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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
Organic (UK)

Continuing in their wonderful renaissance as one of the best trance labels around at the moment, London's Organic Records have pulled out of the psychedelic hat a staggering chillout compilation showcasing new and old artists, whose sounds all share a thread of lowering the pulserate, opening up the sense organs, and making the planet that little bit more sparkly and involving. Y2E's Yours To Enjoy is an epic journey that sets things off gracefully: melodies so subte they're hardly there, a slomo dubby groove, and a wide-open feel, like the sonic equivalent a thousand-mile view stretching out into the distance in front of you. Next up, Lemon Tree's offering Is There A God is like riding through a desert on the back of an elephant, in a travelling caravan full of spices, teas, and DMT, while label boss Chris Organic's Tribal Faith (Tribal Vision Remix) is effortless, a sliding tune with velvety melodies, that's deep and introspective, yet at the same time euphoric and outward. Across The Plains from Pale Moon Rising is a standout, utterly gorgeous, with smooth beats and an adorable, floating melody with nods to the soundtracks of both Blade Runner and American Beauty. It suggests strong widescreen visuals, filling the room like aural incense. Yum. Perpetual Loop's In Between Space is ethnic, hareem-trance with the sound of bubbling hookahs and the smell of thick black charras dripping from every note, while their No Idea opens with hypnotic chanting, giving way to a supremely well-crafted bit of slomo dubby trance, with live instruments and ticklish melodies galore. Wow. Indra's Net's Another Man's Mind is sonic, cannabinoid soft-porn, with easy beats and an effortless, fluid glide, Ganja Beats' Celestial Vision sees kaleidoscopic sounds rise up in true vintage loop style, and finally White Star's Purple Lights brings the album to a fully euphoric finale, with alice in wonderland story samples making this a perfect soundtrack to lie back with your partner and gobble some mushrooms, as the beatless close to this album does its business. Where all too many chillout albums vie for the shpongle throne, or chuck together bits of everything to please everybody from the Cafe del Mar to the Cafe del Ketamine, this is refreshing in its content: quality all the way, without so much as a whiff of overtly-weaved yogurt. Top.


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