VA - Between the lines - Groove Control


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Got this album today and I’ve gotta say its feckin A1.
Every track has something for the avid progressive fan.

1. Ski Fi - Sun Start To Shine - 140
2. Xibalba - Your Voice (Blackout Remix) - 135
3. Sync - Fretless - 139
4. Liquidsoul - Choice - 140
5. Vaishiyas - Peak - 140
6. Symphonix - Pneumatic - 138
7. Nasa - Unfaithful - 137
8. Analog Pussy - Sound Of Soul - 132
9. Sonnenvakuum - Firefly - 138

The Liquid Soul and Sonnenvakuum tracks are my favs.
I‘m now on my third listen today.
It rules. :Smile3:

Jon Kenobi

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I put a thread up in the general music discussion asking about this CD.....after no response I thought I'd just jump in and get it and I gotta say that I wasnt dissapointed...I likey :Smile3:


sounds good! will check out :Smile3:


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Picked up a copy of this on monday, and just had to find this thread to reiterate how utterly fab it is :Grin: :sun:


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Only listened to it twice, but I really like! :Grin:

5. Vaishiyas - Peak - Nice!!