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BooM! (NL)

The first release in quite some time on Holland’s much-missed BooM! records is a nifty little offering. Ten tracks, all remixes, and more interesting than the concept alone might suggest. Talpa’s Dragon Tales gets a modest rework by Nystagmus, the melody moving further to the frontline and getting messier with every cycle. Fractal Glider’s up next with his genius rework of Etnica’s Triptonite. My guess is you will have heard this at some party or other over the last few months, but if not then boy you’re in for a treat – THAT Triptonite, with THAT melody, all repackaged in 2004 stylee by one of the producers of the more intelligent, kickin-kaleidoscopic breeds of fullon. Utterly sublime. Battle of The Future Buddhas step forth to remix Babba’s Summer Night Trippy, which combines a scary edge with a fat guitar and analogue flecks galore. The wonderful Rastaliens step in next to remix Fractal Glider’s delirious Things That Go Bump In The Night, one of my all time top tunes I reckon… Rastaliens add gnarl and throw in a few bonus surprises, to a tune that moves in the way olde goa does, effortlessly-layered sounds all seem to balance perfectly. More Rastaliens: firstly, Quantum State first remix of Agahouey (riff builds into horror-film paramania mentalism, before skipping into broken beats aplenty, then going back again); then they remix Machines And Robots (friendly and funky, with a big goa riff at the end). Agahouey gets a rework from Fractal Glider, more rounded for my money than Quantum State’s take… Somehow the melody sits right at the top and pulls you in, and not a lot of psy does that these days. Rastaliens’ remix of Ground Zero’s Way To Go is utterly killer, the original appeared on Alchemy last year and if you can imagine that, but with more twist and in a bit of a bad mood, then you’re almost there with this. Rastaliens step in with a remix of Inspector Gadget, theme from the 1980’s French cartoon with the dodgy girl-on-dog porno subtext (or was that just me?) Anyway this takes the themesong, warps it, douses it in petrol, then sets it on fire while laughing at its passport photograph. Closing the album, Fractal Glider pisses about with Gremlin Chan, for me the melody here’s a bit too much but whatever, it’s from a film and with so many great moments on this CD, you can forgive one daft melody. A surprising, welcome return from the BooM! stable, definitely worth a poke.

i'm a big fan of this compilation. even though i'm a boom! label dj not all their releases do it for me... but the last 3 have been top notch. Fractal Glider and Rastaliens are 2 of my favourite artists at the moment and there's lots of both here :Smile3: wikkid melodies and fully sikk effects are plentiful here, if you like twisted morning trance then this is your thing... oh and before anyone gets upset about the gremlin chan track... it's a JOKE! :Wink3:
Excellent comp from the Boom! camp. First rate review Damion although Fractal rmx of Etnica didnt do that much for me and I love Fractal Glider. Rastaliens rework of 'Things that go...' is an absolute corker, everytime I seem to loose faith in psytrance Rastaliens come walking right on in there and give me a big ole boot up the arse, top stuff. I like the Gremlins tune, not as full on as it could be, but a nice bouncy put a smile on yer face morning twister. Top stuff Boom! Now then whens the next Fractal Glider album coming out? :P