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Hi-Tech Pleasure - compiled by XP Voodoo (Spun)

(Crystal Matrix)

review by ed

A CD full of forward, lurid, dancing, powerful dancefloor spiller-thrillers is what this is. (XP. Spun records. OK?) GMS open us up with a nonsense nothing-to-see-here riff over their characteristic stompathon undergarments. Paranormal Attack, Paul Taylor and XP Voodoo keep the energy high, rolling us deeper into the midrange with some cripsy fart-like nuggets and looped vocals. Talamasca's Salvian Effect is to push all ya buttons at once - it's all here folks and for less than you'd pay for a weekend away. Atomic Pulse's Malakadance will have you dancing like a malaka (especially if you're Greek, or know the lingo) - a really nasty dischordant main riff is the peak time messiness, and nicely dropped. Dali's Planet brings us some politically aware vocals - something to make us think a bit, then forget what we were thinking about, try and remember, remember it probably doesn't matter anyway, and get on with dancing. Psysex pimp us up a bit, driving a hard bargin all the way, looping words that put us right in our place, and throwing in a heavy 303 kicking to get the point across. Tikal come along after to make sure we're alright and reach right down our collective throat with a melodic epic, feather duster of a tune, sampling a guitar riff from somewhereorothercantquiteremember - o yea, the clue is in the title..."your mission, should you choose to accept it is to make is back from the bar with 3 pints and a cup of chai without dosing the latent hippy with a lager shower..." Sirius Issness continue the journey in nice style, and Void close with the last tune. Now this one is a bit different. Ah. Oh. But actually quite successful...imagine you're down the pub, one with a dubious juke box and you hear the intro of 'Addicted to Bass' if it did what this one does, which is morph into some pretty tasty chunkengrooven, you'd be happy right? Now, you're at a psy party, one with a dubious dj, you hear the intro, etc etc... There's nothing here that is particularly ground breaking. But remembering that ground breaking sometimes means painting with various bodily fluids rather than paint, or nailing yourself to the pavement in the name of art, or something even more menacing if you're reading this in Japan, it's not always necessary. What we do have is a quality batch of full-on psychedelic trance with loads of energy, some great riffs, and a lot of irreverent happiness. Which is nice :Smile3:


(fractalated would like to point out that he is probably 'Ed'. but this is still subject to verification by our team of philosophers, of which Ed and fractalated are the only members)
hmmm - wasn't too impressed ....

one of those cd's with an artist list that makes you go whhooaa !!

Then you get it home whack it on ....... its all been done before ...... in exactly the same way ..... 1000's of times ........

yep, no track stands out really, unlike my recent perchace of fairy tales album(ho bowy)!

But when i seen the line up i wet my pants, (HTP) i did not even listen to any samples. Psysex track is prbably the best, but i suppose its not crap, its just nothing new!

Have to agree, not all that impressed, and Psysex is the coolest tune on here...

Kind of all OK, but too standard like u all said. Sirius Issness track was Ok.
But that is the first Tikal tune I didn't really get?!?!? :!: :!: :!: :ph34r:
i think even the psysex tune is bollox after 3 miuntes :no:
dis cd is pure gash (sorry to gash)

room 101 for labels buying crap left overs to lure us in
I was hoping it would be better... but I have to agree with what the rest says, and state that it's somewhat of a letdown... still I like the Talamasca track (even if it isn't the highpoint of originality), and the Atomic Pulse track is pretty much the best track on the disc for me.
It was bound to happen with those usin the same sequencers , programmes