VA - Psycomex 3 - Malinali (AP Recs) Out Today !!!!

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VA - Psycomex 3 - Malinali (AP Recs) Out Today !!!!

out April 1st !!!!!

for sound clips and more info see :

here`s track listing :

1.Indika - A Different Perspective
2.Psypsiq Jicuri - La Dosis
3.Mayan Complex - Conexion
4.Smuhg - Cristalis
5.Lamat - Balance On The System
6.A.X.L - Dr. LSD
7.Barak - Fuck All Mp3 Traders
8.Sharigrama - Despertar
9.Ecliptic - Niños Locos

got this gem in the post a few weeks ago, just in time to take it up to Planet Zogg in Sheffield for a blasting on the dancefloor .. nice !!
the psycomex series for me has been a God-send of music and a real platform for what i think is the best music about in the world at the moment (if u can define a style by a country that is!)
israeli trance, mexican trance, japanese trance, south african trance all have their unique styles, without being too stereo typical !!
mexican for me is all about the beautiful wonder of central and latin american, the connection to the ancient wonders and the rebellion against all those f**kers that have invaded and stolen bits of their country from time to time! as the ancients worshipped the sun and moon and allowed these to take centre stage for power and time keeping rather than self directed ego, hence the music also reflects the powers of the environment and heavenly bodies bobbing about in the sky!
pure cosmic sunshine acid music in brief i guess, full power and melodic without the processed cheese!
Psycomex has not only provided three lovely comps, but it has also been the gateway of exploration to new artists and projects.
Fantastic stuff!!
personal top fav on the album is track 5 .. Lamat !! cant quite remember what else i have heard Lamat must check the internet and cd wallet for other gems! .. but this track has all the components to rip a dancefloor to shreads and crunch the fibres of reality and put a smile on your face ear to ear ...
track 9 by Ecliptic (watch these guys cos they going to take over!!) is also a real beauty. sinister and funky and another great story of their twisted tumbling day time acid drenched sounds... Ecliptic have an album out later this year on Maia Records and i tip this mexican dish too, will be very very hot!
track 4 by Smuhg also makes its self known as one one of the highlights, twisetd and yet tender ... cant wait to the summer season of the great outdooors to inflict this psycehdelic blaster on the masses!! this is also an exciting introduction to his album also out later this year on AP Records ..
Sharigrama ... no introduction needed, with a top of the chops album recently released on AP and responsible for at least two of my fav tracks of the last year, here we have yet another piece of master work!!
as a whole i perfer to Psycomex 2, although one or two tracks of the second may have a longer shelf life, will review again in 6months!! but the overall production and mastering sounds better and the consistant bpm pace makes for dynamic listening at home or in the car but watch the speed limits !!

so ... the album will be available in all good and groovy cd outlets across the net and certainly in the uk ... from April 1st !!
ill find a listing of outlets and place it here too !! if there is one album u buy in april it should be this one .. even i gonna buy a few

and if you want a FREE copy, ill have a couple to give away, just send me a PM with your thoughts on the current states of the mexican trance scene and maybe randomly or someother reason i yet to figure out 2 or 3 cds will go out in the post to ya ... dont include ur address just yet, ill let ya know ...

and i promise i will post a sticker to all who reply !! (psycomex sticker that is, not any old sticker !!)

and if u bothered to read this far ... well done !!

Released Today !!

Available in the UK from : (reopening 3rd may / but check the stall at parties!)
Illegal Records, Brighton
More very soon …


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Ahh looking forward to getting this very much. Absolutly loved The Peyote Trail and I image this will be as good. Wikkid Psy the way I like it!

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Just waiting for this one to Ross sez track 5 by Lamat is a real winner and defo works on the dancefloor Ross :Wink3:


Got a copy of this in my bag at Chaos, looking forward to hearing it in full. I Would also recommend the new Sharigrama CD to anyone into the Mexican sound (especially the awesome track with the didge on). and also the Pixan CD from a few months ago is worth a listen.