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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
Ignis Fatuus
Trishula Records (Germany / NL)

Another new label folks, this time dedicated to creaking nighttime music. For me, 2004 has seen so much innovation and excitement in this subgenre, and from the strength of this release I’d say these guys’ manifesto will place them firmly on the map as we head into another wonderful year. Zebra-N’s Slek is a no nonsense start, and a great sound: less thunky than the Parasense/KinDzaDza ilk, but definitely awesome with an atmosphere that builds brilliantly. Megalopsy’s Zactltopsitl is moody and lumbering, then Sungirl Exiter blows everything away… It’s incredibly tuff, according to the press release Sungirl is a young female producer/DJ from Russia… and on the strength of this belting piece of Viagra trance, psyreviews reckons she’d be welcome any time if she’d like her unreleased material examined. Now that we’ve reduced a frankly rather awesome artist to an utter stereotype, let’s talk about Manhunt by Vegetal, a bouncy groove with a spacious rockin’ bottomend. It’s utter killer, building into a thrashin’ mashin’ heavy metal riff that doesn’t even sound like a guitar. Exceptional. Mussy Moody’s Disconnected is a meaty and industrial vibe that has some oldskool goan tickles. Dronebixie’s Voluntary Intoxications is very disturbing, uncomfortable listening and is an absolute cruncher on a stick, and Derango’s Go Slo is an utter cruncher. Psyfactor’s Walking Demon is standout for me – an intriguing vibe that pulls you in, with an utterly killah riff that’s all in all completelt astonishing. No disrespect to the other tunes on here, but this wipes the floor with the lot of them. Finally PhasePhour’s 321 Fly… closes the album in style, building perfectly into a gorgeous, arrayed mix of belchy, fat bottomend and the cleanest proggy sounds you could ever dream of. Simply gobsmacking – as a debut album, these guys should feel thoroughly chuffed with themselves. Top class.


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Tasty stuff, just itching to hear this one :sun: :shrooms: :peace: :punk: :sun:


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Aalborg, Denmark
V/A – Ignis Fatuus


Artist: Various
Title: Ignis Fatuus
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Trishula Records (Germany)
Cat. #: TRISHCD001
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 06 December 2004

Track listing:

01. 08’53†Zebra-N - Slek
02. 06’59†Megalopsy - Zacatlocozipitl
03. 06’25†Sungirl – Exiter (Final Version)
04. 08’00†Vegetal - Manhunt
05. 08’47†Mussy Moody - Disconnected
06. 07’06†Dronebixie – Volentary Intoxications
07. 07’37†Derango – Glo So
08. 07’39†Psyfactor – Walking Demon
09. 08’03†PhasePhour – 3 2 1 Fly…


Ignis Fatuus - A wide variety of spectral lights, whose alleged purpose is either to herald death or to play tricks on travellers at night.

Yikes! Trishula Records is a new visionary label from Germany dedicated to bring forth energetic, spooky night time music from the underground… We’ve seen a big rise in darker night time music in 2004 and I for one cannot get enough of this spooky, demented style – so Trishula, I bid thee welcome on the Halloween trance scene…play some tricks on me!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Zebra-N – Slek
First up is Dutch producer Paul Elferich… My first encounter with his music was the very cool track Mad Cow Disaster of the Peacemaker compilation released by Ketuh last month… That track had a very raw, gritty sound with haunting, spooky elements… And sure enough, this track is evil! Crackling, buzzing and crawling with eerie sounds… Oh yes… But Elferich hasn’t forgotten the comic relief bit – as with the-scary-moo track, this track has a funny organ melody that pops up from out of nowhere… As a striking contrast to the grim, dark soundscapes that make up the rest of this track… I like when music is deep, dark and spooky – and I like this! =D

#02: Megalopsy – Zacatlocozipitl
“Go back in there, chill them niggers out and wait for the Wolf who should be coming directly… Feel better, motherfucker?†Megalopsy is an Argentinean trio and they have their debut album coming out on Trishula Records very soon… The guys have diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from metal over industrial to grunge… But don’t expect cheesy Skazi metal-cheese here… This is very much psytrance… Dark, deep and pounding… I really like the subtle acid-bits, but I could have wished for it to be even more psychedelic… It has its bland and monotonous moments, but they are few, and overall this isn’t a bad track… It’s just very dark… Thumbs up for the cool Marcellus Wallace quote too…

#03: Sungirl – Exiter (Final Version)
“I think... you're afraid of letting go. I think you're afraid of happiness. And this is starting to excite me.†Sungirl is Yana from Russia… Some may know her from the project Natural Brain Killers… You may think that a lady will be dropping a smooth, fluffy choon – well you’re in for a surprise… This is hardcore night trance with raging acid-lines, static hiss and deep metallic beats… The bizarre AI quote just adds to the madness of this highly intoxicating tune… This rocks!

