VA - Dirty South - Acidance Records (out Sept. 2005)


resident american
Proudly Presents DIRTY SOUTH
Compiled by DJ Mist

Artist : Various
Title : Dirty South
Label : Acidance Records
Catalog # : ACIDCD012
Release Date : September 2005

01 – Claw vs. Paranoize – A Message from the Ghetto
02 – Blisargon Demogorgon – Others Are Awaken
03 – Xenomorph – Inextricable Distraughtness
04 – Mubali – Gromit
05 – Damage – Predator
06 – Toxic – Arise
07 – Azax Syndrom – Chemical Abuse
08 – Abomination – Dynomite
09 – Iron Madness vs. S.D6 – Dinak’s Productions

Imagine a place, imagine a land, where people kick up some dust to the psychedelic rhythms with a beer in hand. Throw in a few cowboy hats, a will to survive in the abyss of American pop culture, and you’ve begun to imagine the place affectionately called the “Dirty Southâ€. Which is exactly where Mist, a veteran DJ on the Texas scene, carefully complied and battle tested the nine tracks we offer up here in venues as diverse as one room dive bars, isolated field parties, mega clubs, and dark forests. Culled from the ranks of artists both seasoned and fresh to the global scene, these powerful tunes capture the energy, passion, and spirit of a land as unique and diverse as the grains of sand in the desert. Builds as aggressive as the tornado; bass lines as deep as the Gulf of Mexico; melodies both as pristine and ugly as the human soul, it’s all on display here. Mist thinks, “Everything today is same, same, same. One vision, one mood. People are more complex than that. After all, life is a journey and nothing stays the same forever.†And we think that describes the mood of this compilation completely, but please; at the end of the road, knock the dust off your boots before you walk on the carpet.

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resident american
Stitch said:
sounds very interesting indeed.
What date can we expect to be able to buy this compilation?

After some problems with the Printing Factory closing for vacation, we would like to announce to you that the cd has just arrived in our hands.

On Monday, 12 September, it will be available in the records stores.

We hope you will enjoy. :Smile3:

Acidance Crew