VA - Rewired (JESTER records) comming soon!


Jester / Alien Crew
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Montreal, Canada
Greetings fellow trancers. Jester records is proud to annonce the upcomming VA compilation featuring tracks from the following artists :

Spirallianz - Talk
Dj Preach - Oxygen Enchanced
Authentik - The Kush Kingdom
Three Point Turn - Les 3 Machines
Nuclear Ramjet - Down the Wall
Triac - Versa
Toltech - Codigo Rojo
Metalogic Vs Tao - Powerlamp
Tao - Pacific Intervention
Axiomata - New Normal (Remix)
+ Bonus Track remix by DJ Clown

Jester records is a Montreal based label focusing on techtrance dance music founded by Dj Clown. Our website is in progress and the compilation is expected to be released in the early stages of 2006. We are still working on the track selection but ALL the artists listed above have been contacted and WILL be releasing an unreleased track on the compilation.

For any information on jester records, or if you want to become a label DJ or help us out in any way, please feel free to contact .

Thank you for your support!!

the JESTER tek team. (comming soon)