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1. Bonky – Thanks Tim
2. Cactus – Logitech
3. Zirkin & Zebra-N – The G World
4. Quasar – Kami Kami (rmx)
5. Quasar – Hoffman Overdrive
6. Blisargon Demogorgon vs Encephalopaticys – Isometric Constitution
7. Entropy – Escape
8. Double R.E.L – Decrypted Sound
9. Double R.E.L – Prehysterical Moment

DOOF has always pushed the borders by releasing sounds that were off the beaten track. Sounds that were interesting, and complex. Sounds that evolved into the dark psy music that is gaining force in our little trance scene all over the world. This time they are taking things over the edge. “BOOO†is all about the “flashback factorâ€. a collection of audio trips featuring the full spectrum of inner space traveling. Good trips, bad trips, funny trips these are the ingredients of this weird compilation which explores new territories in the psychedelic fields of doofland . DOOF Records have decided to experiment on you, now let's see who can really handle this. This one will be very different musically from what you’re used to. Some real spooky psy – for the brave ones. But if you manage to cross the mystic interface, you’ll never want to return. Take a dip into audio chemistry. BOOO!!

Expected Release Date: End of February 2005

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Quasar and Blisargon Demogorgon :wow: Looking forward to this one :clubjump: :cooljump: