VA - Acid Mutants - Disco Valley recs


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
not sure how new this is, but i just picked it up recently.... and first listen just now among the daisies and li'l flying fellas in the back garden... strewth!

1. Terminator / Cube
2. Fungus Funk / Geona
3. Psychotic Micro / Vampire Legend
4. Parasense / Iron Punk
5. Mic / Arithmetic
6. Freaking / ICQ
7. Fungus Funk / Dis
8. Seroxat / Mental Distorted
9. Psychotic Micro / Fright Night

the fungus funk tunes are sublime, seriously with all this talk of stagnation in the scene this is like a ray of sunshine... as far as this reporter can see, this appears to be where it's at :Smile3:

anyone agree??
its great, track 4 is just PERFECT powerful squat death.

i'm not feeling fungus funk nearly as much thanks to his use of wank arpeggio's

but, yeah, wicked comp
I bought this a few months back and i agree! IT ROCKS :speaker: , really wikid dark tunes :ph34r: for when you'd rather have a bowl of cocoa pops :? ! (Also goes well with mushrooms! :shrooms: )

Much love
Moodle x
Guys, it's already been mentioned :Smile3: I played track one at PsyProject last weekend :Smile3: :sun: :peace: You can find it here :smokingr: