horizon, Darklines, Symbiosis). This means that three further compilations will presumably be released at an interval of two to four months this year. The compilation is mastered by: Cass Irvine (Wired Masters).
Catalogue No.: 247CD001