#04: Vegetal – Manhunt
“What’s going to happen? … Something wonderful!†Oh yes, this is full-scale Ørebro madness! Vegetal is Swedish forest troll Peter Ebkar Themizian. Hailing from a metal background, his heritage is very much present in this track… But again the obvious Skazi-pitfall is cunningly avoided here… There is so much stuff going on here: Highly intense dark melodies, flaring acid riffs, tweaked synths that sound like guitars, etc… Chainsaw bonanza! Great stuff!

#05: Mussy Moody – Disconnected
Next up is another female producer: Thy Thung from Denmark. She also had a track featured on the Mistress of Evil compilation Lhiannon Sidhe. This is another piece of dark, eerie night-terror psytrance… Sharp metallic noises that’ll cut through bone, and a thick rolling bass and an overall bleak industrial Parvati atmosphere… I dunno what the hell is in the water-supply in Århus, but they sure know how to create demented music for nocturnal ghost-dancers…

#06: Dronebixie – Volentary Intoxications
Ahh, voluntary intoxications… Yup, we’ve all been there repeated times… Chrisitan Kaas is also Danish, and he picks up right where MM left us… Or almost, I mean the scary-as-hell atmosphere is still here and even emphasized… This is pure banshee-fodder – high pitched, eerie crackling bleeps and blops designed to scare the living shit out of you… Holy phuck, this is not for the faint-hearted… Halloween trance at its best!

#07: Derango – Glo So
Derango is a Swedish project cooked up by Jens Eriksson & Ola Eriksson. I vividly remember their brilliant track off the Gi’iwa compilation Schizm released earlier this year…. That track showcased some fucked-up, relentlessly retarded, trance-inducing, dark, gritty, stone-age night-trance with the most demented melodies I’d heard in a long time… And sure enough, this track has the very same demented melodies… This is a Swedish as it gets – highly psychedelic trance from the deep, dark forests of Sweden… Shroom-a-delic!

#08: Psyfactor – Walking Demon
Psyfactor is Dimitri from Russia and he had his debut release on Inpsyde Media’s apocalyptic compilation There Is No Tomorrow… Well, it turned out there was – and that’s great ‘cause this is a kick-ass track… The spooky influences are very much present here of course… With long, atmospheric pads, evil mood and a brutal bass lead… The synth-action here is simply outstanding, and helps create a truly demonic track… Another fav’e here!

#09: PhasePhour – 3 2 1 Fly…
“Are you a relative? No! I’m sorry sir; we’re a mental health facility. Our records are permanent! She’s been dead 24 years – I don’t think she minds…†Last up is PhasePhour which is something as rare as a Norwegian psytrance project… The guys behind the moniker are Eldar van Essen and John Robert Egeland and they released their debut album ...Boiing & Zipp on Freetransform Records earlier this year… Though this track is eerie and spooky, it’s still lighter than it predecessors. The melodies here are demented – the synths are bouncing and there is an overall hectic feel to it… I was kinda hoping for the closing to kick me right in the nuts with musical insanity – but this is merely a swift jab with a pillow… But hey – it still hurts! Ok track…

Great stuff here… Overall this is a nice compilation with a consistent flow and a coherent theme… It’s dark, gritty, hardhitting, twisted hyper psytrance destined to scare kids, animals, neighbours and grandparents… Style wise, this is nocturnal horror-trance similar to stuff released by Parvati, Inpsyde Media, StoneAge and the likes… But also with hints to even weirder Finnish and Australian stuff… To put it short, this is deviant music – anti cheddar!

Trishula has done a great job of digging out some true talent from the underground. I for one embrace this opportunity to sample up and coming stars… The talent mass is huge, and I can’t wait for more… Not all tracks are instant classics here, but generally speaking the quality level is above average and I will not hesitate to recommend this for fans of the darker realms… Enjoy!

Favourites: 3, 4, 6, 7, 8


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Trishula Records

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Thanks a lot for the nice reviews :Smile3:

We will be soon back with the debut album of Megalopsy "The Abstract Machine" (release date: 14. february 2005) and our 2nd compilation "VA - Mushy Mystery", a collection of strong psychedelics.

Have a nice time


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Sauntering about...

Excellent comp and Megalopsy album def one of the best albums I 've listened of late!
Just need to check the rest of Trishula releases!