VA - Mechanophobia - Trishula Records, April 17th 2006


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The Netherlands
Trishula Records returns with the compilation Mechanophobia.

Nine unreleased and new tracks from our artists coming from various countries of the planet.

The title Mechanophobia refers to the strory of David & Goliath, a metaphore for our fear of technology controlling our lifes.

We are happy to see all the artists here together and present their crafts in one blasting compilation.
Mechanophobia presents new and known producers with one thing in common: wicked psychedelic acid music. Nine tracks with uncompromising music style, hard hitting drums with fat basslines and acid synths. The BPM is ranging from 144 to 152, all mature dancefloor songs to be played at night.
Made with love and passion for you to be taken on a trip.
You can expect more surprising music coming form these producers in 2006.


1. Mubali and Xyla - Mechanophobia
2. Mind Distortion System - Japan connection
3. Polyphonia - Ano Kato
4. Baba Jelly - Zoe la folasse
5. Olien - Calamari
6. Metallaxis - Conclusion
7. Vicious Alchemy - End or fin
8. Procs - Big Fat Large Snoring Lamas
9. Psyfactor - Vodka madness


Releasedate: April 17th 2006, worlwide!

Special mention about the title track: Mubali and Xyla wrote the track together, I want to give her special credit here for her work. TRISHCD008

You will enjoy this one