VA - Grand Avenue (Moonflower Productions, 2005)


Grand Avenue
Moonflower Productions, 2005

Review Intro: The latest compilation from Moonflower Productions brings to us the hottest progressive titles, unlike their previous releases dealed with the more tech side of the PsyTrance. Let's see what the young but a promissing label got in store.

01. Chris Pointdexter - My Baby

First heard of this artist by his release on Spiral Trax, which was very shiny. The track has a very comfortable feeling, solid club groove with soft repeative melodies. Really enjoyed the summer feeling of this track.


02. Son Kite - Gazing At The Sun

Son Kite keep the summer vibe alive. What we got here is a soft percussion section, moving arpeggios and a shiny pads. Not the best Son Kite track, but definitely a worth to listen.


03. Kalimax - Where Is The Party

Very soft tune. The sounds seems to be in the backround which gives the tune more chilling atmosphere then dancing one. Something to relax to and release all your thoughts.


04. Tegma - Needafix

After our chill session comes the intensive groove round. Very solid synth sounds and a repeative vocal sample. I found this track more interesting then tracks on their latest album.


05. Ticon - We Are The Mammuth Hunters (Live Mix 2005)

Ticon is one of my favourite progressive acts. The live mix for one of their greatest songs played almoust everywhere this year. Useless to describe its amazing sounds and dancefloor mayhem that it can create.


06. Human Blue - Woup

One of my first introductions to Scandinavian sound was by Human Blue. This track develops really slow and by the end we got the famous Dag's phased synth lines, which are very of the old school type. Nothing to hype over, but not bad at all.


07. Perfect Stranger - It's All About

I really enjoyed the debut tracks of the not so new to the scene Perfect Stranger. What we got here is a synth chords plus the scratching sounds which followed by great percussion work and a very tech and minimal feel.


08. Cybertronic - Let Feel You

This track brought a drastic change on the cd. Very clubby, Ibiza feel. Moving straight forward with its steel sound. I guess I didn't connected to it, lacks some clearance.


09. James Benitez - Not Over Yet (Parham & Plaza Remix)

Very well produced groove, tingling sounds and a disco type of synth comes all the way through. Hypnotizing.


Review Outro: Very solid release, a good variety inside the progressive psychedelic sound. A CD that worth a buy for the progressive lovers.

Cover Art: 9/10

Sound: 8.5/10

Album Concept: 7/10

Overall Rating: 8/10



Senior Member (discounted rates)
i've given this a good listen, i quite like it
its got some goooduns on it...
deffinately worth a buy for the proggy fans
son kite on there, human blue yumm
tegma and ticon
the first track by pointdexter is catchy
it had me bouncy around... sounds quite
similar to something else i have heard
i am trying to think of the name,
but its not coming to me... (sorry)
natzan used it in his proggy mix
if anyones listened to that... ?

rar enough dribble...

thumbs up from me :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:


Sounds mostly like my kind of thing, will check it out - thanks for ther review Prospect!