VA - A Magical Journey 2 (Ajana Records)


Ajana Records is pleased to announce the second compilation in the chill-out serie 'A Magical Journey'.
The Magical Journey 2 goes further where the first Journey ended. Ajana Records presents a tracklist with mostly label artsists but also newcomers in the chill-out scene.


1. Electrypnose vs Ecalypt - Nabuconodosor
2. Olien - Ozeanic
3. Chronos - Sky Path
4. Unstable Elements - Technical Illusions
5. Atriohm - Beyond Rituals
6. Capsula - Dice Man
7. Procs - Fascinating Superhero
8. Psyfactor - Galileo space mission
9. Zoe Wheelingz - Shadow is back

More info and 2 min. samples:

Releasedate: May 1st 2006

You can expect more music coming from Electrypnose and Chronos on Ajana Records this year.



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Festive Camel
I like the first one in this series, especially the first track, which is just brilliant IMO.

Is that Pushkar on the cover?


it took me a while to get around to buying the first one , mainly because it's press release kept declaring it as being "Dark" ambient......who the fuck would ever want anything that was dark ambient ??!! anyway by the time I got around to listening to it I realised there was nothing dark about it, infact it was good tribal psychedelic downtempo stuff.....lets hope this is more of the same.


blah blah blah
tripowski said:
Is that Pushkar on the cover?

Its looks like it - though only time I was there was in the hot season and the lake was a lot lower...


Thanks for the nice words :Smile3: Yes it is Pushkar indeed, this is the view on the village from the other side of the lake. This photograph is taken in 1994 when I was on one of my trips in India.

This is not dark ambient, allthough there is a lot of dark ambient made. Our press statement for the first Magical Journey never mentioned dark ambient but some shops made their own interpretation. These compilation are pure chill-out music with lots of psychedelic influences.

You can preorder your copy and it will be send out to you on wednesday April 26.